The high blood sugar level may be caused by 5 reasons! Know early and relieve

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The high blood sugar level may be due to these 5 reasons. 1. Psychological and emotional effects. Clinical data show that the current population of di

The high blood sugar level may be caused by 5 reasons! Know early and relieve

The high blood sugar level may be caused by 5 reasons! Know early and relieve

The phrase "blood sugar remains high but never drops" makes me feel scared to say it. After all, we know Hyperglycemia is not only a type of disease, it is also a factor that induces many other types of diseases, which should not be underestimated. So, if we want to lower blood sugar, we must first understand: What are the reasons that can be the culprit of blood sugar increase? Early understanding can prevent, relieve and treat symptoms early. Let's take a look at the specific content.

The high blood sugar level may be caused by 5 reasons! Know early and relieve

The blood sugar level remains high, it may be that these 5 reasons are causing trouble

1. Psychological and emotional effects

Clinical data shows that the current age of diabetes patients is becoming younger, which is not only related to our life Work and rest are more likely to be caused by our psychology and emotions.

When the body is under long-term stress, various hormones will be released, which will lead to a rise in blood sugar. Therefore, release stress appropriately. , Learning to self-regulate mental health is not only helpful for mental health, but also has a certain effect on restoring normal blood sugar levels.

2. Inadequate blood glucose monitoring

People with a bit of medical knowledge should know that when they find that their blood sugar exceeds the standard, doctors will recommend regular blood glucose testing in the future. The blood glucose meter can be used for testing regularly, and it can also be adjusted through the control of drugs and daily diet.

But if you always spend three days on the net, two days of fishing, irregular blood glucose monitoring and not following the doctor's prescription, let alone whether the blood sugar can be controlled, it will be good if it does not rise.

3. Stress factors

Sometimes, some people are not really suffering from diabetes, but are affected by some stress factors that cause the body's blood sugar to rise. Factors like this include body infection, external injury, surgery, pregnancy, or kidney stress caused by the body’s self-regulation during pregnancy.Increased secretion of blood glucose-increasing hormones such as adenine, glucocorticoid and progesterone weakens the hypoglycemic effect of insulin.

The high blood sugar level may be caused by 5 reasons! Know early and relieve

4. Drug effects

For some patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, sometimes they do not pay attention to the injection site when injecting insulin, do not rotate, and always inject at the same site.It is easy to produce skin induration after a long period of time, which affects the absorption of insulin. The obstruction of drug absorption will naturally make the blood sugar lowering effect not so good.

Furthermore, some friends with rashes, arthritis, asthma and other diseases when using some drugs, which contain glucocorticoids, will not only lead to increased blood sugar in the long term, but may even cause some Human diabetes. Therefore, when diabetics take medicine in combination, they must carefully communicate their condition with the doctor.

5. Exercise effect

In fact, some aerobic exercises, such as race walking, jogging, swimming, badminton, etc., are performed regularly, not only It can lose weight, reduce the trouble of high blood sugar caused by obesity, and promote the decomposition of muscle glycogen and the utilization of glucose by peripheral tissues. On the other hand, exercise can also relieve tension, maintain mental balance, and reduce blood sugar fluctuations.Has a very good effect.

In short, if we want to control our own blood sugar, we should not only pay attention to our daily routine and eating habits, but also pay attention to whether we take medicine on time, check regularly, and do a good job of emotional control. Exercise can control and reduce blood sugar. Of course, if there are some physical conditions that you can't control yourself, you still have to go to a professional hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

The high blood sugar level may be caused by 5 reasons! Know early and relieve

Diabetes, pregnancy, heavy dampness, kidney deficiency, weight loss, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, liver disease, skin disease, etc., how is the most effective treatment?

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