How are the vegetables on the state banquet table grown?

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When it comes to state banquets, the first image that comes to mind is probably a full-feast of Manchu and Han Chinese. In fact, the standards for sta

Speaking of state banquets, the first picture that comes to mind is probably a full-feast of Manchu and Han banquets. In fact, the current state banquets have strict standards. They must be carefully selected and matched.

What is a state banquet?

How are the vegetables on the state banquet table grown?

In fact, the state banquet is where the state leaders entertain foreign guests and treat the countryFor dishes that have made outstanding contributions, China is a country of etiquette, and the earliest records of state banquets can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty. The most famous is the sentence that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty said when Zhang Qian brought back envoys from various countries in the Western Regions. At that time, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty said: "Gift of the Banquet". This is also a clear historical source of the term state banquet. Record. Since then, the state banquet has become a formal national etiquette.

How are the vegetables on the state banquet table grown?

The menu of the state banquet

The menu of the state banquet is not fixed, but the cooking is very delicate. It is not only reflected in the delicate production, but the selection of materials is very strict. When ordering the recipe, Consider the person attending the banquet, taste, age, physical condition, but also take into account various factors such as temperature, season, raw materials, nutrition, and so on. Therefore, the state banquet menu is not fixed, but the production techniques are traditional Chinese. Stewed, fried, fried, boiled, steamed, fried, braised, braised, etc. In recent years, with the frequent exchanges between China and foreign countries, western dishes are now also added. Cooking skills.

How are the vegetables on the state banquet table grown?

First National Founding Banquet

How are the vegetables on the state banquet table grown?

The planting standard of state banquet vegetables

The planting of state banquet vegetables must have very high requirements for the planting environment. Six standards are indispensable.

First: Soil

Choose natural fertile land, away from industrial pollution areas, and have not sprayed pesticides or used chemical fertilizers within three years. Then the soil was monitored and no harmful sources were found to ensure planting safety. Deep plow the cultivated land and use decomposed organic fertilizer as the soil base fertilizer.

Second: Water source

In fact, the moisture content of vegetables is more than 70%, and edible vegetables are actually draught, so vegetable cultivation requires extremely high water sources , The water source must be pollution-free, far away from the wastewater discharge point, and monitor the quality of groundwater. Higher standards need to be filtered by a water purifier to irrigate the ground. This will ensure the natural taste of the vegetables and their fragrance and deliciousness.

Third: Air pollution-free

Air is also an important participant in plant photosynthesis, so airPurity has a huge impact on the healthy growth of plants. Only far from the city can there be fresh air suitable for plant cultivation.

How are the vegetables on the state banquet table grown?

Fourth: Ecological pest control

The insect pests that occur during the planting process are not the use of insecticides, but the use of insecticidal lamps, insecticidal color palettes, and other physical and biological insecticidal methods to affect the growth of plantsIt will never cause pollution, and strictly test vegetables to eliminate pesticide residues.

Fifth: Seedling selection and seedling breeding

Seedlings directly affect quality. Seedling selection and seedling raising will choose natural and directly cultivated high-quality seeds to raise seedlings. It can resist drought, cold and disease while maintaining its natural taste. After the seed selection, the seedlings are cultivated, and the operation is carried out in strict accordance with the standardization and pollution-free. After the seedlings are cultivated, the strong seedlings are selected and the vigorous seedlings are transplanted. Choose the best among the best.

Sixth: Strict Harvesting

Harvesting is also the top priority of the entire process. Harvesting supplies protective clothing, harvesting tools, and vegetables The containers are all sterilized, and are directly stored in a constant temperature warehouse within two hours after harvest, ready to be transported in the cold chain.

How are the vegetables on the state banquet table grown?

These are some of the standards that I know about vegetable cultivation at a state banquet, and strict standards are added to organic vegetable cultivation. In the future, such standards will gradually penetrate into our lives. In the future, we can also enjoy green vegetables and enjoy a healthy life.

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