What is good for low blood sugar? This common vegetable is recommended to eat more

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Patients with hypoglycemia have a much more relaxed diet than those with high blood sugar. Most foods are edible, and there are few contraindicated fo

Patients with hypoglycemia have a much more relaxed diet than people with high blood sugar. Most foods are edible, and there are few contraindicated foods. What is good for low blood sugar? Some specific foods may have the effect of relieving the condition! What is the cause of low blood sugar? If you want to know the answer, then please read the article prepared by Xiaobian today!

What to eat for low blood sugar

What is good for low blood sugar? This common vegetable is recommended to eat more

1. Bitter gourd

Patients with low blood sugar can eat a bit of bitter gourd. It has a certain regulating effect, but it is common for patients with high blood sugar or low blood sugar. Bitter melon can be eaten in many ways, whether it is soup, stir-fry, or cold salad. If you like to drink tea, you can also The bitter gourd is dried and soaked in water.

2. Dried salted radish

Patients with low blood sugar have poor appetite in most cases and eat food. Sometimes I can’t be interested. In this case, you can eat some salty dried radishes. Dried radishes contain more vitamins and iron content, and taste better, which can greatly increase your appetite. Pay attention to the amount when you eat next time, don’t eat too muchThat's it.

3. Carrots

Carrots are rich in vitamins and a lot of carotene. They are very nutritious vegetables. Eating carrots regularly can play a role in blood enrichment, which is good for patients with hypoglycemia. Carrots can be absorbed better if they are eaten with fat. Therefore, it is recommended to eat them with meals instead of as a snack.

4. Spinach

is a well-known blood food, iron-containing carotene is quite rich, which can be regarded as an important food in blood vegetables.

5. Golden needle vegetable

Golden needle vegetable contains a lot of iron, which is 20 times higher than the familiar spinach. It also contains vitamins A, B1, and C. Nutrients such as protein have diuretic and stomachic effects.

Diet taboos for patients with hypoglycemia

1. Avoid saturated fatty acid foods

Eat lard, tallow, foreign oil, butter, butter, etc. that are rich in saturated fatty acids and use less. Vegetable oil can be used to replace part of animal oil. Peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, and melon seeds also contain a lot of fat. Try not to eat or eat less or reduce your oil intake. Egg yolks and internal organs such as liver, brain, waist, etc. are quite high in cholesterol and should be used as little as possible or not.

What is good for low blood sugar? This common vegetable is recommended to eat more

2, avoid drinking alcohol

Wine has high calorie content and few other nutrients, so it is advisable not to drink it. In addition to controlling the total calorie, the diet of patients with high blood sugar should also be diversified, but because of the restriction of sugar and salt, the taste of the dishes is simpler In response to this point, a variety of sweeteners such as stevia and sweet sugar are produced on the market, which do not produce heat and do not contain any nutrients. In the past two years, a sweetener is protein sugar, which is composed of amino acids. It also does not produce heat and does not have any side effects. It is currently an ideal sweetener, such as Newt sugar and Yuan real sugar.

3. Avoid frequent consumption of refined processed foods

Try to eat less refined and processed products (for example, instant rice and potatoes), white flour, soft drinks, wine, and salt. Avoid fruits and juices with high sugar content (for example, grape juice mixed with 50% water for drinking). Also eat less macaroni, noodles, gravy, white rice, corn chips, and sweet potatoes. Beans and potatoes can be eaten twice a week.

What is good for low blood sugar? This common vegetable is recommended to eat more

lowCauses of blood sugar

1. Drug factors

Drug factors are the main cause of hypoglycemia. This situation generally occurs in diabetic patients For patients with diabetes, if the blood sugar is too high, the insulin injection is overdone, or the sugar is not ingested in time after the injection, we must pay attention at this time. Acute hypoglycemia is likely to occur.

2. Dietary factors

Diet is a major cause of hypoglycemia. Now many friends have been reducing their lungs, which will lead to The human body's nutritional supply is not high, and there is excessive consumption. Others are caused by factors such as anorexia nervosa and chronic diarrhea. These diseases can cause the patient's blood sugar to drop.

3. Disease factors

If we suffer from liver disease, we must pay special attention to it. This is likely to lead to hypoglycemia, and liver disease will cause Blood sugar disorder in our body. When the sugar intake is insufficient, hypoglycemia occurs. In addition, some endocrine diseases can also cause instability of blood sugar in the body, so everyone should pay more attention.

How to prevent hypoglycemia

1. The type and quantity of daily hypoglycemic drugs should be taken under the guidance of a doctor, and blood glucose should be checked regularly.

2. Eat a regular amount of meals on time and maintain a regular daily routine.

3. Keep the daily exercise time and amount of exercise basically unchanged. Try to arrange for exercise 1 to 2 hours after a meal, so hypoglycemia is less likely to occur when blood sugar is high. Diabetes should not beExercise on an empty stomach. If you do exercise in the morning, you should also eat properly before exercise. When carrying out long-term activities such as hiking, outings, etc., you can appropriately increase your meal or appropriately reduce the amount of insulin (or oral hypoglycemic drugs) after the activity.

4. Try to stop drinking and drink less.

5. People who are prone to hypoglycemia should carry sugary foods such as hard candies or cube sugars, biscuits, etc., to take them immediately when hypoglycemia occurs.

6. Severe hypoglycemic reactions, such as unconsciousness, should be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately.

Summary: If you want to get better with hypoglycemia faster, then you can eat carrots, spinach, and golden needles. These foods are good for regulating blood sugar. When there is a blood sugar problem, do not smoke or drink, so as not to aggravate the condition. In addition, when the hypoglycemia reaction is severeIt must be treated promptly.

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