The ancients“ way of relieving heat

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When the heat is unbearable, modern people hide in air-conditioned rooms every day, which is extremely easy to cause "air-conditioning disease". In fa

The ancients“ way of relieving heat

When the heat is unbearable, modern people hide in air-conditioned rooms every day, which is extremely easy to cause "air-conditioning disease". In fact, we should learn how the ancients cool off the heat.

"MindNaturally cool"-adjust mentality

In the pre-Qin period, people came up with a set of methods. The "Huangdi Neijing·Suwen·Four Qi Tiao Shen Dalun" said this: "Xia Sanyue, this is Fanxiu. The heaven and the earth are in harmony, all things are luxuriant, sleep at night and get up early, insatiable with the eyes, make the will not be angry, make Huaying become a show, make the anger vent, if the love is outside, this summer is the answer and the way to grow. "Obviously, the "make the mind not angry" is its core: keep a happy mood in summer, don't get angry at every turn. In layman's terms, it is "the heart is calm and naturally cool."

Yuan Dynasty Health Care Family Qiu Chuji It is stated in "The Theory of Health News" that in summer “it is better to adjust the breath and purify the mind, as it is often like ice and snow in the heart, and the heat is also reduced in my heart; you can’t turn heat into heat and regenerate heat.” To put it bluntly, it is through adjustment of mentality. Self-cultivation and nourishment, so that the mind is calm and naturally cool.

"It is good to enjoy the cool under the big tree"-coverSunshade

"The heart is calm and naturally cool" is easier said than done, but Liu Zongyuan, a writer of the Tang Dynasty, bluntly said that he couldn't do it. He was demoted to Yongzhou, Hunan. The summer night was so hot that I couldn’t sleep, and I simply got up to the building to enjoy the coolness. I wrote the poem "Summer Night’s Bitter Heat Deng Xilou": "Forgive me, she will be better than An Nengxi." It means, I want me to be quiet. It is really hopeless to overcome the heat.

In order to adapt to the heat, the ancient folks first proposed the concept of "refreshing coolness". "Enjoying the coolness" is also called "taking the coolness". How to enjoy the coolness? Different eras have different choices. For example, in the Tang Dynasty, people like to set up a pergola to escape the heat. Although the pergola was not an invention of the Tang Dynasty, it has been there for a long time, but Changan people are more creative in using pergola to escape the heat. There is a record in Ming Gao Lian’s Four Seasons You Appreciation Record: “Every summer in Chang’an, people use brocade knots as pergola and set seats for summer vacation.”

"Summer vacation", a bit like modern times Outdoor "Na"Cool Gala" was still very popular in the Song Dynasty. According to the article "It is Yuexiang Street Market" in Volume 8 of "Tokyo Dream Hualu" by Song Meng Yuan, the Northern Song Dynasty "people in the city are the heaviest, and there is no season in June. Pavilions and waterside pavilions, high-rise buildings, snow-scarred ice trays, floating melons sinking plums, flowing cups and marshes, budding grasshoppers and new lotuses, singing and singing in the distance, all the way to the evening" But the "Summer Retreat" should be the coolness of the ancient "rich people" The way. Folks usually set up a simple pergola under a tree, or go to a cave and other shady, low-temperature places to escape the heat. As the saying goes, "It is good to enjoy the cool under the big tree", which is the summary of the experience of the ancients.

"Rewarding the lotus in the great summer heat"-staying away from the summer heat

"Water-repelling" is one of the first choices for modern people to enjoy the cool and summer heat, and the ancients are no exception, such as the Ming and Qing Dynasties The Suzhou native Qing Gu Lu's "Qing Jialu" "Riding in the wind and coolness" said: "Enjoying the coolness in the wind, or Pozhi Xumen Wannian Bridge Cave, or Fandianhufu Crossing the Ocean, Or Diversity Lin Palace Sanskrit Water Window Bingxie. Feel free to hang around??"

According to the "June" article in the fourth volume of "Menglianglu" by Wu Zimu of the Southern Song Dynasty, people from Lin'an (now Hangzhou) had the custom of going to the West Lake on the sixth day of June to enjoy the cool air collectively: "Yes "Painting boats in the sun lake, all along the embankment, soaking in the coolness"

The ancients often combined with enjoying the lotus by the waterside, and "appreciating the lotus in the great summer heat" was the habit of the ancients, just like poets in the Song Dynasty. Su Dongpo described in "Fan West Lake at Night": "The wild cattail is boundless and the water is boundless, and the lotus blooms at night and the wind dew fragrance. "In the Ming Dynasty, the wind of enjoying the lotus in the great summer was flourishing in Suzhou, which overwhelmed the birthday of Suzhou Suzhou people who regarded the 24th day of the lunar calendar as a lotus. This day was the most spectacular day for enjoying the lotus by boat. According to "Qing Jialu" "Lotus Dang" records. On the birthday of lotus, "painting boats and drums, competing in the lotus swing outside Fengmen, watching the lotus and enjoying the coolness"

There are many ways for the ancients to be hydrophilic. A custom of enjoying the coolness: On dog days, go to the river to take a cold water bath to get rid of the qi and heat to reduce sores and fever.

The Eastern Jin alchemist Ge Hong’s "Soaking" is the most famous. The "Six Time You Appreciation Records" "Into the Water to Avoid the Heat" article records his story: "Every time Ge Xian Weng gets drunk, the summer is hot and deep Under the water, it will go out for eight days, so as to be able to hold the breath and make the ears."