Can“t drink cold drinks in summer? The answer is beyond your imagination

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Don’t use health-preserving to toss your children.” They criticized drinking hot water or hot water to soak your feet as an “anti-human” approach, thi

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There was an article on WeChat called "Can’t I Drink Ice Water in the Summer?" Don’t use health-preserving to toss your children.” They criticized drinking hot water or hot water to soak your feet as an “anti-human” approach, thinking that you should drink cold drinks in summer. Drinking hot water is prone to heat stroke. Does this statement make sense? Do you drink hot or cold in summer?

In the scorching summer, the hot sun and the scorching air make people steam on a steamer. Many people think that cold and heat are on the opposite side, so now that it feels hot, why not use cold things to cool down? Cold drinks, frozen fruits... Isn't this a good product for "relieving heat"? On the surface it seems very reasonable, but if you think about it, you will find that this is against medical theory.

1. It’s easier for your body to "forget" to adjust your body temperature if you drink a cold drink when it is hotHeatstroke

On the issue of drinking cold drinks, Western medicine and Chinese medicine have the same theories. When you feel the heat, the body temperature regulation center will issue instructions to restore the body temperature to normal through a series of adjustments. Drinking cold drinks will cause the higher body temperature to drop rapidly, causing the body temperature regulation center to mistakenly believe that the body temperature has not reached the heat dissipation and cooling standard, so it "forgets" or cannot "timely" regulate body temperature, and the accumulated heat in the body cannot be released in time. It is more likely to cause heat stroke.

Furthermore, iced drinks, food, etc. will form a strong cold irritation to the stomach, causing rapid contraction of gastric smooth muscle and mucous membranes, prone to gastric mucosal ischemia and hypoxia, leading to digestive system diseases. In addition, drinking cold drinks on a hot summer day can stimulate the mouth, throat, esophagus and other organs, causing discomfort such as hoarseness and esophageal spasm.

Can“t drink cold drinks in summer? The answer is beyond your imagination

2. In summer, the yang energy in the body is relatively weak. Drinking cold is "exacerbating the situation"

The theory holds that yin and yang are contained in the human body, and yin qi governs stillness, which constitutes the material basis of various organs; active yang is the source of power to promote the growth and development of the human body and life movement. At the same time, Yang Qi is also the "guard" who protects the body from external pathogenic factors.

"The spirit of heaven and earth"Birth, the four seasons of the law", man and nature are a community that interacts with each other. In summer, the yang qi rises, so people must take care of yang qi in summer, especially the heart yang. Drinking cold is easy to hurt the yang, so Not suitable for drinking.

In summer, the body surface will feel hot. In addition to environmental factors, it is also closely related to the body's yang trend in summer. Therefore, the body's yang is relatively insufficient at this time, so more attention should be paid Take care and prevent yang. If you drink cold, the cold evil will skip the watch, hit the inside, hurt the relatively weak yang in the body, and cause disease, or cold evil lurking in the inside, causing all kinds of things over time. Illness.

3. Drinking heat in summer is better for relieving heat, except for those with "failure" in the body temperature regulation center

The weather is so hot, what is correct? How to relieve heat? It’s actually very simple. You can drink hot water, soak your feet in hot water, or take a hot bath.

There must be some doubts.The summer is already very hot. If you drink hot water and soak your feet in hot water, wouldn't it be "add fuel to the fire" and greatly increase the risk of heat stroke? In fact, these can stimulate or "remind" the body temperature regulation center to a certain extent, let it send out instructions to cool down, strengthen heat dissipation through various channels, and return body temperature to normal, so as to better avoid heat stroke. Of course, the hot water here is relatively speaking, the temperature is 36~38 degrees Celsius.

Under normal conditions, only part of the pores of the human body is open, which is used to maintain a constant body temperature. When bathing with hot water, it is equivalent to creating an external environment higher than body temperature. When the outside temperature is higher than the body temperature, more pores will open, allowing the sweat carrying heat to be discharged more easily, so as to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation and cooling.

Of course, not all situations are suitable for hot water. For example, for hot shotsFor patients with severe illness (severe heatstroke), drinking hot water will not only not relieve the heat, but it may even become a "urging charm". Because their body temperature regulation center has "failed" and has lost the basic function of regulating body temperature, drinking hot water cannot stimulate the body temperature regulation center to cool down and relieve heat, but it will aggravate the condition.

There are some people who are afraid of heat and prefer cold, sweating after drinking hot water, sweating and thirsty...what should I do?

Can“t drink cold drinks in summer? The answer is beyond your imagination

In this case, you can drink some herbal teas for clearing away heat and relieving heat, such as honeysuckle tea, chrysanthemum tea, sour plum soup, Imperata cylindrica root and reed root tea, Ophiopogon japonicus, etc.; or eat some natural solutions Heat-clearing foods, such as watermelon, cucumber, wax gourd, mung bean soup, bitter gourd, loofah, lotus leaf, bamboo leaf, purslane, dandelion, etc. Due to sweating a lot in summer, it is necessary to prevent hypokalemia. Bananas can be used to resist heat and potassium. Finally, I need to remind everyone that whether scented tea or food, it is better to drink and eat at room temperature.

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Can“t drink cold drinks in summer? The answer is beyond your imagination

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