The truth about constipation: women are more likely to have troubles in this area, these 3 misunderstandings must be avoided

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Before going to bed, I saw a friend ask for help in Moments, saying that he is always constipated, and it is easy to relapse after repeated treatments

The truth about constipation: women are more likely to have troubles in this area, these 3 misunderstandings must be avoided

Before going to bed, I saw a friend ask for help in the circle of friends, saying that he is always constipated. It's easy to relapse, don't know howIs good. Coincidentally, many patients who come to the gastroenterology department often have the problem of "constipation".

Why is constipation so common in modern people?

First of all, this has something to do with the digestive system of each of us. In the concept of Chinese medicine, the digestive system mainly belongs to the spleen and stomach, but the concept of the spleen and stomach is too broad. We use the term digestion for the sake of everyone’s understanding. What we usually call digestion refers to the absorption of nutrients from food. The individual's nutritional level, health basis, immune level, resistance, anti-aging level, etc., are all determined by the digestive system.

Secondly, modern people’s unhealthy living habits are also an important cause of "constipation". Life and work pressure, heavy psychological burden, irregular diet, lack of exercise, staying up late, resulting in the number of sub-healthy patientsThe amount increased.

Finally, Most people think that "constipation" is more appropriate for practical "defecation disorders". The confusion of concepts is also the reason why it is difficult to cure.

So, today’s theme is mainly about the basic knowledge of constipation and defecation disorders, so as to better help everyone understand and solve this "unspeakable hidden" that can't be cured.

1. Constipation has strict standards. Most people are actually "defecation disorders"

The truth about constipation: women are more likely to have troubles in this area, these 3 misunderstandings must be avoided

Constipation, it has strict standards.

I heard people say constipation in life or in the clinic, but in fact, it is not constipation in all cases. We usually diagnose it as a defecation disorder. The basic condition of constipation is that the stool should be dry and hard, to the most serious The degree is like goat feces, one small and one small are very dry and hard. This situation is called constipation.

"Secret" originally means agglomeration, so in the terminology of Chinese medicine, there is no distinction between "Secret and knot". Constipation is called constipation if the feces are connected to form lumps.

So everyone usually talks about "constipation", is not going to the toilet for 3-5 days or even a week, but if you really go to the toilet, it is very likely that the stool will not form , The stool sticks to the toilet or the stomach cannot be pulled out of this situation. In the eyes of doctors, this is called defecation disorder, not constipation, so first of all, conceptually we need to correct the correct meaning of constipation.

Second, the high incidence of defecation disorders: women make up the majority

The truth about constipation: women are more likely to have troubles in this area, these 3 misunderstandings must be avoided

Regardless of whether it is young or old, the number of patients with defecation disorders is mostly women.

Why is constipation easy to find women? There are three main reasons.

1. Women with weak lung qi, poor intestinal function, and more likely to lack exercise

In other words, the function of preventing constipation of the spleen and stomach, especially the function of the stomach, should be strong, and the function of promulgating and suppressing lung qi should be strong. Compared with men, women’s spleen and stomach’s spleen and stomach functions are inherently weak, but women’s lung qi is also weak. Women’s lung capacity is generally not as good as that of men. People with small vital capacity usually have very small bowel movements.

This phenomenon is called the appearance of the lung and the large intestine in Chinese medicine. The function of lung promulgation is to control our sweat pores, so the function of subduing is the ability to control our stomach and intestines. Our bowel movements and stomach movements are from top to bottom; if we move from bottom to top, we will be nauseated and vomiting.

But because women’s natural lung capacity is lower than that of men, especially women who don’t like exerciseSex, then the ability of intestinal peristalsis is insufficient, and it is more prone to constipation.

2. Women are prone to misunderstandings in dietary structure: they don’t like meat, they like to eat more fruits, and they are vegetarian

Few people among women like to eat high-protein foods, that is, few people like to eat meat.

This is because most women think that eating meat makes it easy to gain weight, so they change to a light diet or a vegetarian diet; in addition, women love beauty, like eating fruits for beauty, and think that eating more fruits is good for skin. These are actually wrong of.

People who eat a lot of fruit, why do they not have good bowel movements?

One of the reasons is that our current fruits rarely have natural ripeness. If it contains some contentSubstances that easily cause constipation, such as tannic acid and oxalic acid, will directly lead to constipation. Eating more fruits may not necessarily solve constipation. In addition, the large amount of fructose and pectin in fruits will not only hinder our absorption of nutrients, but also cause digestion. Difficult.

Therefore, many women mistakenly think: in order to pursue health and beauty, they should eat less staple food and not eat meat, and then use fruits instead. They think that a light diet will be good for our intestines and stomach. This is wrong. practice.

3. Deficiency of the spleen causes difficulty in digestion and absorption of food and hinders the absorption of nutrients


According to traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen governs transportation and transformation, and the stomach is responsible for receiving. The function of transporting and transforming the spleen includes part of the function of the intestine. So transportation, transportation is transportation, and transformation is transformation. The human body needsAbsorbing nutrients into energy and transforming into our body’s tissues is called assimilation in medicine, and assimilation is first completed by intestinal absorption. The absorption function is weak, and the natural individual’s energy and tissue transformation capabilities are relatively high. Weak.

People are often diagnosed with spleen deficiency when they go to Chinese medicine. What is the meaning of spleen deficiency?

Your gastrointestinal tract is not healthy, your digestion, absorption and transformation of food,assimilationweak function.

In the case of spleen deficiency, you will not be able to make up if you eat more fruits. If you eat more fruits, your skin may not be hydrated, and your face may even turn blue. People who have been vegetarians for a long time generally look very ugly, because fruits are anti-nutrient substances, which can harm the body’s iron., Protein and fat absorption.

Therefore, any excessive consumption of fruits and vegetables without particular attention is harmful to the human body but not beneficial.

The truth about constipation: women are more likely to have troubles in this area, these 3 misunderstandings must be avoided

3. How is the weekly bowel movement within the normal range? These two situations must be understood

After understanding the meaning of "constipation" and "defecation disorders", we analyzed why women are prone to such problems , Next, we still need to understand, how many bowel movements a week is considered normal?

In simple terms, there are two categories:

1. Healthy people and people who consume more protein for 1-3 days at least 1

It is ideal for healthy adults to have 1 bowel movement in 1 to 3 days. People who consume more protein are best to have 1 bowel movement a day. If you eat vegan for at least 3 days Have 1 bowel movement.

2. People over 50 years old are ideal 3 times a week, 70 years old can accept once a week

For people over 50 years old, we can accept two days One time is about 3 times a week, so if you are over 70 years old, we can accept about 1 time a week without discomfort. This is a data on the number of bowel movements, and everyone can check in. It is related to your age and eating habits.

In general, if we find that we have a situation similar to "constipation" every day, we first need to judge whether we are "defecation disorder" or really "constipation" according to the concept "Secondly, in their daily life habits, women should pay attention to eating more fruits and it may not solve their problems. It is more appropriate to avoid common dietary misunderstandings. Finally, people of different ages have different normal bowel movements per week.The eating habits of the family are also different, which is also the reason for the different standards.

If it is really difficult to judge by yourself, it is recommended that everyone can seek professional advice from a doctor, and do not treat without authorization or use the wrong plan.

In the next article, we will answer how to solve "defecation disorders".

The truth about constipation: women are more likely to have troubles in this area, these 3 misunderstandings must be avoided