Why do sick people live long, long-lived old people tell you

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From the statistical point of view, I found a puzzling phenomenon: people who are sick live longer, but people who are not sick are prone to die early

Longevity is a topic of immortality in all walks of life. The longevity experience of centenarians is a "treasure" that everyone aspires to, but unfortunately, there is no absolute longevity formula. From a statistical point of view, we found a puzzling phenomenon: people who are sick live longer, while people who are not sick are prone to die early! Why is this? Let's discuss it together.

Why do sick people live long, long-lived old people tell you

In fact, the truth is Yes: People who are ill know that they are not in good health, so they go to the hospital for minor illnesses. On the one hand, the illnesses are cured at the stage of minor illnesses, and they will not be delayed into serious illnesses. On the other hand, frequent visits to the hospital can also help prevent serious illnesses and discover physical problems in time. So, get sick oftenPeople tend to live longer.

People who are in good health usually don't care about any problems because they feel that they are in good health, so they don't go to the hospital and often drag minor illnesses into serious illnesses, so they tend to die early.

Therefore, if you want to live longer, self-protection and awareness of health preservation are very important. Let's take a look at some of the common habits of centenarians, and hope to enlighten and help you.

One of the common habits: not smoking, not drinking

According to statistical research, although there are also smokers and drinkers among centenarians, the vast majority of centenarians , Does not smoke or drink alcohol. This is particularly obvious among the female long-lived elderly. They basically do not smoke or drink, which allows them to avoid the physical harm caused by cigarettes and alcohol. Therefore, women live longer than men, accounting for 90% of the total.

Common Habit 2: Common dietLight

Elderly people over a hundred years old generally have a very light diet and have a habit of eating porridge. It's not that I drink porridge because I am old, but I have a habit of drinking porridge when I am young. They rarely like to eat fatty meat, spicy and sweet food, and can always maintain a light diet.

Common Habit #3: Consciously diet

There are two sayings in the health-preserving world: "One bite less at night, life will be one second", "If you want to keep your stomach safe, you often have three points Hunger and cold". Modern medical research has found that acute pancreatitis, acute cholelithiasis, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. are mostly related to overeating and overeating. Although these centenarians have no professional knowledge of health preservation, they all know that they cannot eat too much and they control their food consciously.

Common Habit 4: Optimistic and Peaceful Mind

A study believes that among the reasons for longevity, genetics account for 15% and social factors account for 10%, improvement of medical conditions accounted for 8%, climatic conditions accounted for 7%, and the remaining 60% depends on mentality. The fact is also true. Centenarians generally have a better mentality and are optimistic. Even if they are poor, they are never sad.

In fact, there is no fixed formula for longevity, and there are great individual differences, but there are still some common rules. For example, the common points we have introduced above are all worthy of our reference. Alas, everyone should pay more attention to changing their bad habits, so that the chances of longevity will be greater.