Shaobaitou massages the acupoints

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We all know that in life everyone may have long white hair, and the growth of white hair really affects their image problem, and they grow white hair

We all know that in life everyone may have long white hair, and the long white hair really affects their image problem, and they grow white hair at a young age and don’t want to take medicine. It can be massaged, especially the three acupuncture points, which is also very good, to ensure that the hair becomes black and shiny, and it will not cause some graying hair.

Shaobaitou massages the acupoints

1. Zusanli point

Press for one minute to relax slightly, change the point to knead for one minute, repeat 3-5 times. Zusanli acupoint is one of the main acupoints in the "Stomach Meridian of Foot Yangming". It is located on the outside of the calf, 3 inches below the calf's nose, on the line of the calf's nose and Xiexi, with a superficial layer of lateral sural cutaneous nerve. There are branches or genus branches of anterior tibial arteries and veins in the deep layer. Indications of gastrointestinal disease, paralysis of lower limbs, mental illness, surgical disease, and various syndromes of asthenia. The method of operation is 1 to 2 inches straight.

2. Sanyinjiao

From Sanyinjiao, click upwards along the posterior edge of the tibia until it stops at the Yinlingquan point near the knee joint. Repeat 10 times before changing to another leg. Sanyin, the three-yin meridian of the foot also. Cross, rendezvous. The name of Sanyinjiao Point means that the three yin meridians of the foot meet at this point. The substance in this point has the damp-heat qi provided by the spleen meridian, the water-damp wind qi provided by the liver meridian, and the cold qi provided by the kidney meridian. The three yin meridian qi and blood meet here.Name Sanyinjiao.

3. Hegu point

If you keep pressing for one minute, there will be soreness or soreness. Release your finger for ten seconds and then press for another minute, and repeat until the pain is relieved. Hegu is the original point of the large intestine meridian, which belongs to the main body of yang. It clears away the decay, releases the heat in the qi, raises the clearness and reduces the turbidity, clears the wind and disperses the table, and promotes the power of qi and blood. Hegu treats head and face diseases. Use the method to get rid of the disease. Special effect points for teeth, eyes, throat (throat) and other diseases.

Having black and shiny hair is also very good, and it can make yourself look very young, so it is also very painful for people with white hair. You must remember to insist on massage every day Especially, regular massage on these three acupoints is also very good, which can improve gray hair.