The Shu Han said that the Han thieves were not equal, but why did they send envoys to congratulate Sun Quan when he became emperor?

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Although later generations disputed whether the author of "Lao Shi Biao" was Zhuge Liang, the content of this article was consistent with the historic

The sentence "Chinese thieves do not stand apart from each other" comes from Zhuge Liang’s "Later Disbursement List". Although later generations dispute whether the author of "Later Disbursement List" is Zhuge Liang, this The content of the text is consistent with the historical situation faced by the Shuhan Empire at that time.

After the founding of the Kingdom of Shu Han, Liu Bei claimed that the first thing he did as the empress was to fight against Sun Quan, and then Liu Bei’s army suffered a tragic defeat in Yiling. In the end, before Liu Bei was dying, he actually realized the inevitability of Shuhan and Sun Wu uniting, so he finally put aside his old hatreds and sent envoys to befriend Sun Quan.

The Shu Han said that the Han thieves were not equal, but why did they send envoys to congratulate Sun Quan when he became emperor?

Liu Beidie Later

In fact, at this time, the Three Kingdoms was just beginning to form. Sun Quan also reconciled with Liu Bei while continuing to maintain contact with Cao Pi.

After Liu Bei’s death, Sun Quan sent envoy Feng Xi to Shu to express condolences. Later, Sun Quan sent Feng Xi to Wei as an envoy. Cao Pi was detained, and Feng Xike died in Wei.

The Shu Han sent Deng Zhi as an envoy to Sun Wu. Sun Quan was still skeptical. After seeing Deng Zhi, he said: I am willing to form an alliance with the Shu Han, but your emperor Liu Chan is weak and whether he can preserve the country is a problem, so I hesitate."

Deng Zhi responded:" King, if you make friends with the State of Wei, the State of Wei will definitely let you go to the court, or ask you to surrender the prince as a hostage, if youIf not, they will fight against you. At that time, my Shuhan will also take the opportunity to send troops. The land of Jiangnan may no longer be owned by the king. ”

The Shu Han said that the Han thieves were not equal, but why did they send envoys to congratulate Sun Quan when he became emperor?

After listening to Deng Zhi’s powerful analysis, Sun Quan made up his mind andWei State severed contact and sent an envoy Zhang Wen to discuss the alliance in Shu.

After Cao Pi died

After Cao Pi died, Sun Quan also moved troops The Northern Expedition did not make a profit. The following year (227), Zhuge Liang led his army into Hanzhong, and then led his army to attack Cao Wei; Sun Quan was planning Zhou Fang’s surrender.

In 228, Zhuge Liang’s Northern Expedition was defeated, and on the battlefield between Sun Wu and Cao Wei, Zhou Fang’s surrender caused the two sides to fight in Shiting, Sun Wujun defeated, Cao Wei Empire’s Da Sima Cao Xiu fell ill and died after defeat.

Under the great situation of victory on the front line, Sun Quan finally couldn’t help but prepare to become emperor. Zhuge Liang also had to admit the inevitability of the "Wu-Shu Alliance". This alliance The relationship cannot be broken because Sun Quan proclaims himself emperor.

Zhuge Liang sent Wei Wei Chen Zhen to the Sun Wu Empire to congratulate him, and agreed with Sun Quan to divide the world, to the effect that if " "The Wushu Alliance" destroyed the Cao Wei Empire and how the two countries divided the borders. In fact, this is nothing more than drawing cakes to satisfy their hunger and using each other.

In order to achieve the goal of the alliance, "sending envoys to congratulate" is really nothing.

After the alliance

After the Wushu alliance, Deng Zhi went to the Sun Wu Empire to meet Sun Quan. At the meeting, Sun Quan took up the matter of "the division of the border between Wu and Shu" and said: "If Cao and Wei are eliminated, the world will be peaceful, and our two countries will govern the world separately. Is it a pleasant thing?"

Deng Zhi responded: "The sky is no two days, and the earth is no king. If the land of Wei is merged , The king has not yet fully realized the destiny, the monarchs and ministers of our two countries have done their own things, the soldiers raised the drum of war, the real war has just begun."

Sun Quan thought it was a "peaceful" and "polite" conversation. He touts each other and just talk about it, but Deng Zhi is not expected to face it. I pulled the fig leaf of "Alliance Benefits" off.

Sun Quan is also a cheerful person, laughing and praising Deng Zhi: "You are so real. , It is indeed what you said! "

"Three Kingdoms·Biography of Deng Zhi": Shu Fu ordered (Deng) Zhi to go, (Sun) Quan said that Zhi said: "If the world is peaceful, the two rulers divide and rule, it will be a joy ! "Zhi replied: "The husband and the heaven have no two days, and the earth has no two kings. After the merger of the Wei Dynasty, the king did not know the destiny deeply. ear. "Quan laughed and said: "The sincerity of the monarch is an evil!" ”

The Shu Han said that the Han thieves were not equal, but why did they send envoys to congratulate Sun Quan when he became emperor?

Sun Quan’s portrait

Later, after Zhuge Liang’s death, the Shuhan Empire sent envoys Zong Yu went to the Sun Wu Empire as an envoy, and Sun Quan went to tease Zong Yu: "Our two countries are originally a family, how can II heard that your country added troops to Baidi City? That is why ah? "

Because Baidi City is an important stronghold on the east side of the Shuhan Empire, it has always been used to defend the Sun Wu Empire. Sun Quan said it belongs to Knowing the reason, Zong Xun responded: "I think that your country's increase in Baqiu's army and the increase of Baidi's army in our country are all due to the situation, and there is no need to ask the reason. "

Because Baqiu is also an important stronghold to the west of the Sun Wu Empire, and also defends the Shuhan Empire, so Zong prescribes "Qiu" and "Bai Di" are side by side, that is to say: what calculations we make with each other, we only need to be clear in our hearts, why bother to ask about it?

This time, Sun Quan laughed again, and that was the end.

"Three Kingdoms · Zong Xian Biography": (Zong) presupposes the envoy Wu, Sun Quan asked preliminarily: "The east and the west are like a family, and Wenxi is more of the guardian of the Bai emperor. "Also?" The pre-contradictory said: "The minister thought that the defense of Baqiu in the east and the defense of Emperor Bai in the west are all things that are suitable, and they are not enough to ask each other." Quan laughed, praised his resistance and treated him very much. It.

So, the root of political issues is interests, not positions.