It turns out that getting up early has such benefits. These 6 tips help you get up early easily!

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The alarm rang several times before I opened my eyes and got up, washed my makeup, and hurried to work. This feeling of being chased by time not only

The alarm rang several times before I opened my eyes and got up, washed my makeup, and hurried to work. This feeling of being chased by time not only made myself very tired, but also caused the brain to function poorly and work efficiency was low.

Why not try to get up early. Studies have found that early risers are more energetic and younger.

People who can persist in getting up early for a long time generally do not have the bad habit of staying up late, which to a large extent avoids many diseases caused by staying up late and is healthier.

For a long time, go to bed early and get up early. First of all, your metabolism will be smoother, your skin will become better, and the dark circles under your eyes will become lighter for a long time. Compared with those who go to bed late and stay up late and can't afford it during the day, even if they sleep 7 hours a day, look at those who go to bed late and wake up late, the old age is written on the face.

The internal biological clock is adjusted well, and the gastrointestinal activities will be more active, which is conducive to the formation of morning bowel habits. So, as long as you can get up early, you can get goodBeauty effect.

As for what kind of morning activities can get better results, it must be stretching gymnastics to get the body stretched.

During sleep, the body stops moving and is in a "solidified" state. Doing some gentle stretching in the morning can relax the body to promote blood circulation, and at the same time warm the body to promote metabolism, so that the whole day is full of vitality.

In addition to becoming more and more beautiful, insisting on getting up early will also make you smarter.

Because people who persist in getting up early for a long time, whether they are brain cells or nerve cells, have stronger lifespan and vitality, which means that they have better awakening and stress reflexes, and appear more flexible and smart. Work efficiency and success rate will be much higher.

Getting up early can also alleviate anxiety. The "day" time is lengthened, and it feels 2 hours longer than others, not timeChasing you, but you are commanding time. Similarly, those who get up early and get up early are at a lower risk of depression.

If you want to get up early, start with what you like.

Wake up an hour or half an hour early for what you like, even if it is only 10 minutes, it will make you different from before. This is your time for writing, arranging flowers, running, drawing, whatever you want to do, as if this time is an extra reward.

Six tips to help you get up early

British behavioral psychologist Joe Hemings shared 6 tips, published in the UK "Daily Mail":

1. Sleep on the left side of the bed.

People who are used to sleeping on the left side are 10% more happy than those on the right side. The latter is prone to pessimismthread.

2. Wear yellow pajamas.

The color you see at first sight will affect your mood when you get up. You might as well change your pajamas and curtains to yellow to help welcome a pleasant morning.

3. Set favorite songs as alarm ringtones.

Morning mood is related to sound. Setting your favorite songs as ringtones can increase joy.

4. Do 5 minutes of exercise.

Use 5 minutes to do exercise after getting up to promote the secretion of amine polyphenols. This hormone has a calming effect, reduces pain and makes people feel happy.

5. Take a cold shower.

When the weather is hot, taking a cold bath after getting up can make the brain sober, relieve fatigue, promote metabolism and improve immunity.

6. Eat more grains for breakfast.

Compared with white bread, such as white bread, coarse grains such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, multigrain bread, etc.Stronger, can make people concentrate for a long time.

The key to getting up in the morning is 5 minutes, and the whole day is healthy and relaxed.

In the "Huangdi Neijing", it says: "The five internal organs are often read in the upper seven orifices." Zhu Heting, a well-known martial arts qigong master and Chinese medicine practitioner, said that regulating the seven orifices is very important. If the seven orifices are activated, the organ functions can be accelerated, which can improve the body's unstretching. Spend 5 minutes doing it every morning, a relaxing day.

Open the nose first.

Two thumbs point at Yingxiang acupoint. When inhaling, rub one side of the nasal cavity, exhale hard after rubbing, and then switch to the other side. After rubbing the nasal cavities on both sides, inhale, push up from the Yingxiang point along the nose to the inner corner of the eye, exhale, and push down along the nose to the corner of the mouth.

Re-care of the mouth.

The oral cavity is very important. If there is hanging wind (facial paralysis), the mouth will be crooked and the eyes will be tilted, and hemiplegia may develop. Massage Dicang, Renzhong and Chengjiang points to prevent facial nerve paralysis and dumbness. Press the dicang acupoints on both sides with two thumbs, inhale, one side does not move, and the other side starts to rub. After doing both sides, start pushing. Push toward the corner of the mouth when you inhale, and push away from the corner of the mouth when you exhale. After that, inhale, massage the Renzhong acupoint with the index finger, stop exhalation, inhale, massage the Chengzi acupoint with another index finger, and stop exhalation. Inhale, massage two acupoints at the same time, and stop exhaling.

Sanyang ear cavity.

If you can’t hear clearly in your right ear, press the ear of your left ear with the tip of your thumb, and rub your right ear while making an "ahhhh" sound. Then release the right ear to see if it works.

Rub the eyes four times.

First, warm your hands, cover your eyes with your palms, and rub your eyes when you exhale. Second, press the Jingming point with your thumb and index finger, close your eyes, hold it when you inhale, and rub it when you exhale. Third, press the Tongzilian point with two thumbs, not moving when inhaling, and rubbing when exhaling. Fourth, press the Cuanzhu acupoint, do not move when you inhale, and push up and down when you exhale (push on both sides at the same time, push up on one side, and push down on one side). Fifth, press the Yuyao point, push up and down when you inhale, and push left and right when you exhale. Sixth, use the thumb and index finger of both hands to press the Sizhukong and Tongzilian acupoints, hold them still when you breathe in, and rub them when you breathe out. Seventh, do not move when inhaling, and rub the Yangbai and Sibai points when you exhale, first press up and down, then left and right.

Information source: People's Daily Online

It turns out that getting up early has such benefits. These 6 tips help you get up early easily!