The new year is approaching, let’s find out about the hangover soup

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Chinese wine culture has a long history. Alcohol is a good thing, but excessive drinking is really uncomfortable, so many doctors have developed a "re

The new year is approaching, let’s find out about the hangover soup

Chinese wine culture has a long history and wine is a good thing. However, excessive drinking is really uncomfortable, so many doctors have developed "relief soup" to relieve the suffering of drunkenness.

The new year is approaching, let’s find out about the hangover soup

For example, the Song Dynasty’s " The "Gehua Powder" recorded in the General Record of Saint Franciscans can be used to treat drinking poisoning. The Yuan Dynasty's "Yin Shan Zheng Yao" recorded that "jupi xing 酲 decoction" can be used to treat drunkenness, vomiting and soreness. Ming Dynasty's remedy for hangoverThere are many records, such as Gehua pills in "Pujifang", "Shenxian Sober Recipe" and "Gehua Jieyang Decoction" in "The Four Essentials of Wanshi Health Care", and Gugelianwan recorded in "Introduction to Medicine", etc. .

Have you noticed that there are so many prescriptions for hangovers that have a traditional Chinese medicine blindly, and many prescriptions even give rise to a name, that is, Pueraria lobata.

Before we talk about Pueraria lobata flower, let us first understand the commonly used medicine-Pueraria lobata root.

Old man Tao Hongjing once said in "Annotations to the Collection of Materia Medica": Pu Gensheng is Wenshanchuangu. Pick the roots in May and expose them to dry. Now Pueraria lobata is steamed and eaten by everyone. When taking the deep soil, it will break and dry. The living smashes it and drink it. Anti-febrile fever. The flower is mixed with dried bean curd, and he takes a square inch dagger. Nankang and Luling are the best, they are more fleshy and less gluten, sweet. But for medicinal purposes, not as good as here. At midday on May 5th, Pueraria lobata root was taken as crumbs, and the medicine was used to treat gold sores and blood-breaking. It also cures malaria and sores.

Pueraria lobata and Pueraria lobata flowers produce the same thing, but the effects are different, but they end up in the spleen and stomach meridian. That provides a unique advantage for Pueraria lobata to solve the alcohol poison that enters the stomach.

The chemical components of Pueraria lobata mainly include saponins, flavonoids and other components, and its main pharmacological effects are particularly prominent in anti-alcohol and liver protection. And many modern research results show that Pueraria lobata has a preventive effect on acute acute alcohol and can reduce the corresponding symptoms caused by alcoholism.

Just having a Pueraria lobata flower may not be enough, after all, it is weak. But for ordinary people, large doses of prescriptions are time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to solve the urgent need. At this time, I will recommend a Chinese medicine for everyone, that is Hovenia dulcis.

The new year is approaching, let’s find out about the hangover soup

Speaking of Hovenia dulcis, the "Su Dongpo Collection" records such a story: Jie Yingchen, a fellow of Su Dongpo's hometown, has a disease of doubled diet and frequent urination. , Many people say it is "diminish thirst". Jie Yingchen listened to the opinions of some doctors and took many medicines for the treatment of thirst. Instead of getting better, his illness got worse. Later, Su Dongpo recommended a doctor named Zhang Hu to him. After the diagnosis, Zhang Hu believed that the disease was not diabetic but chronic alcoholism. Alcoholic hotness, so the patient likes to drink water, drinking more water, so he urinates more, the symptoms are very similar to diminished thirst but not. So Zhang Gong treated him with sobering medicine, and he recovered from his chronic illness for many years. The main medicine used by Zhang Kui is "Fructus Aurantii". Su Dongpo not only recorded this small medical case, but also often recommended Hovenia dulcis as a good sober medicine to friends.

Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" once recorded that "its branches and leaves relieve vomiting, relieve alcohol and poisonThere is a saying among the folks that "a thousand cups are not drunk Hovenia dulcis". A few jujubes eaten raw after drinking can soothe the nerves and soothe the nerves. In "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica" it is said to treat all left and right paralysis, rheumatism Numbness, can relieve alcohol and poison; or take it with wine, it can also relax muscles and collaterals. Take it for children, dissolve worms, and nourish the spleen. The Ming Dynasty’s "Zhenzhen for Syndrome" records that there is no such thing as a cure for alcohol and poison. /p>

Modern research shows that Hovenia dulcis has an excellent effect in protecting liver and gallbladder.

From the previous article, if the two medicines of Pueraria lobata and Hovenia dulcis are combined together If you--tsk, the effect is really good, and it’s quite gratifying. After all, we work together. Some friends told me that before or after drinking (preferably before drinking), make a cup of Pueraria lobata tea, although It won’t be a thousand cups without getting drunk, at least it will add protection to your liver and gallbladder.

The new year is approaching, let’s find out about the hangover soup

Proven prescriptions for tea: Pueraria lobata 15g Hovenia dulcis 15g (Kudzu flower is divided into large flowers and small flowers, and the small flowers are more effective) .

A warm reminder, excessive drinking is harmful to your health, you still have to be restrained!

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