Why was Zhu Xi wronged by a Southern Song Dynasty Fengyue case?

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Author: We invited authors Bamboo Moon River ancient novels, often taken from real life and artistic process to form interesting story. However, with

Why was Zhu Xi wronged by a Southern Song Dynasty Fengyue case?

Author: Author of our special bamboo Moon River

ancient novels, often taken from real life and artistic process to form interesting story. The four classic "Three Kingdoms", is the re-creation on the basis of the "Three Kingdoms", based on Similarly there, "Outlaws of the Marsh", is once again working on the Song Jiang uprising this historical data.

Although art comes from life, the content of novels is often slightly different from historical facts. However, With the massive spread of the huge reading group of novels, people tend to take the stories of the novels seriously, which resulted in various misunderstandings with historical facts.

Ming Dynasty novelist Ling Zhuchu created "The Surprise for Two Moments Shooting Cases" in which a great scholar who was a thousand years ago was wronged for a long time. So, who is this wronged person? What kind of grievance does he have?

1. Zhu Xi was wronged

Speaking of the "unjust case" of this novel, I have to mention the article "Yi Jian Zhigeng" written by Hong Mai in Song Dynasty. Because Ling Yuchu was inspired by "Yijian Zhigeng", he created the novel story "The hard investigation of the big Confucianism and the idle spirit, the woman who is willing to be tortured is famous".

The story of this novel mentions that during the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Xiaozong’s Chunxi reign, there was an official prostitute Yan Rui in Taizhou who was excellent in both color and art. She not only played the instrument and sang, but also wrote a good lyrics. Appropriate beauty and wisdom coexist.

Such a beautiful lady with both talents and appearance naturally won unanimous praise from officials

. Among them, Taizhou Zhizhou Tang Zhongyou especially likes Yan Rui, who often asks Yan Rui to write lyrics and sing, and has a lot of contacts.

This incident gradually spread to Zhu Xi’s ears. Zhu Xi felt that Tang Zhongyou and other officials’ spending so much time was really insulting, so he played to impeach Tang Zhongyou.

Why was Zhu Xi wronged by a Southern Song Dynasty Fengyue case?

Affected by this, Yan Rui was also arrested and imprisoned. In prison, Yan Rui was tortured and nearly killed. A famous prison officer thought that Yan Rui was pitiful and persuaded her to confess the crime of having an affair with Tang Zhongyou and avoid the suffering of flesh and blood, but Yan Rui would rather die than blame Tang Zhongyou.

Later, A well-known Qing official Yue Lin came to try Yan Rui’s case. He allowed Yan Rui to write the first poem as a self-defense, so there was the famous "Bu Operator"——

is not love Fengchen, it seems to be mistaken by the front edge. Flowers bloom from time to time, always the monarch of Lai Dong.

If you go, you have to go, how can you live? If the mountain flowers are full of heads, don't ask where the slaves go.

Yue Lin was very moved after hearing this poem, so he judged Yan Rui Congliang, and the story finally had a happy ending.

However, although the ending of the story is very good, people who have read the story think Zhu Xi is very bad: If it weren’t for Zhu Xi to do things, how could a generation of chivalrous girl Yan Rui be in prison?

So, has the true Zhu Xi framed Yan Rui as the novel tells us?

Why was Zhu Xi wronged by a Southern Song Dynasty Fengyue case?

2. Zhu Tang Zhizhi

Opened the heavy history book, we were surprised to find that although Zhu Xi had impeached Tang Zhongyou, he really did not frame Yan Rui. Yan Rui's pot, Zhu Xi could not move his back.

According to historical records, in the eighth year of Chunxi in the Southern Song Dynasty, there was a severe drought in eastern Zhejiang, and the people did not have a living. Zhu Xi was ordered to go to Taizhou to deal with disaster relief.

was on the way from Zhu Xi to Taizhou, Zhu Xi heard from the refugees that Tang Zhongyou’s illegal facts of greed and vice, so Zhu Xi wrote a memorial to impeach Tang Zhongyou.

After Zhu Xi arrived in Taizhou, he found out more facts about Tang Zhongyou's violation of the law, so Zhu Xi wrote the second letter of impeachment, reporting Tang Zhongyou's crime of urging taxes and rents regardless of disasters.

After that, as Zhu Xi continued to understand in Taizhou, he obtained more comprehensive criminal evidence from Tang Zhongyou, so he wrote the third memorial to impeach Tang Zhongyou.

可惜, Tang Zhongyou has Prime Minister Wang Huai as a security guardFor the umbrella, Zhu Xi even made three memorials, all of which were detained by Wang Huai. Moreover, Wang Huai also arranged for Tang Zhongyou to be promoted to Jiangxi’s torture commissioner, in order to resolve Tang Zhongyou’s crisis.

To say that Zhu Xi is also a persistent person. Seeing his three memorials enter the sea like a clay cow, Zhu Xi is unsure, and continues to play the fourth memorial to impeach Tang Zhongyou.

Faced with Zhu Xi’s momentum, Wang Huai confessed to him. He was afraid that the paper would not be able to contain the fire in the future, and the fire would affect him. So he folds Zhu Xi’s last three memorials, only the first memorial. Tang Zhongyou's self-defense was handed over to Song Xiaozong, and also specifically mentioned that this is just "talents fighting for leisure", in order to alleviate Tang Zhongyou's guilt.

But before the court can make a judgement, Zhu Xi's fifth impeachment letter has arrived. This time, Zhu Xi not only impeached Tang Zhongyou, but also impeached Wang Huai's collusion. As a result, Wang Huai had to cancel Tang Zhongyou's appointment as a Jiangxi mentor.

But Wang Huai is the prime minister after all, so how can he stand still. After Tang Zhongyou’s appointment was cancelled, Wang Huai arranged for Zhu Xi to replace Jiangxi’s post of torture commissioner, thereby creating the illusion that Zhu Xi deliberately framed Tang Zhongyou for his official position.

Why was Zhu Xi wronged by a Southern Song Dynasty Fengyue case?

After Zhu Xi heard about this, he hurriedly wrote the sixth memorial to impeach Tang Zhongyou. Unfortunately, not long after the memorial was issued, the appointment of the court changed. Zhu Xi had no choice but to beg to return home from the shrine on the grounds of "filling in for Tang Zhongyou's fault." The dispute between Zhu Xi and Tang Zhongyou ended up with Tang Zhongyou safe and sound, and Zhu Xi left the scene sadly.

From this, Zhu Xi's impeachment of Tang Zhongyou was entirely out of public heart. So how can such a simple anti-corruption case be mistaken for Zhu Xi to frame Yan Rui?

III. The truth

This starts with Hong Mai, the author of the article "Yi Jian Zhi Geng" that first recorded this matter.

Although Hong Mai and Zhu Xi are ministers in the same palace, they do not have the backbone of Zhu Xi at all. When Hong Mai left the country as an envoy, he bowed down to the golden lord and proclaimed his minister under the threat of the golden man. After returning to the country, he was still complacent with no shame.

Such a weak and shameless villain is naturally inclined to compromise and surrender on the political line. makes his political views incompatible with Zhu Xi, and the two have since become political enemies.

More importantly, Hong Mai is Wang Huai’s party member and a good friend of Tang Zhongyou. Therefore, Hong Mai took the opportunity of writing "Yi Jian Zhi Geng" to try his best to discredit Zhu Xi, so that Zhu Xi had a cauldron that framed Yan Rui.

In fact, not only Zhu Xi never framed Yan Rui, even Yan Rui himself was not as chivalrous as Hong Mai wrote. According to historical records, after Yan Rui was favored by Tang Zhongyou, he became arrogant and not only openly demanding bribes, but also intended to interfere in official affairs.

For example, a person named Yang Huai married an official prostitute. In order to evade punishment, he gave Yan Rui a hundred pennies to help her upstream and downstream. Coincidentally, a small official named Xu Xin was once assigned a drudgery by Tang Zhongyou. In order to change his job, he also bribed Yan Rui and asked Yan Rui to intercede.

And the fact that Yan Rui would rather die than confess after being imprisoned is even more beautifying the literati. In fact, as soon as Yan Rui was put into prison, she immediately confessed to the fact that she and Tang Zhongyou had "overrun", and she was subjected to the rod torture because of this.

Then, Yan Rui was found to have violated the "unlawful law", that is, soliciting bribes and interfering in official duties, and was subjected to a second cruel sentence for this. However, under the powerful influence of the novel, Yan Rui's two tortures were counted as Zhu Xi's head, especially when Yan Rui was tortured for the second time, Zhu Xi had already resigned, but the pot that framed Yan Rui was still held. On his head, someone is really sitting at home, and the pot comes from the sky.

Why was Zhu Xi wronged by a Southern Song Dynasty Fengyue case?

In fact, the reason why Zhu Xi was wronged for thousands of years in the novel was that the Wang Huai faction used it as a breakthrough point to exclude dissidents under the official party dispute at that time. However, although Zhu Xi's frame of Yan Rui was faked, novelists like such stories. After all, a story with ups and downs is enough to attract the attention of readers, and which novelist will think about itThe authenticity of the story!

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