In order to keep Jiuding, the Zhou Dynasty even learned the tricks of shame

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We all know that in Chinese history there has always been the term "jiuding", which means nine great tripods that symbolize royal power. For Jiuding,

As we all know, there has always been the term "jiuding" in Chinese history, which means nine great tripods that symbolize royal power. For Jiuding, in addition to "Shi Ji", other historical records such as "Chun Qiu Zuo Shi Chuan", "Mo Zi", "Zhan Guo Ce" and other historical records have recorded it. From this point of view, Jiuding is not deliberately fabricated, but a real treasure in history. This Jiuding is like the later Jade Seal of the Kingdom, which makes those princes who want to be the king and hegemony unforgettable, and the Zhou royal family's experience in dealing with the princes' begging for the top is gradually enriched: from the beginning of the only promise to being calm, and then later Just shame.

In order to keep Jiuding, the Zhou Dynasty even learned the tricks of shame

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Spring and Autumn and Warring States In the era, even though the Zhou royal family had declined, it still controlled Jiuding. Some princes visited and even thought of Jiuding after gaining power.

For example, in "Historical Records" and "Zuo Zhuan" The recorded example of King Chuzhuang’s aspiration: Once, King Chuzhuang led troops to crusade Xi Rong and passed through Luoyang, the capital of Zhou Dynasty, and took advantage of the trend to hold a military parade outside the capital of Zhou Dynasty to demonstrate. The emperor Zhou knew well, so he sent Minister Wang Sunman to go. Treated the Chu army. After a few sips of wine, the king of Chuzhuang began to lose his mind, so he asked Wang Sunman about the size of Jiuding. This is not a matter of ordinary people, but in the context of the time, it was a very sensitive topic. .Wang Sun MandangOf course, he would not tell the truth to the King of Chu, but instead answered the wrong questions and told King Chu: The governance of the country lies in morality, not whether there is a treasured tripod. At this time, the king of Chuzhuang was unhappy: I'm just asking, you don't need to talk about it. Tell me about governance and morality. Chuzhuang Wang Qiang endured his unhappiness, and left a word sourly: "Do you have Jiuding great? We Chu State, as long as everyone removes the copper and iron at the blade of the sword, they can also be cast into Jiuding."

Not only the Chu State, but the gradually stronger Qin State in the west is also greedy for Jiuding. Zhang Yi, who claims to have a three-inch tongue, formulated a plan for the Qin State, including the strategy of how to win the Jiuding. This plan has been influenced by the Qin Shihuang period. Don't say it, someone in Qin Kingdom has been lucky to have seen Jiuding and even touched it. It is said that King Qin Wu, a monarch with well-developed limbs, broke into Luoyang directly and watched Jiuding beautifully. This King Qin Wu is a very interesting person, I saw him watching, suddenlyHe picked up one of the Kanae and said that he wanted to weigh the weight of the weight, but Kanae fell from too heavy and hit his leg. He fainted on the spot, and finally died from his injuries. This experience embarrassed Qin, and was spread as a joke by the princes.

In order to keep Jiuding, the Zhou Dynasty even learned the tricks of shame

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As a result of dealing with various unreasonable requests made by the princes, over time, the Zhou royal family Also learned to shame.

One year, the State of Qin couldn't help it anymore and sent a large force to attack the Zhou Dynasty, threatening to win the Jiuding. King Zhou, who received the secret report, became nervous and quickly sent a man named Yan Shu to Qi State to move rescue soldiers. Yan Ze rushed to Qi State non-stop, begging Qi State to send troops to save his life. But King Qi was not stupid, and asked him why Qi State sent troops. Yan Shu was anxious and couldn't explain so much, so he blurted out: Saved us, I will send you back to Jiuding. There is such a good thing! So the king of Qi immediately sent troops to save the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, and the soldiers of Qin quickly withdrew.

After the matter subsided, Qi Wang enthusiastically asked Zhou Wang for Jiuding, and Zhou Jun began to worry again. So, it's time for Yan Shu to come forward. Yan Shu calmly faced the king, exhaled deeply, and then asked, "We promised to give Qi Jiuding. Which way will the king take the trip?" Qi Wang said to borrow from Wei or Chu. All were denied. Yan rateThe reason for opposition is that these two countries have long been eyeing the idea of ​​Jiuding, and Jiuding will be detained if it enters Wei or Chu.

The king of Qi was a little unhappy, and asked Yan Shu exactly which way to transport Jiuding to Qi. Yan Shu replied unhurriedly: "The king is not in a hurry, we are also considering it. You may not know that Jiuding is so big that it costs 90,000 people to transport a single one. Nine trips are 810,000 people. I didn’t count the number of soldiers and craftsmen protected along the way.” King Qi couldn’t help it anymore, and became angry: “You just don’t want to give it to us? The route has been decided, 800,000 people have been arranged, and Jiuding will provide it at any time. King Qi was blowing his beard with anger at the time, and in the end the matter was over.

In order to keep Jiuding, the Zhou Dynasty even learned the tricks of shame

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This thing seems to be a beautiful victory for the Zhou Dynasty, but it still can’t conceal the embarrassment of the Zhou royal family in that era: Li is broken and happy, and as the orthodox Emperor Zhou is helpless, sometimes he has to go back and forth in difficulties. Circulate among the princes.

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