How similar is Xu Shiyou and Zhou Bo evaluated by Mao Zedong? Why did Liu Bang predict that An Liu will be Zhou Bo?

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Liu Bang, a middle-aged man's counterattack series 7-Why Zhou Bo who sells straw mats became a brilliant "politician" Xu Shiyou was called Zhou Bo in

Liu Bang, a middle-aged man’s counterattack series 7—Why did Zhou Bo who sell straw mats become a brilliant "politician"

Xu Shiyou was The story called Zhou Bo of the Han Dynasty is widely spread, on the one hand because he was personally evaluated by Mao Zedong, on the other hand because of his unique personality and magnificent life experience.

1. How similar are Xu Shiyou and Zhou Bo?

How similar is Xu Shiyou and Zhou Bo evaluated by Mao Zedong? Why did Liu Bang predict that An Liu will be Zhou Bo?

Xu Shiyou’s hometown

On December 22, 1972, at the exchange meeting of commanders of the eight military regions, Mao Zedong said to Xu Shiyou: "Han Dynasty There is Zhou Bo, from Peixian County, Subei. "Han Shu" has "Zhou Bo Biography", please take a look! "And said to Xu Shiyou: "You are Shaowen, right?" Are you a Zhou Bo? "(From Li Wenqing's "A Closer Look at Xu Shiyou")

In many later analysis of records, many people think that Xu Shiyou may have misread Zhou Bo’s story or comprehend Mao Zedong’s words incorrectly. Xu Shiyou was reading the Hanshu "(One said, "The Newly Compiled Hou Han Stories") After Zhou Bo's deeds, I saw the story of "Zhou Boyan Liu" and thought that Mao Zedong wanted him to guard against evil people like "Lü Hou" from seizing power.. In fact, it may be Mao Zedong who reminded him to attach importance to study and to do a good job of unity with cultural people (in one case, Zhang Chunqiao). However, judging from the experience of Zhou Bo and Xu Shiyou, there are some similarities between the two.

The Zhou Bo recorded in "Historical Records" and "Books of the Later Han Dynasty" was born poor, "Bo made a living by weaving thin music, and often played flute for funerals." In the early battles, he often fought bravely for the first place, and made great contributions to Han Gaozu to seize the country. Zhou Bo is not well-educated, and usually doesn't like scholars. As soon as he meets scholars, he sits arrogantly and urges them to speak quickly and let go of farts. ("Hanshu" "Bo is not good at literature, every time you call out scholars, Dongxiang will take responsibility for it, interesting questions my language.")

How similar is Xu Shiyou and Zhou Bo evaluated by Mao Zedong? Why did Liu Bang predict that An Liu will be Zhou Bo?

Xu Shiyou stills

Xu Shiyou was similar to a farmer who was born in the same family and joined Shaolin to learn martial arts due to family poverty. After joining the Red Army, Xu Shiyou Starting from the squad leader, fighting against encirclement and suppression, the War of Resistance against Japan, and the War of Liberation, he has experienced hundreds of battles. He is also famous for fighting tough and bad battles. Especially the Jiaodong battlefield fighting against Japan, which Mao Zedong called it a red half of the sky. But he is treating literati. In terms of attitude, some of Xu Shiyou’s remarks may be expressed in a special context, and some said they were aimed at Zhang Chunqiao and others, but they reflect to a certain extentTo ridicule the literati, such as saying that the literati "can start a summary, fight and run after the war." "Smelly intellectuals, shit is not as good."

The difference with Zhou Bo

First, Zhou Bo nominally became the Supreme Commander of the Central Military, the "President", equivalent to the Chairman of the Military Commission, and Xu Shiyou's highest position was the Deputy Minister of National Defense. Compared to Zhou Bo, his position is nominally lower. In the direct struggle to capture the "Gang of Four," he served as the commander of the military region in Guangzhou and did not directly participate. Therefore, Xu Shiyou always thought that "Zhou Boyan Liu" did not actually happen to him.

Secondly, Zhou Bo's old age was bumpy. Although Xu Shiyou experienced the impact of the Cultural Revolution, he was quickly reused under the protection of Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong. And he made great achievements in the later military work.

2, Liu BangweiWhat said An Liu Bi Zhou Bo

How similar is Xu Shiyou and Zhou Bo evaluated by Mao Zedong? Why did Liu Bang predict that An Liu will be Zhou Bo?

Zhou Bo

First, Zhou Bo grew up They all followed Liu Bang and experienced battlefield training. His loyalty is praiseworthy, and Liu Bang gave him a heavy responsibility. In a sense, Liu Bang's entrepreneurial history is also Zhou Bo's growth history. In the beginning, Zhou Bo was also an honest man who had a few strengths and was not good at talking.The wandering "rogue" Liu Bang. Instead of rebelling all the way. In the beginning, Zhou Bo's official position was not high, but he was brave in the war, and slowly rose up, and finally he was with Han Xin, Zhang Liang, and Chen Ping. Under the influence of his ears and eyes, he was also good at using strategy in the war, and was abolished by Han Xin. Later, as a general, he conquered various anti-kings, and often made the most contributions.

Secondly, Zhou Bo seldom formed cliques, at least on the surface, he would not suffer from Lu's excessive suppression, but he would not be completely loyal to Lu's. Different from Fan Kui and Lu Zhi's marriage relationship, Fan Kui was Lu's brother-in-law, so that when Liu Bang died, he ordered Fan Kui to be removed.

Thirdly, facing Lu pheasant, saying "An Liu must be Zhou Bo" is not only a protection for Zhou Bo, but also Zhou Bo is the most suitable. At that time, when Lu pheasant asked Liu Bang's funeral, on the one hand, Liu Bang spoke highly of Zhou Bo. Even if Lu pheasant wanted to attack Zhou Bo in the future, he would hesitate because of the emperor’s last words.In addition, the few people who were in high positions at that time, Xiao He was very old, Chen Ping had a bad reputation, Fan Kui had relatives with Lu Zhi, if you want to promote a respectable person who wants to be young and powerful, Zhou Bo is the best candidate.

3. Zhou Bo's growth path-learning leadership is the fastest growth path.

It is recorded in the history books that Zhou Bo is "heavy and less literary", and he is not good at words, but I think Zhou Bo actually has a city in his heart, and in a sense he can be regarded as a qualified "politician." ". And he can go from being a military officer who has been a man of impertinence to under one person and over ten thousand people. He also has many outstanding points, and many of them are derived from his continuous learning and imitation of Liu Bang.

When Lv's pheasant was in power, although he had a lot of flattery towards Lv's pheasant, in the end, after Lv's death, as soon as he saw that the Lv clan was gone, he immediately joined forces with Chen Ping to get rid of Lv's clan. Actually Zhou Bo's linesWhy didn't you learn from Liu Bang? In the battle with Xiang Yu, Liu Bang could abandon his wife and children in order to escape for his life, and he could treachery. After he made an agreement with Xiang Yu, he immediately tore it up. From the perspective of political struggles, these practices have certain correctness.

However, it is a pity that Zhou Bo still did not fully learn Liu Bang’s cheeky, even Xiao He only learned a little. After Emperor Wen succeeded, someone reminded Zhou Bo that he was "a strong master", he resigned Up the phase. But he was not as thorough as Xiao He once did in front of Liu Bang. He still lingered on going to the fief, and then he brought weapons to see the local officials day after day, was further suspected by Emperor Wen, and was insulted by the jailer in the prison. After being finally released, I sighed, I once led a million army, but I didn't know that the jailer was so noble! ("Historical Records": "I will try to command a million soldiers, but I know how expensive the jailer is?")

Zhou Bo, who issued "The jailer is expensive", is a bit cute.After all, he hasn't fully learned Liu Bang, and he hasn't been completely low-key when he should. Perhaps, it is precisely because of some differences that a real Zhou Bo who has flesh and blood and retains a little personality is reflected.

Returning to history’s reference to our growth, and summing it up with Confucius’s words, it’s most appropriate, "If three people live together, there must be our teacher", and learning from a higher level is more Good growth shortcut.

Back to Xu Shiyou, I heard that he accepted Mao Zedong’s suggestion to read more books, reading "Han Shu" and "A Dream of Red Mansions", so that a person who had not read many books before Later, he also wrote a very meaningful poem. Attachment:

Don’t be crazy
Xu Shiyou
Never be crazy about ladies,
three ups and downs.
Who would dare to kill me Zhuge Liang,
I beat it three hundredgun.