Does drinking more milk help hyperuricemia?

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Milk is a common drink in life. It is very nutritious, rich in high-quality protein, a variety of minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins. The dietary guid

Milk is a common drink in life, it is very nutritious, rich in high-quality protein, a variety of minerals, fat-soluble vitamins, especially calcium. , Is the main daily calcium supplement drink, and it is also recommended to drink every day. The dietary guidelines recommend that the daily intake of milk/milk products should be controlled at 300g. For milk, it is about 250ml a cup of milk. This is true for everyone, including gout patients. Milk contains a certain amount of fat, protein, and calories. If you drink too much, you may consume higher fat. In addition, milk is rich in "lactose". About 90% of Chinese people have symptoms of lactose intolerance. After drinking a lot of milk, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may occur. It also affects nutrient absorption, so it is not recommended to drink more.

Does drinking more milk help hyperuricemia?

I’ve said so much, is drinking milk good for hyperuricemia/gout patients?

For gout patients, control the "uric acid" in the blood The content is very important. If the concentration of uric acid in the blood is high, it may accumulate in the joints as the blood flows through.As time goes by, uric acid accumulates and forms uric acid crystals. The uric acid crystals squeeze the joints, make the joints red and swollen and degenerate, and can also cause severe tingling and induce gout. Drinking water can diuresis and promote urine excretion. Urine contains a small amount of uric acid, which can increase uric acid metabolism. Milk is also a kind of drink, which is also rich in water, so in a sense, drinking milk does help the excretion of uric acid. Milk is rich in nutrients and can also add a lot of beneficial ingredients, so there is nothing wrong with drinking milk appropriately for gout patients.

Does drinking more milk help hyperuricemia?

Daily drinking more fluids for patients with hyperuricemia/gout It is beneficial. It is recommended that patients with hyperuricemia/gout drink at least 1500~2000ML per day. Don't let yourself be thirsty. Don't drink water when you are thirsty. It is best to drink about 200ml every 1~2 hours. It is recommended to drink light drinks such as boiled water, light tea, and light lemonade. It is best not to drink sweet drinks. Sweet drinks are rich in sucrose, and many may add fructose. The sweetness of fructose is higher, which can make the drink more delicious. It is delicious. If the fructose content in the juice drink is high, the intake of fructose will produce a purine substrate, indirectly generate uric acid, increase the concentration of uric acid in the blood, and the intake of a large amount of fructose will also cause insulin resistance and reduce the excretion of uric acid.Ejaculation adds fuel to the fire for gout patients. Therefore, do not eat more fructose-rich foods such as honey and fruits. Honey should drink up to a few glasses of light honey water a day, but it is best not to drink it when gout is frequent. Fruits are low in purine, but within half a catty per day. enough.