He revealed that the “Sino-Russian Secret Treaty“ was hanged by Cixi and became the first reporter in history to be executed.

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Shen Xun participated in the Reform Reform, but after the reform failed, he became a revolutionary and served as a reporter for a long time. On July 3

Shen Xun (1872-July 31, 1903), was originally named Kecheng with the word Yuxi, from Shanhua County (now Changsha City), Hunan Province. Shen Xun participated in the Reform Reform, but after the reform failed, he became a revolutionary and served as a reporter for a long time. In 1903, Shen Xun was arrested for exposing the inside story of the treaty signed between the Qing government and Russia. On July 31, at the behest of the Empress Dowager Cixi, he was sentenced to a stick by the Ministry of Penalty, and then hanged. This became the first news statement in Chinese history. Reporter killed by offending the government.

He revealed that the “Sino-Russian Secret Treaty“ was hanged by Cixi and became the first reporter in history to be executed.

Shen Xun's ancestral home in Wu County, Jiangsu Province, followed his ancestors to Hunan and sent his home to Shanhua (now Changsha County).

During the Reform Movement of 1898, I interacted with Tan Sitong, Tang Caichang, etc., thinking that to reform Hunan, it would not be effective unless there was damage. After the reform failed, I studied in Japan. 1900 (Dezong Guangxu 26th year ) Spring returned to Shanghai. Together with Tang Caichang and others, he organized the "Righteous Society", renamed the "Self-reliance Society", served as an officer, presided over the traffic, and contributed a lot. After arriving in Hankou, he was committed to the independence army movement, led the Right Army, and was active in Xindi, Hubei. After the defeat, he went to Shanghai and sneaked to Beijing to engage in anti-Qing activities.

In 1903, Tsarist Russia broke its promise and not only refused to comply with the agreement of the 1902 "Treaty of Handover of the Three Eastern Provinces" in the phased withdrawal of troops, it also proposed new "Seven Articles" require forcing a clean governmentThe government accepts. Cixi lost her power and humiliated the country, and wanted to conclude the "China-Russia Secret Pact" with Tsarist Russia. The secret agreement is related to China's destiny. Shen Xun used the reporter's justice to show it to the world and prevent it from signing. He immediately sent the draft of the secret agreement he found to Tianjin English News. After the secret agreement was published in the newspaper ahead of time, public opinion in the world was in an uproar, and the Sino-Russian signing plan was in vain. He also caused a murder, and he was only 31 years old when he was sacrificed.

On July 21, 1903, the "Ta Kung Pao" published the news of Shen Xun's arrest. After that, seven consecutive reports were issued until Shen Xun was brutally killed under the stick. It was reported on August 4: "Shen Xun, who was brought to the Criminal Ministry, was sentenced on the 8th day of the first day of the month. This is the newspaper. I heard that it is a daily memorial, please make a decision. Because this month is a longevity month, I will not kill. Feng Cixi The empress dowager made a decree and changed it to a dead rod. However, because the penalty department was unable to use a rod, a large plank was made this time. And the method of using a rod was not familiar with. So it was beaten to more than two hundred, bloodThe flesh is flying and cracking, and it is still not dead. As a last resort, he tied his neck with a rope and strangled him to death. "Reported on September 16: "...When the rod was killed... the bone was like powder, and there was no sound. At the end of the fight, the Tang Secretary thought he was dead. Unintentionally, Shen Yujie said: "Why don't you die? Quickly twist me with a rope..."

The sacrifice of Martyr Shen Xun was so tragic that it aroused a huge reaction from Western public opinion, September 14, 1903" "Ta Kung Pao" disclosed: "After investigating the government's self-destruction, when the wives of ministers from various countries visited the Queen Mother, they talked about Shen Zhi's injustice and the Queen Mother was quite regretful. I have asked the courtiers to be strict with the party, and must not be impervious to goodness, and cause distractions. The government has been very peaceful in recent days and has never done anything unreasonable. Guys fear that the ministers of the countries stationed in Beijing may have troubles. Under the pressure of the envoys, the Queen Mother pretended to cry "kindness" and "repentance" like a crocodile. After the sacrifice of the martyrs, the revolutionary newspaper "China Daily" published a message of condolences: "Shen JunFor the death, ghosts and gods cried for it, loyalists drank blood for it, ministers of various countries were shaken for it, and Chinese and Western newspapers for it were proclaimed. This is the day when the king is dead, but the year is still alive! "

Shen Xun’s sacrifice also gave Morrison a great soul shock. Morrison was a reporter for the British "Times" at the time. He stood in the interest of the British, and he could no longer see it. I am accustomed to the posture of Russia sitting in the northeast of China. In the photos collected by Morrison, there are photos of Lushunkou around 1901, as well as many photos of Russian troops stationed in Manchuria. This is evident. The Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China. After that, Tsarist Russia took advantage of the dangers, threatened by soldiers, and used both soft and hard, to force local Chinese officials to secretly edit the "Feng Tian Jiao Di and Regulations" in an attempt to turn the three eastern provinces of China into Yellow Russia. Morrison obtained intelligence from Li Hongzhang and immediately in 1901. It was disclosed in The Times on March 3, which caused an uproar in the international public opinion and the Qing court. Yang Ru, the Qing government’s envoy to Russia, refused to sign the agreement and made a firm decision.Ironically, he said to the Tsarist Empire: "No!" The conspiracy of Tsarist Russia to annex the three provinces of China failed to succeed.

On August 4, 1904, Tianjin’s "Ta Kung Pao" published four poems by Shen Xun’s death. One of the more popular poems was: "I am thirty-one this year, and it is worthless to win a floating name. Since then No matter what, the soul returns to the happy heavens."