Shanmuyuan goat milk: Is goat milk a natural weak alkaline food?

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Drinking goat milk often has an auxiliary effect on patients with hyperacidity and gastric ulcer. If the malt or lecithin flavor is added to goat milk

Milk is acidic and goat's milk is weakly alkaline. Drinking goat's milk often has an auxiliary effect on patients with hyperacidity and gastric ulcer. If malt or lecithin flavor is added to goat milk, it can effectively regulate the body The nervous system and protect the integrity of the gastric mucosa.

Modern scientific research has found that the pH of milk is 6.5-6.7, which is weakly acidic, and the pH of goat's milk is 7.1-7.2, which is weakly alkaline. Studies have found that eating more alkaline foods can keep the blood weakly alkaline, reduce lactic acid, urea and other acidic substances in the blood, and prevent them from depositing on the tube wall, thus softening the blood vessels, so some people call it alkaline Food is a "cleanser for blood and blood vessels".

The PH value (acid-base value) of a normal human body should be between 7.35 and 7.45, which is an alkaline physique, but this group of people only accounts for about 10% of ours, and more people’s body fluid pH Below 7.35, the body is healthyThe sub-health state between disease and disease is medically called an acidic person.

Medical experts have pointed out that the acidification of the human body is the source of all diseases. When acidic substances in the body become more and more accumulated, and the quantity changes and the quality changes, diseases will occur.

Shanmuyuan goat milk: Is goat milk a natural weak alkaline food?

The difference between goat milk and milk

1. Goat's milk is alkaline, and milk is acidic;

2. Goat's milk protein is slightly higher than cow's milk. Goat's milk has smaller fat globule cells, and its unsaturated fatty acids are twice as high as cow's milk;

3. Goat's milk lacks folic acid, and its content is cow's milk 1/5, milk folic acid is 4 times higher than goat milk;

4. Goat milk contains more minerals, there is no antagonistic effect between calcium and iron, and the absorption rate of calcium and iron is high. Milk is similar, but the calcium and iron in milk will interact to affect the absorption of divalent iron;

5. Milk and goat milk contain lactose. Parents can choose a suitable milk powder for their babies based on the comparison between goat milk and milk.

Most people have a very vague understanding of the acidity and alkalinity of food. They think that acid-taste food is acidic food, and astringent-taste is alkaline food; some people use litmus paper to detect food juice, according to the test paper. Red or blue to judge acidity and alkalinity. In fact, on the contrary, many sour foods, such as lemonsLemon, citrus, star fruit, vinegar, etc., after entering the human body, the organic acids in the food are decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and most of the cations, and most of the metabolites are alkaline substances, so they are alkaline foods.

According to the degree of alkalinity, the common alkaline foods in daily life can be divided into the following types:

1. Strong alkaline foods: wine, tea, kelp, grapes , Citrus, persimmon, cucumber, carrot, etc.

2. Medium alkaline foods: protein, soybeans, tomatoes, spinach, bananas, strawberries, lemons, prunes and so on.

3. Weakly alkaline foods: tofu, potatoes, cabbage, cabbage, rape, red beans, pears, apples, etc.

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