[Reporter takes the Long March Road again] Ferry, that unforgettable song

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Photography/Wang Shilong "The sunset glows in the Duhe River, and there is an unforgettable song at the ferry. It is the source of our Long March and

[Reporter takes the Long March Road again] Ferry, that unforgettable song

[Reporter takes the Long March Road again] Ferry, that unforgettable song

Photography/Wang Shilong

"The sunset glows in the Du River, and there is an unforgettable song at the ferry. It is the source of our Long March and sent away my brother from the Red Army."

sang here, Yu Yulan choked, she thought of her grandfather. In October 1934, Yu Yulan's grandmother was only more than two months pregnant, and her grandfather Yu Shimao embarked on the Long March Road from the Yudu River. For more than 20 years, there has been no news. It wasn't until the 1950s that their family received a grandfather's martyrs certificate with five words-"No news from the north".

Yu Yulan’s lover Zhong Jianping is also a descendant of the Red Army. One day in 1933, Zhong Jianping's grandfather Zhong Nandou and his brother Zhong Zaoxiu went to the capital to sell firewood together, and met the Red Army propaganda team on the way. Hearing that the Red Army was a team of the poor, the two brothers joined the Red Army together. Like Yu Shimao, they also set off from the Yudu River, and finally slept on the Long March Road.

Yu Yulan and his wife are both lead singers of the Changzhengyuan Choir in Yudu County, Jiangxi Province. As members of this amateur choir, they have performed more than 300 voluntary performances across the country in the past 9 years. Whenever the Red Army passed through the Long March, they would visit the local martyrs monument. They wanted to find the name of their grandfather, and wanted to know when they died and where they were buried. Like them, the members of the choir are basically descendants of the Red Army, and most of them have their relatives sacrificed on the Long March and lie down in the snow-capped mountains.

[Reporter takes the Long March Road again] Ferry, that unforgettable song


Every family has Red Army, and every household has martyrs. During the Soviet period, more than 100,000 people with a population of 255,000 participated in the war, 67,709 people participated in the Red Army, and 16,338 named martyrs were sacrificed for the revolution, including 11,000 martyrs who died on the Long March. After crossing the Du River, many people never returned to their beloved red land.

The first crossing of the Long March-at the east gate ferry of the capital county. In October 1934, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other agencies directly under the central government set foot on the pontoon from here and began the journey of strategic transfer.

In the Yudu River (Gong River) in June, the water is deep and rushing, and the river rushes forward. "Long March Ferry", the inscription of General Yang Chengwu is engraved on a stone tablet beside the ferry, and some tourists took pictures here.

"The red flag is fluttering, the bugle is ringing. The children, soldiers, don’t come to your hometown... men, women, old and young come to see each other, tears are in your clothes to express your love." The song "Farewell" in the "Long March Song" is the Yu Yulan and his wife. The most sung song in the choir.

Back then, in order for the Red Army to cross the Dudu River smoothly, the people along the banks took out the timber from their homes, donated door panels, bed boards, and house beams, and finally built a pontoon bridge over a 30-kilometer section of the river. "The people in Yudu are really nice, and the people in the Soviet area are really relatives." Zhou Enlai sighed after learning that an old man in his seventies had donated a coffin to the Red Army. In the end, Yudu's sons and daughters kept the secret of the Red Army crossing the river, and more than 80,000 Central Red Army crossed the Yudu River without showing a trace. In addition, in order to support the Red Army, the people in Yudu raised 8,400 pairs of straw shoes, 150 dan dried vegetables, 62,500 yuan, and 80,000 quintals of food in just a few months...

At the Central Red Army’s Long March Departure Memorial Hall, the reporter saw it. The 90-year-old Wen Laifa. When her father was on the Long March, she was less than 6 years old when her mother was working in the Red Army's arsenal. The young father took his mother back to his hometown to pick up the child. He didn't expect that after his mother came back, he found that the husband had disappeared. "Comrades-in-law, don't look for it, it has been transferred." The words of the old watch caused Wen Laifa's mother to faint to the ground. Since then, the wife never saw her husband again, and her daughter never saw her father again.

Wen Lai said that every time he comes to the memorial hall, he will think of his father and shed tears.

"Dad is the Red Army, his mission is to fight the enemy, open the world, people are more blessed..." This children's song of the Soviet area period, Wen Laifa still sings so beautiful today.

Source: Guangming Daily, reporter Jin Hao Xu Danlu Wang Qingbin Sun Jingjing

Editor: Wanyang

Editor: Li Wei

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[Reporter takes the Long March Road again] Ferry, that unforgettable song

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