What is Guoxue?

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The most comprehensive one is "Guoxue" as stated on the encyclopedia. It is based on the pre-Qin classics and theories of the various schools of thoug

What is Guoxue?

What is Guoxue?

Check out the different definitions of Guoxue on different platforms across the Internet? The most comprehensive one is "Guoxue" as stated on the encyclopedia. It is based on the pre-Qin classics and theories of the various schools of thought. Pre-Qin Poems, Han Fu, Six Dynasties PianA complete set of cultural and academic systems including literature, Tang and Song poems, Yuanqu and Ming and Qing novels, as well as historical studies of past dynasties. In Chinese history, "Guoxue" refers to the official school headed by "Guozijian". Since "Western learning spreads to the east", relative to Western learning, it generally refers to "Chinese traditional ideological and cultural scholarship"___From Baidu Encyclopedia

In terms of:

In a narrow sense, Chinese Studies refers to: based on pre-Qin scholars and later Confucianism and Taoism and their derived theories, the content categories include Chinese language and literature, Chinese history, Chinese Philosophy.

Guoxue broadly refers to: Chinese traditional thought and culture. It is based on the pre-Qin classics and philosophical studies, and covers various cultural studies of the later dynasties. The content includes ancient Chinese history, thought, philosophy, geography, politics, economy and even calligraphy and painting, music, Yixue, Shushu, medicine, astrology, architectureBuilding and so on are all the categories involved in Guoxue.

What is Guoxue?

The Chinese classics include: classics, history, sub-classes, and collections.

"Jing": "Book of Changes", "Shangshu", "Zhou Li", "Book of Rites", "Book of Filial Piety", "Spring and Autumn", "Book of Songs", "Analects", "Le jing" , "Er Ya" and so on.

"History": "Historical Records", "Zizhi Tongjian", "Three Kingdoms", "Hanshu","Book of the Later Han Dynasty", "Chun Qiu Zuo Zhuan", "Shang Shu", "Shan Hai Jing", "Yong Le Da Dian", "Warring States Policy", "Wu Yue Chun Qiu", "Jin Shu", "Tong Dian", etc.

"Zi": "Laozi", "Grandson", "Mencius", "Mozi", "Liezi", "Zhuangzi", "Han Feizi", "Xunzi", "Guanzi", "Huainan" "Sub" etc.

"Collections": "Li Taibai Collection", "Du Gongbu Collection", "Selected Works of Zhaoming", "Yuefu Poetry Collection", "Liu Hedong Collection", "Wang Jing Gong Collection", etc.

What is Guoxue?

Why study Chinese studies?

As a gem of Chinese culture, Guoxue is all-encompassing, broad and profound. Confucianism "half of "The Analects" can rule the world, and "University", "self-cultivation and governance, Qi Jiaping the world" includes the standard of behavior for people and the world. Taoism's "quiet and inaction" and "satisfaction and happiness" can be said to be the only way to grow longevity. "The Classics" is a classic handed down for the world's self-cultivation. The military and legalist methods of using soldiers and governing the country talk about the rituals and powers of the emperor and ministers. "One yin and one yang is the Tao" is the core content of Yi Xue, Yin Yang Blending and the movement of heaven and earth are the laws of natural development. Heaven and earth revolve, transforming into all things, heaven and earth have righteousness, and the virtues of heaven and earth are the moral principles that the world should practice.

From the national level.Guoxue is the bloodline of our Chinese culture, the spiritual pillar of our nation, and the source of wisdom for our survival, development and innovation. Chinese culture shapes our behavior patterns and moral values. If we lose the Chinese culture, we lose our roots and become water without a source and a tree without roots.

What is Guoxue?

Zhang Taiyan

The scholar of the husband's country, the source of the establishment of the country. I have heard that in a world of competition, it is not enough to rely on Guoxue to establish a country.And I have never heard of people who are not prosperous in national studies and can stand on their own. I have heard that there are those who die but the national studies do not die, but I have not heard of those who die first but the country still stands. Therefore, no one has risen in Chinese studies today. Will affect the survival of the country. ——Guoxue Master Zhang Taiyan

The mission of Guoxue is to make everyone understand the history of Chinese culture. The method of Guoxue is to organize all the history of the past culture with a historical perspective. The purpose of Guoxue is to make Chinese cultural history. ——Hu Shi

It is not terrible to subdue a country or a nation. The most frightening thing is that a country and a nation’s own basic culture has perished. This has become a dead end, and will never turn over. ——Nan Huaijin

China can become a big economic country, and it can also become a big technological country, but most fundamentally, China is also a big cultural country. The cherishment of the culture of this nation is the cornerstone of a country that has stood for thousands of years. Only deep roots can be leafy, so simpleNot everyone understands the truth. Fortunately, the people who were born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Sri Lanka have already understood the importance of the humanistic spirit for the development of the country when facing the challenges of the new century. ——Ji Xianlin

What is Guoxue?

Guoxue is a treasure of the Chinese nation. It has a deep roots and contains the essence of culture. It is the essence of the traditional Chinese culture.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we must inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture. Then we need to knowWhat is excellent traditional culture, and then affirm and practice excellent traditional culture. In our traditional culture, the core culture is the Confucian culture founded by the great thinker Confucius.

In 1984, the United States published the famous "Dictionary of World Celebrities", and Confucius was listed as the top ten thinkers and cultural celebrities in the world. The "People's Yearbook Handbook" published in the UK also listed Confucius as the top ten thinkers and cultural celebrities in the world. This ranking was confirmed by UNESCO.

The theoretical philosophy and practical philosophy of Confucianism based on the Book of Changes are the main modern Western thinkers such as Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Wolf, Hume, Kant and many other Western The theoretical work that famous philosophers have always dreamed of but never completed.

Humans should transform the minds of Westerners that have long been paranoid, and learn to understand the world as a wholeEastern wisdom, abandon some creepy technology. ——The famous Austrian psychologist Karl Jung

What the world needs most now is the essence of Chinese civilization-harmony. If China cannot replace the West as the dominant mankind, then the future of mankind as a whole is sad. ——British historian Toynbee

In order for human beings to survive, they must return to the 6th century BC to absorb the wisdom of Confucius. ——Swedish scientist Dr. Hannes Alvin

Chinese sage thought may replace Western culture as the future center of the "global village". ——The Renaissance of Confucianism by Australian scholars Li Ruizhi and Li Hualun

The content of Chinese learning is not only applicable to the Chinese, moral education and tempering are also the needs of world citizens. More and more international friends are also actively accepting the influence of Chinese traditional studies. In foreign countries, more than 500 Confucius Institutes have been established.More than 1,000 classes have been opened, and the number of disciples has reached more than 1.9 million, which shows the profound influence of Chinese culture. Therefore, as the descendants of Yan and Huang, we have the responsibility and obligation to inherit Chinese learning, carry it forward and influence the world.

What is Guoxue?

From a personal level, learning Chinese studies is also extremely important. The learning of professional knowledge and skills is a way of making a living based on the society. Tools, while learning the moral culture of Chinese culture, Can nurture our temperament and shape moral value. In a society full of material desires, we will boost our spiritual outlook, free from material desires, and at the same time create a powerful heart that can bear suffering and sorrow all beings. Establish lofty ideals in life and pursue lofty value goals.

The Confucian philosophy in Chinese studies emphasizes benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom, trust, loyalty, filial piety, integrity, shame and courage. "Benevolence" educates people to yearn for good; "righteousness" educates people to practice goodness; "rites" educates people to abide by etiquette or public ethics; "wisdom" educates people to have culture and wisdom, and "faith" educates people to be honest and trustworthy. Confucian "loyalty" is not foolish loyalty in feudal society, but "the emperor and his ministers are courteous, and the ministers are loyal to the emperor". "Filial piety" is not foolishness and filial piety. Accumulation and innovation of culture and career; "Incorruption" means integrity and self-discipline; "Shame" means not doing shame; "Courage" means being brave to take responsibility, brave to practice, and to dedicate ourselves. Adopt ConfucianismA person shaped by culture must be a noble person; a person who studies Chinese culture and the noble wisdom of the sages of the past, his speech and demeanor will gradually conform to the gentleman's style, and eventually he can develop a poetic temperament or a heroic spirit. , Forging a broad mind with the world in mind. Such people are bound to become social elites, the mainstay, and the backbone of the rise of the Chinese nation!

What is Guoxue?

In addition, we can also use traditional Chinese medicine to regulate our own and family’s bodies and reduceThe torment of disease. From time to time, I went to the Chinese Painting Exhibition to cultivate my sentiment, to see the beauty of Chinese painting and improve my artistic accomplishment. In the spare time, you can play chess, listen to cross talk or Peking opera, and feel the charm of the Chinese quintessence.

Using Guoxue to guide life, let Guoxue help us to achieve the true self, so as to achieve a high degree of unity of mind, body, and spirit, and achieve happiness of body, mind, and soul.

What is Guoxue?

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