How can I eat less sugar?

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Although there is no direct and inevitable connection between regular sugar consumption and diabetes, if you love sugar, you may have a higher risk of

How can I eat less sugar?

Although regular sugar consumption is not directly related to diabetes, if you love sugar, you may have a higher risk of diabetes than others, so it is best to eat less in daily life sugar. If you want to change this eating habit, you should do the following.

1. Choose healthy sugar

How can I eat less sugar?

Abstaining sugar does not mean Don’t eat sugar at all, but choose healthier sources, such as fresh fruit. In addition, low-fat milk and low-sugar yogurt are also good choices. The lactose in dairy products is basically not sweet, and it can also provide a lot of protein and calcium. .

2. Stay away from sweeteners

Research has found that long-term consumption of sugar substitutes will make people have a stronger desire to eat sugar.

3. Train taste buds

Remove a sugary food from your food every week, omit desserts after meals, and gradually reduce the amount of sugar in food and drinks .Slowly, your taste buds will get used to and enjoy foods that are not too sweet.

4. Eat more fiber

High-fiber foods bring a feeling of fullness without raising blood sugar. Fruits and vegetables contain soluble fiber, and cereals contain insoluble fiber.

5. Multi-sports

How can I eat less sugar?

Although exercise cannot cure "sugar addiction," it can Your life habits have been refreshed, and you are more willing to accept healthy habits, such as eating less sugar. As long as you insist on one change per week, if things go on like this, you will be surprised to find that your "sugar addiction" has disappeared.

Eating sugar regularly will not cause diabetes, but be careful to eat sugar and cause obesity to cause diabetes. Therefore, for the sake of health, it is better to eat less sugar.

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