5 bad habits accelerate women“s aging, do you have any?

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From ancient times to the present, long-lived people in the past have attached great importance to the quality of sleep, and even said that "don't fin

From ancient times to the present, longevity people in the past have attached great importance to the quality of sleep, and even said that "not looking for a fairy Fang to find a way to sleep". When you sleep well, all the internal organs of your body can be effectively maintained and adequately supplied. It can be said to be the simplest and most comfortable way to keep healthy!

5 bad habits accelerate women“s aging, do you have any?

Although this method of health preservation is very simple, it is not enough to sleep with your eyes closed. Unhealthy sleep is very harmful Body, even quietly cultivating cancer cellsCell. The following five sleeping habits, if you have one of them, you must change it.

Go to sleep with "Qi"

A Western study found that compared with being awake, sleep may make you remember bad experiences more firmly, those images that make you angry Will appear longer.

Being angry and angry before going to bed can make people’s heart beat faster, shortness of breath, and many thoughts, leading to insomnia or seriously affecting sleep quality.

The electrocardiogram of arrhythmia caused by anger is more chaotic and more unstable than normal arrhythmia, so it is the most deadly. Strong emotions like anger may interrupt the heart rhythm and endanger life.

5 bad habits accelerate women“s aging, do you have any?

When women are angry, they are also prone to stains, accelerating brain cell aging, leading to gastric ulcers and myocardial hypoxia, and may even Causes hyperthyroidism and breast cancer.

Clinically, many cancer patients have experienced major changes in their lives (such as divorce, widowhood, loss of children, unemployment) before the onset of cancer. In other words, cancer I prefer to entangle people who like to be angry or who always can’t think about it.

Countermeasures: calm down before going to bed. If you are very angry, you must talk to it and don’t get sulking.

Eating before going to bed is full

Traditional Chinese medicine says "If the stomach is upset, you will be restless."In the process, the stomach is still busy working overtime. The bad stimulus produced at this time will be transmitted to the brain, causing people to have symptoms of dreaminess, insomnia or lack of sleep.

Dream is still a trivial matter. If you are full before going to bed, blood will be concentrated in the digestive tract, which will reduce blood in other parts (especially the coronary arteries), which can easily cause cardiac ischemia and induce angina and nocturnal myocardial infarction. That's how it came. When the disease develops late at night, it really makes the earth not work every day.

Resolutely eat seven points at night, many middle-aged and elderly friends are used to being thrifty and thrifty. In the evening, they neither want to let the food overnight nor throw it away, so they all enter the stomach. This habit must be changed!

5 bad habits accelerate women“s aging, do you have any?

Eating this bite more at night will not only affect sleep, but may also cause myocardial infarction, stomach disease, diabetes, etc., which is more than wasteful It’s too much harm!

Exercise before going to bed

Some people think that exercising before going to bed makes people more tired and easier to fall asleep. In fact, do it before going to bed. Excessive exercise will cause the brain's nerve cells that control muscle activity to be extremely excited, which is not conducive to improving the quality of sleep.

Countermeasures: stretch muscles before going to bed to help sleep, many old Chinese doctors have sleep The habit of massaging the Yongquan acupoint before, in addition to massage, can also stretch the tendons properly. As the saying goes, the tendons are one inch long, and the longevity is ten years.You can do it in bed.

Straighten your legs apart, hook your toes back, hold your toes with your hands, and slowly press your body down. When practicing, you don’t need to deliberately pursue the feeling that your body sticks to your legs, as long as the big tendons behind your legs feel stretched, don’t use brute force.

The inside of the thigh walks through the liver and kidney meridian. The liver stores blood and the kidney stores essence. Separate the legs and press down to stretch the liver and kidney meridian, replenish the liver and kidney, and nourish blood and accumulate essence for the body.

Drink tea before going to bed

Tea contains caffeine and other substances, which can stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited. If you drink tea before going to bed, especially strong tea, the central nervous system will be more excited, making it difficult to fall asleep.

5 bad habits accelerate women“s aging, do you have any?

Countermeasures: drink a small cup of warm water, the heart rate will slow down while sleeping, if you don’t drink water, the blood will be concentrated and the blood flow will be slow It’s easy to get blood clots the next morning.

Drinking a small glass of water before going to bed can reduce sudden risks such as myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and cerebral thrombosis. But just drink a small cup, just take a few sips Three mouthfuls, otherwise you may have to wake up at night, which will also affect your sleep.

Using inappropriate pillows

If you want to have a good sleep, you must first have a good pillow. Low pillows can easily lead to " Stiff neck", swelling of the head, swollen eyelids; too high a pillow will affect the smooth flow of the airways and cause neck discomfort.

Countermeasures:The pillow sticks to the depression of the neck

5 bad habits accelerate women“s aging, do you have any?

The ingot-shaped health pillow with low middle and high ends has strong elasticity and easy Recovery can well control people’s posture during sleep, support and protect the cervical spine, and allow the cervical spine to get better rest.