Han Qi has a decision on the matter, Lu Duan is not confused about big things——Reading “Think Tank“

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In the Northern Song Dynasty, Wenzhi was extremely prosperous, and the Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty released his military power through a cup of

Han Qi has a decision on the matter, Lu Duan is not confused about big things——Reading “Think Tank“

The Northern Song Dynasty was extremely prosperous, and the Song Taizu cup liquor released the military power, the political power was stable, and the names were repeated Therefore, it is said that the Northern Song Dynasty came out and the Southern Song Dynasty came out. The prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty is a general when he mounts a horse, and he is a prime minister when he dismounts. Han Qi, Fan Zhongyan, and Fu Bi are all outstanding representatives.

As the saying goes, "Zhuge is only cautious all his life, Lu DuanLu Duan, who is not confused in major events, is one of the famous prime ministers of the Northern Song Dynasty. Lu Duan was the prime minister of Emperor Taizong in the Song Dynasty. Lu Duan was the prime minister. To be confused, it is not appropriate to be the face, Taizong said: "Lu Duan is confused about small things, not big things. "

Song Taizong is critically ill. The eunuch Wang Jien was worried that the crown prince Zhao Hengying would be unfavorable to him after he took the throne, so he first colluded with the queen, and then secretly colluded with the political affairs (deputy prime minister) ) Li Changling tried to support the Chu King Zhao Yuanzuo (the eldest son of Taizong, who was mentally ill). When Taizong was critically ill, Lu Duan went to visit the forbidden place, and saw that the crown prince was not by his side, and suspected that there was a change, so he wrote on the elephant wat he carried with him "Dajian (severely ill and died)", sent a close officer to immediately urge the prince to see the driver.

When Taizong died, the queen immediately sent the kingJi En summoned Lu Duan and planned to force Lu Duan to agree to make the King of Chu a king. Wang Jien was accustomed to doing this kind of stealing the beam and replacing the pillars. When Taizu died, there was a version that the queen asked him to call Zhao Kuangyin's son, Qin Wang Zhao Defang, but he turned around and brought in Zhao Kuangyin's younger brother, Jin Wang Zhao Guangyi, and helped Taizong ascended the throne. The queen ordered Wang Ji'en to summon Lu Duan urgently. Knowing that the situation had changed, Lu Duan lied to Wang Jien and said that you can go to the study to find the edict given by Taizong before. It might be useful. Wang Jien and Lu Duan came to Shuge, and Lu Duan closed the door easily, dropped the lock, and sent someone to guard, then went to the palace to see the queen. When the queen saw Lu Duan, she said, "The emperor has died. It is the rule of ancient times to establish a son to grow. It is better to establish the Chu Wang Zhao Yuanzuo." Lu Duan unceremoniously pushed back: "The first emperor was already clear when he was here. The prince is the heir to the empire. Now he has just died, how can we defy the imperial edict?"

The queen is a woman's knowledge after all. I haven't seen Wang Jien's shadow for a long time. No one came up for her, and she had no idea for a while. Lv Duan struck the iron while it was hot and led the ministers to protect the crown prince (Zhenzong) together. After Zhenzong ascended the throne, he sat down on the main hall to accept the worship of the officials. Lu Duan stood there and refused to kneel down. He asked to roll up the curtain. Then he climbed the steps to see that it was Zhenzong himself before walking down the steps and leading the officials to bow their heads. bow down.

The other prime minister, Han Qi, has the courage and strategy to kill and decide. Han Qi, the word Zhigui, self-named Gansu. In the 19th year of the year, he was appointed as the deputy commander of the military region at the age of thirty-two (deputy envoy of the Shaanxi Economic and Social Security Bureau), and thirty-fifth as the deputy prime minister (deputy envoy of the Privy Council). Han Qi served ten years in the reign, assisted the three dynasties, and contributed to the prosperity and development of the Northern Song Dynasty. Same name as Fu Bi, and called "FuHan".

Renzong was seriously ill and childless, Han Qi advocated the adoption of Yingzong as heir. After Yingzong ascended the throne, he went crazy, and Lai Hanqi and others presided over the affairs of the Northern Song Dynasty. Forward.

Han Qi has many stories, and his decision on the matter can be called the prime minister's tolerance. Yingzong dies and calls the prince to come, before he arrives, suddenly Yingzong’s hand Moved again and wanted to come back to life again. Another prime minister, Zeng Gongliang, was frightened and immediately told Han Qi that Yingzong had come back to life again. Don’t call the prince. Han Qi refused without thinking, and said: Even if he is alive, he is also an overlord. "I was even more anxious to call the prince to come to the throne. As a result, the prince came, and Yingzong died. Shenzong successfully ascended the throne.