What are the three things that girls must do to keep young and beautiful?

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If a woman has dysfunction of the internal organs, unsatisfactory qi and blood, lack of essence, and imbalance of Yin and Yang, her complexion is pron

A woman who suffers from dysfunction of the internal organs, unsatisfactory qi and blood, insufficient energy, and imbalance between yin and yang, her complexion is prone to dullness, spots and swelling and loose skin.

So, how to treat a woman with a bad complexion?

What are the three things that girls must do to keep young and beautiful?

Blood supplement

What are the three things that girls must do to keep young and beautiful?

Many women appear pale or chlorosis. If the skin color is pale or chlorosis, it is mostly caused by blood Caused by deficiency, women with blood deficiency usually feel tired, dizzy, and sometimes heart palpitations. Furthermore, blood deficiency also manifests as a thin and white tongue coating, and it can also be found that menstrual blood is lighter and thinner. .

General women can replenish blood and eat some natural foods with health benefits, such as black beans, hair vegetables, carrots, golden needles, longan meat, etc.

Tiao Gong

What are the three things that girls must do to keep young and beautiful?

If your skin tone is considered white, but it is unhealthy white, often showing iron blue No blood, then you are probably lack of blood and make your skin look bad. Women with this type of problem should pay attention to their diet, because the complexion is usually caused by eating too much cold food, especially in the summer, and staying in the air-conditioned room. The so-called cold constitution is caused by the lack of fire.Fear of cold and dysmenorrhea.

To regulate the uterus, we must first warm the menstruation and dispel cold, so as to improve the constitution of deficiency and cold, and finally make the skin white after the skin is ruddy. The food tonic for this kind of problem can be taken by decocting cinnamon, chinensis, aconitum, asarum, etc. If you are too busy at ordinary times, you can drink hot ginger and brown sugar water directly, which can help you dissipate the cold in the body, achieve the purpose of regulating the uterus, and improve Good look.


What are the three things that girls must do to keep young and beautiful?

Women should pay special attention to replenishing qi in spring regimen. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the three treasures of the human body are essence, qi, and spirit. Qi is the fundamental and driving force of life activities. It fills the whole body and runs continuously, which is related to the health and longevity of the human body. Women with qi deficiency generally manifest as fatigue, pale complexion, loss of appetite, pale tongue, white fur, and weak pulse. And I always feel that I can't breathe, even if I just sit without exercise.

Red ginseng has the functions of nourishing qi, nourishing yin, nourishing blood, promoting body fluid, strengthening the heart, strengthening the stomach, and calming down. Therefore, red ginseng is the first choice for women to replenish qi. You can choose an appropriate amount of red ginseng and cook it with the black-bone chicken into a soup, and you can eat the meat with the soup. You can usually eat more shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes, jujubes, yams and chestnuts. This kind of food has a good effect of nourishing Qi and blood.

Reminder from TCM experts:

Women also have kidney deficiency

Moreover, the proportion of women with kidney deficiency is quite high

not lower than men

In modern society

Long-term mental stress, overloaded work

In Unknowingly

Break the balance of human metabolism

Exhausted energy appears.


The kidney is the innate foundation of the human body.Elephant-menstruation (menstruation), vaginal discharge (leucorrhea), pregnancy (fetal pregnancy), childbirth (birth), breast (lactation) are closely related to the kidney. Women take blood as the foundation and use qi as the use. Qi and blood are the material basis for menstruation, gestation, and breast milk. The kidneys store essence, refine blood, and dissipate qi. They are the prerequisites for menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and milk. Only strong kidney qi , The functions of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and milk can be normal.

So what exactly is a girl’s kidney deficiency?

Where is the performance?

What are the remedies?

The manifestations of kidney deficiency in girls and its remedies

Eyelid swelling and dark circles aggravated

What are the three things that girls must do to keep young and beautiful?

The kidney governs water, and the deficiency of the kidney leads to unfavorable water metabolism, leading to edema, and the eyelids are the most easily spotted parts. As for dark circles and pale complexion, blood circulation is caused by kidney deficiency.problem appear.


Drink less water before going to bed. Do a stronger kidney exercise: parallel feet, the same shoulder width apart, look straight, your arms should drop naturally, your palms should be attached to the trousers, your fingers should be naturally open, your heels should be raised, and you should breathe 9 times without landing.

Fear of cold

What are the three things that girls must do to keep young and beautiful?

Fear of cold. People with kidney deficiency may slow down their heartbeat, lower blood pressure, and lower basal body temperature. Therefore, women with kidney deficiency often fear cold. Although I always wear more clothes than others, I still feel cold and have diarrhea.


You can choose lamb, dog meat, beef, leeks, peppers, onions, ginger, longan and other foods that warm the kidney and yang in your daily diet , These things are the favorites of the kidney in the state of yang deficiency.

Irritation, insomnia and dreaminess

What are the three things that girls must do to keep young and beautiful?

Deficiency of kidney yin will cause internal disturbance of fire and irritation; failure to absorb yin qi at night will cause insomnia and dreams. Coupled with the deficiency of yin and essence, the bones are dystrophic, so people with kidney yin deficiency often feel soreness in the waist and knees. Women with kidney yin deficiency are prone to irritability, difficulty concentrating, often insomnia, dreaming, and often feel waist and knees Sour and soft.


Greater work pressure, more nervous mood, excessive sexual intercourse, or after eating a lot of warm and dry food, it may appear Kidney-yin deficiency, so you must be restrained in your daily life.

From the three aspects of qi, blood, complexion, and kidney, how do girls stay young and beautiful?Li, dear female friends, do you understand? If you understand it, you must quickly implement it, and come and be beautiful with the editor.