Eight tips for not getting sick in the “Huangdi Neijing“ tell you how to live a long and healthy life

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In the "Huang Di Nei Jing" thousands of years ago, there is a simple passage that clearly stated the secret of "not getting sick". So it is leisure an

Eight tips for not getting sick in the “Huangdi Neijing“ tell you how to live a long and healthy life

In the "Huangdi Neijing" thousands of years ago, there is a simple passage that has changed " The secret of not getting sick" is clearly stated. It is: "Under the teachings of the ancient sages of the husband, it is called the evil spirits, avoiding it sometimes, calm and emptiness, the true energy, the spirit is guarded, and the illness is always safe? No fear, form-work and tirelessness, qi follow Yishun, each follow his desires, all get what they want.The food is delicious, the service is acceptable, the vulgar is happy, the superior is not admired, and its name is simple. "The following is the personal experience of others on these eight articles sorted out from the Internet. I hope that I can offer a good idea for your reference.

Eight tips for not getting sick in the “Huangdi Neijing“ tell you how to live a long and healthy life



Void evil and thief wind, avoid it sometimes

that is, we must try our best to avoid all the factors that may cause disease or damage health. Generally speaking, most of the human diseases are caused by external pathogenic factors acting on the human body. Produced by the disorder of the laws of human life. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid contact with the source of infection of the disease, and to take measures to chase down and prevent the disease before it occurs.


Since nothingness, true spirit之

Keep a calm heart, and can hold true Qi. Tranquility and nothingness speak of a state of mind, a kind of"Qianren" mentality. In social life, people can't actually follow their own wishes. More often, they are involuntarily involuntarily. It is no wonder that it is difficult for people to achieve a calm and empty state of mind. The concept of "the sky falls without surprise" is also an attitude of "harmony with the dust and no struggle with the world". We can only approach this state as much as possible and to the greatest extent possible.


Spiritually guarded, always safe from illness

The spirit of the human body is internally guarded, and the mentality builds a wall to resist external evils, and it is difficult for diseases to approach the human body. Body guardThe body also includes making the mind stronger. And the following "being free and having less desire" and "being at ease without fear" are supplements to the inner guard of the spirit. As long as we can not be burdened by external diseases and disasters, spiritual inwardness is not only a healing medicine, but also spiritual chicken soup.


Be free and want less


Hold in my chest the tips and tricks for governing the country and the world, but he is leisurely, not to bend for five buckets of rice, without bad ambitions and desires. Just like Zhuge Kongming back then, he ploughed himself in Nanyang, did not seek to be heard from the princes, indifferent to Mingzhi, quiet and far.

Eight tips for not getting sick in the “Huangdi Neijing“ tell you how to live a long and healthy life


Peace of mind without fear

The state of mind is tranquil and peaceful, with the demeanor of a gentleman, and the character of being cautious. No matter in broad daylight or in a winding path, you can do it right. , Walk steadily. No matter how moving you areIn times of chaos, we are still living in harmony, and I always keep peace in my heart. No worries, no worries, and no fears, so that the mentality can reach the state of mind of a real person.


Work and be tireless

Work every day, but it must not exceed the tolerance of the human body, and work must be combined with rest. Labor is for survival, for self-realization, and for the advancement of society. Work is the most enjoyable, not just empty talk. If there is nothing to do every day, wouldn’t it be boring? But the work cannot exceed the load that the body can bear, and every time the work must be done with the body not being sleepy. If sleepyIf you are tired, you must rest and exercise.


Follow the air and follow the From his desires, all he wants

Maintain the righteousness between heaven and earth, so that the desires and ideals that do not violate morals and chivalry achieve. To be a person must have righteousness, spine, courage, charm, control the fire of desire in the heart, and reasonably realize one's ideals and wishes.


Eat the food, let it be taken, enjoy the vulgarity, do not admire each other

Eat food without rot and mildew, and dress I like clothes that are not extravagant, and I like to inherit traditional customs, without superiority, no respect and inferiority. Living in such an environment is like a paradise. In this way, you will naturally integrate your body and mind into nature, maintain a high degree of consistency and unity with nature, and reach the state of harmony between man and nature.

Each of us does not want ourselves and our loved ones not to get sick. It is also the highest state pursued by Taoism. For the public, in order not to get sick, they need to master some basic knowledge and skills in health and disease prevention, as well as in medicine.Only in this way can you "grow old together" with health and longevity.

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