These methods are very useful to prevent the elderly from falling

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Many elderly people worry about falling. Among the elderly living at home, about one-third of the elderly will fall at least once a year, and about ha

Many elderly people worry about falling.

Falls are common among the elderly. Among the elderly living at home, about one-third of the elderly will fall at least once a year, and about half of the elderly living in nursing homes will fall.

Falls often cause injuries. Some can be very serious (such as hip fractures). Osteoporosis in the elderly is fragile (osteoporosis-osteoporosis), and falls are more prone to fractures. Some injuries caused by falls are fatal.

Most falls occur at home. Sometimes it happens when standing still. But most of it happens when moving-when going to bed or getting up, standing or sitting, going to the toilet or getting up, walking or going up and down stairs. The elderly may stumble and lose their balance during exercise. Any exercise has potential risks. If the movement suddenly becomes intense or the attention is distracted, it is more likely to be dangerous. For example, when rushing to the bathroom(Especially when you are not fully awake at night, or when the lights are dim) or when answering calls or cordless phones may be more dangerous.

If the elderly can do the following, they will effectively reduce the risk of falling:

Walking on flat ground with a cane

  • Exercise regularly : Strength training can improve the strength of the leg muscles, thereby improving the stability of walking. Tai Chi and other balance training, such as standing on one leg, can help improve balance. An exercise plan should be developed according to the needs of the patient.
  • Choose the right shoes: It is best to choose low-heeled shoes that are firm, non-slip and provide support for the ankle.
  • Get up slowly when sitting or lying down, and pause for a while before the activity: this will help reduce dizziness and give your body time to adjust.
  • LearnSimple head movement: This movement is also known as the apley movement, which is a special head-turning posture, which is helpful when the elderly are dizzy while moving. It involves turning the head in a special way. In most cases, this kind of action is guided by a doctor for the first time, but the elderly should also understand it, and can repeat it by themselves if necessary.
  • Periodical vision check: Wearing the right glasses can effectively prevent falls. Actively treat glaucoma and cataracts.

These methods are very useful to prevent the elderly from falling

Sometimes the risk factors in the environment can be avoided or corrected.

  • Adjustment Light intensity, increasing the number of lights or changing the type of light source can improve the ambient lighting.
  • The power switch should be placed in a convenient location. Sensor lights or touch lights can be used.
  • Sufficient Lighting, especially outdoor lighting at night, is very important. Stairs should be equipped with non-slip treads and sturdy and safe handrails. Bright self-adhesive tape can be pasted to clearly mark the stairs.
  • You can remove wires or extend the passages Wire (you can install more sockets or hide the wires by the door or under the floor for this purpose).
  • The debris on the floor should be placed outside the walking path as much as possible.
  • atInstall safety handles on toilets, bathtubs and other places where they are needed so that the elderly can use them when they stand up. The handle should be installed correctly so that it does not slip off the wall.
  • Raising the height of the toilet seat can help.
  • Small movable rugs should be removed or fixed, or a non-slip back should be used.
  • Anti-slip floor tiles should be used in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Common daily necessities should be placed above the waist and below the eyes. The elderly can easily access them without bending over or stretching their arms.

Reducing the risk factors in the environment is only one aspect. Learning how to deal with these potential hazards safely is more important. Sometimes, people need to pay more attention to potential dangers and think about how to safely complete daily activities. For example, installing a cordless phone in each room can avoid the risk of rushing to answer the phone.

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