What is the relationship between Cao Cao and Han Xiandi? Is it respect or disrespect?

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The relationship between Cao Cao and Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty is indeed very delicate, and it is a long story. Many people fall into the "weird

The relationship between Cao Cao and Han Xiandi is indeed very delicate, and it's a long story. Many people fall into the "strange circle" of two extreme interpretations: Either think that Cao Cao is loyal to Han Xiandi, or believe that Cao Cao is a "coercion". "The emperor is to make the princes" the rebellious courtier .

These two extreme interpretation methods ignore the fact that Cao Cao and Han Xiandi have been together for more than 20 years. (196-220 years) This time factor, why can’t we interpret it as: Two people Is the relationship between quantitative change and qualitative change dynamic?

What is the relationship between Cao Cao and Han Xiandi? Is it respect or disrespect?

"New Three Kingdoms" stills

I think that Cao Cao at the beginning of Jian'an, he needs to put out "055889ed"#” attitude, so his attitude towards the emperor still obeys the imperial system on the surface, and did something unpleasant to the emperor in private for exclusive power;

Jian’an five years (200 years) , the case of Dong Cheng, the origin of this case was Emperor Xian's "clothes and imperial edict". Even so, Cao Cao only punishes Dong Cheng and his party, and it is impossible for him to settle accounts with Liu Xie when confronting Yuan Shao with Guandu .

Jian’an nine years (204 years) , Cao Cao conquered Yecheng. Since then, he has led Jizhou and Yanzhou has no chance of meeting with Emperor Xian of Han.

After more than ten years, Cao Cao set up a prime minister, changed Kyushu, gave public worship to the king, established the Wei state, and finally laid the foundation for the Han Dynasty for his son Cao Pi.

The above are the four time periods I listed, which is: Cao Cao's attitude towards Han Emperor Xiandi is a process of change.

What is the relationship between Cao Cao and Han Xiandi? Is it respect or disrespect?

"New Three Kingdoms" stills

story authenticity research

The title tells a story that the Han Emperor Xiandi once criticized Cao Cao The earliest records of this story are from "The Biography of Xiandi" and "The Spring and Autumn of Han Jin Dynasty".

"Taiping Yulan·Volume 387·Human Resources Department 28" quoted from "The Biography of Xiandi": The old three males lead the soldiers to see, so the tiger bends the blade to help him, Cao Cao cares about the left and right, sweating, he dare not since Please come back. "Taiping Yulan·Volume 92·Emperor’s Seventeenth" quoted from "Han Jin Yangqiu": presenting the emperor's Xu, just guarding his position, serving as the guardian, is it the Cao Clan’s old friend. Yilang Zhao Yan tasted the policy for the emperor Chen Yanshi, and Cao Cao killed him for evil. After the exercise, the emperor didn't let him be angry, because he said: "You can help each other and you will be thick, but you will be lucky." The three soldiers of the old instrument entered the dynasty, making Hu Ben hold the sword. Fuck around, sweating, and not daring to return to court afterwards.

For comparison, the "Han Jin Chun Qiu" (Jin taboo "chun" changed to "Yang") written by Xi Zao Chi is still very detailed. This record was again entered by Fan Ye in "Han Shu·Queen Ji". Became the content of official history.

However, the content of this passage is not false, but inaccurate in detail, because the original article first wrote that the guards in the palace were replaced by Cao Cao's friends, and then wrote that Cao Cao was scared by Hu Ben (Su Wei). If this order is correct, why should Cao Cao be afraid of his own people?

As I said earlier, Cao Cao's attitude towards Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty has undergone a process of change, that is to say, Cao Cao's monopoly is a gradual process. Therefore, it is better to say that Cao Cao was frightened by the Han Emperor Xiandi, and then replaced Su Wei with his own. It made sense.

In addition, Pei Songzhi quoted the content of "Wei Jin Shi Yu" in "Wu Di Ji" Jian'an Two Years (197 years) , and also mentioned " Since then, no longer see ".

"Three Kingdoms·Wu Di Ji" Pei Annotation "Wei Jin Shi Yu": The old system, the three males led soldiers to enter, all crossed their necks. At the beginning, the generals asked for Zhang embroidery to enter the emperor, and then the system was repeated. The public has never seen him since.

This incident is that Cao Cao went to Zhangxiu in the first month of Jian’an 2nd year (after the capital of the Han Dynasty, Cao Cao went out for the first time), Cao Cao restored 汉廷 Old system: worship before going outSeeing the emperor, because Cao Cao was Sikong (one of the three males) and led the soldiers, when he saw the emperor, he was crossed and locked by two halberds. ——This reflects the majesty of the emperor.

In order to restore the Han court etiquette, Cao Cao gave up the second time after experiencing it for himself. Cao Cao himself felt that it was too dangerous. After all, there were still many people in the court who thought they were not pleasing to their eyes. They were not afraid of ten thousand, just in case!

What is the relationship between Cao Cao and Han Xiandi? Is it respect or disrespect?

"New Three Kingdoms" stills


Combined with the few things I listed, Cao Cao was established at the beginning of Jian'an. The Han court system was restored. However, Cao Cao promoted his relatives and friends in the old party and suppressed dissidents. This was also a fact, which triggered dissatisfaction with Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty. In the fifth year of Jian'an, the "Dong Chengyi with imperial case" broke out. From then on, Cao Cao and Han Xiandi were in harmony with each other, and refused to visit Han Xiandi again in case of accidents. After

, the Minister of the Zhonghan in the Han court planned the anti-Cao case many times. Although there is no record of Han Xian emperor's participation, it can still be concluded that the relationship between Cao Cao and Han Xian emperor is really bad.

Cao Cao was also furious because of a letter written many years ago and instructed Han Ting to investigate the "Fuhou case", eradicate the Fu family, and pave the way for his daughter Cao Jie to become the queen. When Hua Xin captured Empress Fu, Empress Fu cried to Emperor Han Xian for help, Emperor Han Xian also cried and said: "I don't know when my life will end." It can be seen that there is a gap between Emperor Cao Cao and Emperor Han Xian. There is no such thing as any kindness.

Speaking of which, after Cao Cao supported Han Xiandi in the early days of Jian'an, his dictatorship is also the inevitable way. It is impossible to give power to others to control and put himself in danger. Li Wei, Yang Feng and others are lessons for the past. It is impossible for Cao Cao to follow the old ways of those people.

As for modern times, Yi Zhongtian praised Cao Cao and Jiang Peng praised Han Xiandi in the "Hundred Schools Forum", thinking that Cao Cao and Han Xiandi had a good relationship and even had a cooperative element. Apart from grandstanding, their views have no historical value in the slightest.