The Decline of the Eastern Han Empire (Series One)

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The emperor favored eunuchs to such an unprecedented degree that he violated Liu Bang's "White Horse Covenant" and gave them marquises. The Han Dynast

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, since Emperor Heng, the monopoly of foreign relatives was gradually replaced by eunuchs.

The Decline of the Eastern Han Empire (Series One)

The emperor favored eunuchs to an unprecedented degree, so that he violated Liu Bang's "White Horse Covenant" and named them marquises.

Eunuchs interfere with the government and can influence the decision of the emperor. They embezzle and accept bribes, violate the law and discipline, make the people unhappy, and anger people. The villain is in charge, the gentleman retreats. Therefore, many prestigious Confucianists are unwilling to accept the appointment of the imperial court to serve the country. But there are also some peopleInfluential Confucians, they often make some speeches criticizing the gains and losses of the government. Over time, it caused dissatisfaction among the eunuchs. They bewitched the emperor by saying that these people formed gangs and called these people "party members." The Han Dynasty practice stipulated that the Gongqing recommended to the court at regular intervals the filial, honest, virtuous, and upright people from all over the country, and these recommenders and recommended persons were also included in the category of "party members" by the eunuchs. According to the eunuchs, these party members would endanger national interests when they were together, so Emperor Han Heng ordered the killing and hunting of "party members" nationwide.

The Decline of the Eastern Han Empire (Series One)

In 168 AD, Emperor Heng of Han died. Because Emperor Heng had no children, Empress Dou Miao chose the 12-year-old Jieduting Hou Liuhong as the emperor. This is the Emperor of Han Ling.

The Decline of the Eastern Han Empire (Series One)

The Emperor Ling was young, and Empress Dowager Dou came to reign. At this time, Queen Dowager Dou re-appointed a group of virtuous scholars who were called "party members" by the eunuchs as auxiliary ministers. These ministers were pierced in the hearts of the eunuchs, and it was they who hindered the eunuchs' promotion and wealth accumulation. Ever since, the eunuchs headed by Cao Jie and Wang Fu tried their best to please the queen mother and suppress the greatChen and Dou Wu, the empress dowager's elder brother who was the general at the time.

The Decline of the Eastern Han Empire (Series One)

But the union of foreign relatives and ministers is still not the opponent of these eunuchs. In the Heng Emperor period, the eunuchs were domineering, and their forces had long been entrenched. They were skilled at planting and framing this set of tricks, and they were even more handy. First of all, they threatened the queen mother and deceived the emperor. Under the guise of the emperor's order, they led the army to attack the foreign ministers and ministers in advance, causing Dou Wu and Taifu Chen Fan to die unjustly.

This incident has sounded a wake-up call to the eunuchs.They believe that their status is still precarious and the situation remains grim. They have to continue to work hard to preserve their lives and status. So then they had such a dialogue with the fourteen-year-old little emperor:

Emperor: What does it mean to link the party with each other?

Eunuch: He is a party member.

The emperor: What crime do the party members have to punish?

Eunuchs: They recommended each other, formed cronies, and committed misconduct.

Emperor: What is misconduct?

The eunuch: I intend to overthrow the court.

So in the heart of the little emperor, he knew who threatened his throne. Such a shallow dialogue allowed the eunuchs to easily gain the emperor's absolute trust. Since then, the power of eunuchs has become more and more uncontrollable, and they have to wipe out all party members who can or may endanger their lives and interests. They are crazy,The party members are chasing after them. As long as there are Confucians with good morals and good morals in the whole country, they are all in danger. Among them, countless people have been wronged, persecuted, exiled, and implicated.

The Decline of the Eastern Han Empire (Series One)

Even so, there will still be loyal and patriotic ministers in the DPRK who will stand up and accuse the eunuchs, but they will often deceive the emperor with rhetoric. The villain cannot afford to offend. Their approach to Fang Xiu is unpredictable.

The family of eunuchs inside and outside the court dominates. They control the court, provide for guests, receive money, and adoptChildren; their relatives, friends, brothers, etc. hold important positions in states and counties across the country. Even the relatives and relatives of the emperor must retreat from their power. The king of Bohai, Liu Li, was framed because he didn't give the Zhongchang servant Wangfu money and material, and he was abolished by the state, and his life and death ended.

The Decline of the Eastern Han Empire (Series One)

The eunuchs have been doing whatever they want for a long time, making the people live in dire straits, and the perennial rebellion of the surrounding tribes such as Qiang, Hu, Wuhuan, and Xianbei has left the country empty and the people Tired, bandits and thieves are everywhere. Most of the Korean ministers depended on the eunuch, heWe tend to follow the flames, the three masters and the nine qings change frequently, so we are so busy when you come.

To be continued! Please watch series two!