Fun facts: Jiang Shuying, Ni Ni, Song Zuer, Zhang Zixuan, Huang Xuxi, Wang Ju, Zheng Shuang, a certain actress

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Guess: The female artist Bai Go was very popular last year. When she first debuted, she was not good-looking, black and short. At the time, she was st

Jiang Shuying loves to talk about her experience of studying abroad. When an actress mentioned about studying abroad, she immediately became interested. She cracked and talked about it, and heard that the actresses were gone. Interested, but she still spoke very vigorously.

Ni Ni is very popular. It is a kind of double kills for men and women. Once at a party, there was a big lady who was very interested in her and kept moving to her. She Although she felt uncomfortable, she didn't dare to resist. For fear of causing the female boss to be uncomfortable, she could only let the other party eat tofu.

Song Zuer has very young teeth, and many big guys love her this one. Once I met a lecherous guy at a dinner. The guy said he wanted her to be a goddaughter while holding hands. Knead it back and forth on her thigh.

Zhang Zixuan is very scheming. Before, she deliberately took a female artist to an appointment, and she pretended to be a matchmaker at the wine table and pushed the female artist to a certain boss.In fact, she did this for a reason, because she found that her husband was ambiguous with the female artist, so she acted first and pushed the female artist to a certain boss, strangling the love between the two in the cradle.

Huang Xuxi has someone behind him, so he is extremely arrogant. Once he knew that a certain trainee was injured in his knees, and he deliberately pulled the other person to practice dancing, saying that the minor injury would not affect the dance, and then he took the other person to practice for an afternoon, until the next day the trainee His knees were so swollen that he could hardly stand up.

Wang Ju had a relationship with a certain male star, but she unilaterally announced that they had broken up shortly after they were together because the male star’s "technique" was too poor to meet her needs. In addition, the actor's popularity is not high, and it can't bring her any benefits, so she simply broke up.

Zheng Shuang was violently chased by a certain male star. The other said that it was for her fame and popularity. She also knew thisFor one thing, he secretly rejected it several times, but the other party's face was thick enough that he didn't give up even if he did, and often pretended to meet by chance where Zheng Shuang appeared, and took the opportunity to say a few more words with her.

Guess (15):

The female artist Bai Go was very popular last year. When she first debuted, she looked ugly, black and short, and was still in the first gear. As the host of an online program, she got very good-looking afterwards. This girl made her forehead, nose, double eyelids, and lips. After she was beautiful, she became a director and became the director’s junior. A little phoenix followed this director on a movie tour;

Before, Bai Goe was not happy as a small host on that website. The income was not high and she was very tired, so she said Pillow wind asked the director to take him to make a big show. The director loved her very much, so he introduced her to a female artist who has a good relationship with him, Liang Liang,

Signed her to this female artist’s company;

The female boss, Liang Liang, has a relationship with the director, so she favored her and gave her to the female lead of a popular drama and brought her into herself In the drama, I expected to broadcast my own drama first, so that the white goose, who is the female number five, will get a familiar face in front of the audience. Who knows that the female boss has an accident. The drama cannot be broadcast for a while. Unexpectedly, this drama was quite popular, and it became popular with White Goose;

White Goose became more swollen after it became popular. Later, she probably didn't have any feelings with the director, and it didn't take long for it to be divided. Some time ago, White Goose had a movie that was cut off by others, but the movie she was filming was also cut off by others. It can only be said that this is called "communication."

Fun facts: Jiang Shuying, Ni Ni, Song Zuer, Zhang Zixuan, Huang Xuxi, Wang Ju, Zheng Shuang, a certain actress

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