Shen Shixing: “Inaction“---The political wisdom of the first assistant of the Ming Dynasty

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Halfway through the book, the more I read the book, the more interested I became. I fell on the character of the second chapter of the "Wanli Fifteen

The book is halfway through, and the more you read it, the more interested you become. It falls on the character of the second chapter of this "Wanli Fifteen Years"-Shoufu Shen Shixing, so he has a strong desire to express.

Some time ago, a friend discussed the issue of civil servants becoming officials and poets becoming officials in history. The scholars are familiar with history books and know well that the power of human relations, morality, and spirit is in the minds of civil servants. The role is very heavy. However, there are too many examples of civil servants full of political complaints in history. The civil servants who can reach the peak of power without showing up and making contributions are rare, and they have their own political wisdom and philosophy of life.

As the first assistant in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, Shen Shixing was such a politician.

Shen Shixing: “Inaction“---The political wisdom of the first assistant of the Ming Dynasty

Shen Shixing

Historical evaluation of Shen Shixing. Shen Shixing is a person who has neither opinion, nor ability, nor action. He is a person who has "the first mouse at both ends", "extensively exquisite" and "sufficient". "Inaction" is precisely his politics. Wisdom. This kind of "inaction" is not inaction in the true sense, but rather a seemingly calm post, but instilled in it with just the right concept, and penetrated into a hundred officials.

Promote the cooperation and unity of civil officials and boost morale with moral spirit

With Zhang Juzheng’s drastic reforms, the development of the empire has gradually slowed down. During Shen Shixing’s tenure, the empire did not need to uphold martial arts and Shen did not have the ambition to transform society. The long-term stability of "li people are not hungry or cold" is the most suitable state during this period. Shen Shixing’s style of appointment. To achieve such a goal, the key lies in the mutual cooperation and mutual trust of all civil servants. Spiritual and moral inspiration and strength are the key to governance.

When Shen Shixing served as the first assistant, there were as many as 20,000 civil servants in the Ming Dynasty, which absolutely overwhelmed military officers in number and importance. Civil officials who are familiar with the Four Books and Five Classics go to official careers and form a huge bureaucratic system in the country’s political rule. Shen Shixing realizes that whether a policy can be implemented or the success or failure of implementation lies in whether it is in peace with the common habits of all civil officials. Otherwise, Perfection in theory can only be a castle in the air.

In political situations, civil servants have "yin and yang"Two sides

Different from Zhang Juzheng’s dictatorship, Shen Shixing is the first assistant, who is more sleek and more acquainted with human relationships. Shen Shixing is not a pure idealist, he is well aware of human weaknesses Inevitably, people who are familiar with the Four Books, Five Classics and moral beliefs have ideals that need something to do, as well as the inevitable desires of mankind. Shen Shixing calls ideals "Yang" and selfish desires "Yin." The work of Yin and Yang is the key and difficult point of Shen Shixing. Helping the young emperor achieve this recognition and then control the complex bureaucracy of the dynasty under the concept of moral spirit. This is the biggest difference from Zhang Juzheng. The current situation allows Shen Shixing. To be a peacemaker and a mediator, Shen Shixing does his part.

Inaction is precisely the style of Shen Shixing. But this "inaction" eased the conflict between the emperor and Baichen in many events during his tenure. The way he proposed to the emperor is not coercive, but euphemisticHe said in a way that he treats Baichen with forgiveness. He knows that everything has yin and yang, so his attitude is more humble and gentle.

The era of pioneering the world requires a bold and sharp-edged Zhang Juzheng, and the stage of buffer transition also requires Shen Shixing, who is "absolutely unconventional". Times make heroes, and heroes also play a role in different times. Despite the negative evaluation of "the first mouse at both ends" and the "all-sided exquisite", what is commendable is that he also used his political ideas and philosophy of life to shine through the annals of history.