“Stop eating after lunch“ is a “fake regimen“! The benefit of skipping dinner may be this one

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Many people say that skipping breakfast is a chronic suicide. If you skip lunch, you will panic. But when it comes to dinner, some people think that s

Many people say that skipping breakfast is a chronic suicide.

If you skip lunch, you will be hungry and panic.

But when it comes to dinner,

Some people think: There are many benefits to skipping dinner!

Then, it’s the same meal,

Why is dinner so rejected?

Furthermore, please answer me with your conscience ↓↓↓

Do you have these experiences without dinner?


If you are hungry but insist on not eating dinner, you are likely to be hungry and dizzy, limbs trembling, lack of physical strength, palpitation, pale complexion, cold sweats, vomiting ......

The study and fitness tasks that were originally scheduled to be done in the evening have no energy to do at all, and spent the day in a daze.

Reduced resistance

Insist on not eating dinner, causing malnutrition. For a whileAfter a while, the resistance is reduced, and it is easier to get sick.

I can’t sleep hungry

It’s hard to fall asleep. I finally fall asleep and may wake up hungry again.

The quality of sleep directly affects the day-time living conditions, such as poor sleep at night, lethargy during the day, and decreased concentration, which have a negative impact on work efficiency.

Did pain in the stomach

When the stomach is hungry, the stomach is empty and there is nothing to digest. Gastric acid may damage the gastric mucosa and cause stomach discomfort, even gastritis, enteritis, etc. Digestive problems.

I accidentally ate supper

I was so hungry that I was so hungry that when I couldn’t hold on, I got up to eat supper even if I was already in bed, and most supper is high fat Of fried noodles.

After eating greasy things late at night, although I am not hungry anymore, my stomach and intestines start to work overtime, which affects sleep againSleep quality has entered a new round of vicious circle.

It’s easier to gain weight

If you don’t eat dinner for a long time, you will easily become malnourished, and your body’s metabolism will be reduced.

Don't blindly "don't eat after lunch"!

According to the previous content, skipping dinner does not seem to be beneficial. So, is it wrong for the ancients to "don't eat after lunch"?

Don’t worry, look down!

“Stop eating after lunch“ is a “fake regimen“! The benefit of skipping dinner may be this one

The ancients had two meals a day, but it was not that they didn’t eat after lunch. They ate in the morning and the nextNoon, no lunch.

The first meal is called Chaoshi, usually at 9 o'clock in the morning.

The second meal is called Bu (bǔ, Bu) Shi, also called Zhan (Sūn, Sun). It usually starts at 4 pm.

The real "no food after noon" is actually one of the precepts of ancient monks. It does not originate from the theory of Chinese medicine. The so-called "noon" is from 11 to 13 noon, that is, after 13 o'clock. You can't eat anymore.

Furthermore, what is even more shocking is that monks actually allow tea soup and "food and medicine" in the afternoon, but they just don't eat regular meals.

The so-called tea soup is not a cup of tea, but contains tea, green onions, ginger, jujube, orange peel, cornel and mint, which are cooked and eaten together.

Don’t mention anything else, just the jujube in it, from the perspective of modern food glycemic index, is higher than glucose, so eat two more jujubes to get hungry.

Imagine if modern people follow the literal "no food after lunch" theory, counting from 1 o’clock in the afternoon to eating at 7 o’clock the next morning, the interval between one meal and another After 18 hours, the stomach empties in 4-6 hours.

What a cruel thing to "fake health preservation" hungry every day!

Furthermore, there is another sentence after the ancients "don't eat after noon" that has been ignored by everyone, that is, "rest at sunset." But at 7 o'clock in the evening, the night life hasn't started yet.

Therefore, under the current living habits of imitation people, simply delete the dinner from the three meals, and the body will only get worse and worse.

There is only one benefit of skipping dinner!

Save money!

Whether you give up dinner because of "health, busy, poor, fat, lazy...", sometimes you are hungry for a meal or two and nothingThis is a problem, but after a long time, it will inevitably damage the gastrointestinal function and affect the endocrine, which is not good for health and weight loss.

If you insist on not having dinner, then a month later, you may "like to mention" your brand new self-listlessness, exhaustion, and pale complexion.

In what circumstances can I skip dinner?

Of course, everything cannot be generalized. If you encounter the following 4 special situations, dinner is not a must!

Eat too much for lunch

If you eat lunch for the whole day and do not have the opportunity to exercise, you can consider skipping dinner.

Too many extra meals in the afternoon

Many people eat and drink uncontrollably during afternoon tea! If you accidentally overdose fruits, biscuits, and cakes, you can consider skipping dinner.

Get used to going to bed early

Supper and sleep should beStay about 3 hours apart to prevent sleep from being affected by too much support.

For those who go to bed around 11 o'clock or even later, dinner is crucial. If you go to bed at 8 or 9 in the evening, you can consider eating two meals a day and postpone your lunch a bit.

Severely obese

For people who are severely obese, they may feel a huge burden even when walking briskly, and they are completely unable to do higher-intensity exercise.

In this case, in the early stages of weight loss, you can choose to eat less and more meals, or eat less or even skip dinner.

After 1 to 2 months, reduce your body weight to a suitable range, and then start to increase a certain intensity of exercise, and restore part of the dinner appropriately.

A healthy dinner looks like this!

It’s not difficult to have a good dinner. There is a small formula:

Time is not late at 8:00; 2Green leafy vegetables for fist; staple food for one fist; protein for half a fist; eat some coarse grains appropriately;

Editor: Li Wenqin

Source: Common Sense of Life