Nourish the heart first in health preservation

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The highest state of Chinese medicine is health preservation, and the highest state of health preservation is nourishing the heart. Therefore, in term

The highest state of Chinese medicine is health preservation, and the highest state of health preservation is nourishing the heart. Therefore, in terms of health preservation, the corporal nourishes the body, the sergeant nourishes the qi, and the sergeant nourishes the heart. The same is true when looking at a person. Observing the state is not as good as observing the breath, and not as good as observing the mind.

All drugs treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Because all diseases are caused by wrong causality, causal connection, the wrong cause will not be eliminated, the wrong result will not be completely rooted. The root of health lies in the heart. All laws are reborn. Purification of the heart is a purification of the body. So if you are sick, don't ask outside, rely on your own repair system to repair your disease. In fact, humans and animals are the same. Animal diseases depend on their own. I believe humans can.

All the wisdom that people possess is definitely not learned from books, but through sincere practice, one step at a time, from one's own sincerity and pure heart (which is what the Buddha said) , Born out of concentration.

Nourish the heart first in health preservation

Human is the most perfect spiritual body of all living things. A healthy body is born with enough; human health Condition adjustment is accomplished by the body's own adjustment and repair system, not by external factors, which can only play a supporting role.

Most of people’s illnesses are phenomena that the human body manifests when it regulates and cleans up body garbage, and is the state of the body’s automatic adjustment of balance.Therefore, they should be regarded as normal physiological phenomena, and should not be used as a cause of disease to eliminate. Therefore, when a person is sick, one must not have resentment, anger, and peace of mind. If the mind is set, the qi will be smooth, the qi will be smooth, and the qi and blood will be smooth.

Unblocked meridian needs: Purification of the heart. All seven emotions and six desires will destroy the pure heart, thereby destroying the normal operation of the meridian.

Rather than believing in drugs and the test data, it is better to believe in your own feelings and in your own self-regulation ability. But this requires you to gain the Tao (wisdom is opened) before you can distinguish all of this.

Nourish the heart first in health preservation

Health starts with regulating the mind. For your sake Health, you can study Buddhism. The happiness of studying Buddhism is the highest enjoyment in life.

Why do people have to maintain a certain degree of hunger and thirst to be good for health? In fact, this is the magical effect of "emptiness". Taoism Speaking, emptiness is spiritual. This is the same as humility makes people progress, and complacency makes people lag behind. Therefore, people must always maintain a "empty spirit" state in order to stay awake and healthy at all times.

When you move, you will come to your mind." If the word "machine" can be truly understood, then your understanding is open. Teachers teach people and doctors treat illnesses, in fact, they are calling your "machine" to let you The "machine" turns on. This "machine" is sometimes called the "key".Of course, there are conditions for this "machine" to function, just like hydrogen can only burn and explode when it reaches a certain concentration. Remember, the effects of others are external causes, and you are the real internal cause.

In fact, many real discoveries and inventions do not require the so-called systematic book knowledge; on the contrary, a person who has not received any system education, but is highly savvy and open-minded, often Really realize the truth.

The most taboo in life is a chaotic word. If you are confused, you can disturb things externally, and disturb your blood energy internally and make it abnormal. All anger, terror, joy, sorrow, and suspicion are all chaos, which is the root of sickness and short life. Not only should not be chaotic when recuperating, but also when living in peace.

More anger hurts the liver, more obscenity hurts the kidney, and more food hurts the spleen and stomach. Worry hurts the spleen, anger hurts the liver, fatigue hurts the mind.

From the beginning of physical illness, the heart is weak, and external evils take advantage of it. But the heart is weak and weak, every timeThe heart, soul and brain are confused, the body is not full, and I find all kinds of anxiety. Bulimia and greed overcome greed and pleasure, and both are enough to cause disease. To be greedy is not enough, so it is anger. Greed and hatred can make the heart short of breath, panic to the liver, vibration of the six veins, boiling of the five internal organs, and simultaneous entry of external evils. This is the cause of this disease.

Mortals want longevity and should be cured first. If you want to get rid of illness, you should use qi. If you want to use qi, you should nurture your sex first. The method of nourishing nature should be adjusted first.

Nourish the heart first in health preservation