Emperor Yuan Shun was finally able to ascend the throne of God, but was inevitably driven out of the fate of the Central Plains

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Text: Nan Yuan (author of the column for reading history) Qianchenmo faces each other in the north. More than six hundred years ago, when Yuan Huizong

Emperor Yuan Shun was finally able to ascend the throne of God, but was inevitably driven out of the fate of the Central Plains

Text: Nan Yuan (author of reading history column)

The former dusty desert faces each other in the north.

More than six hundred years ago, when Yuan Huizong wrote the Chinese poem "Nakanshan Road is full of snow "At the time, he had no idea what kind of end he would end up with. When he couldn't turn his head back, he could only throw the wrong game.

yuan Huizong's regent of the Yuan Dynasty also once kept the clouds open to see the moonlight. However, in ancient times, the prodigal son turned his head back and did not change his money, and there were also cases of sheep falling on the wrong road.


Yuan Huizong, Bier Zhijin·Tuo Huan Tie Mu’er, later known as Yuan Shun Emperor, That is, the eleventh emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, the longest emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, and the last emperor of the Yuan Dynasty to rule the Central Plains.

The right time when he was young Huan Tie Muer can be said to have experienced dramatic dog-blood ups and downs.

In 1320, Tuo Huan Tie Mu’er was born in Jinshan and her biological mother was Zhen Queen Yuhuisheng died after giving birth to him. At that time, the internal affairs of the Yuan Dynasty were unstable and the struggle for the throne was chaotic.

In 1329, Duo Huan Tem’er’s biological father, Yuan Ming Zong’s son Zhijin·He Shi 㻋 was located in Mobei, but he was soon killed by his brother Yuanwenzong's pirzhijin·Tuthemuer poisoned.

In 1330, after Yuan Wenzong ascended the throne, Tuo Huan Temul’s aunt was killed by the Empress of Wen Zong Bu Da Shili. As a result, the ten-year-old Tuo Huan Temul was exiled by his uncle Yuan Wenzong to Qingdao, Korea, and lived a life of imprisonment.

What’s even more absurd is that the wild history once circulated that Tuo Huan Tie Mu Er was actually the son of Song Gong Emperor Zhao Xian.

During the days of being imprisoned in Goryeo, Yuan Ting slandered that Tuo Huan Tie Mu Er intended to rebel through Goryeo, while Yuan Wen Zong proclaimed that Tuo Hua Tie Mu Er was not the flesh and blood of Yuan Mingzong. The following year, Tuo Huan Te Muer was tossed to Jingjiang, Guangxi.

Xu Shi Tian Dao reincarnation, Tuo Huan Te Mu’er was expelled and imprisoned, the Yuan court throne. Frequent changes.

First, in 1330, the son of Yuan Wenzong died within a month after he was established as the crown prince. Then in 1332, Yuan Wenzong died. Then, The official Yan Tie Mu'er violated the last words of Yuan Wenzong to Tuo Huan Tie Mu'er, and helped Duo Huan Tie Mu'er's half-brother Bai'er Zhijin·Yi Lingzhi Ban succeeded as Yuan Ningzong, but within a few months, Yuan Ningzong died again.

At that time, Yan Tie Mu'er right was in the hands of the people, and he wanted to establish the second son of Yuan Wenzong Yantie Gusi as the new emperor. However, when Yuan Wenzong died, he said he regretted killing the Emperor Mingzong, and his last words were to return the throne to Huan Temur. Empress Wenzong Bu Da Shili finally welcomes the exiled Tuo Huan Tie Mu'er back, but Yan Tie Mu'er obstructs and deliberately delays Tuo Huan Tie Mu'er's succession.


experienced the chaotic childhood of illegitimate child rumors and exile and imprisonment, find back The imperial Duohuan Temuer is still facing a bumpy deadlock.

In 1333, the thirteen-year-old Tuo Huan Tie Mu'er became the throne as Yuan Hui Zong. In the deep palace, Dana Shili, the daughter of the power official, Yan Timur, was established as the queen, Bu Da Shili was named Empress Dowager, and the son of Bu Da Shili, Yan Tegusi was established For the crown prince.

It is obvious that Emperor Yuan Shun was emptied from side to side.The puppet is in dire straits.

The Yan Tiemuer family has never stopped conspiring to "destroy Emperor Shun". Until 1335, the right prime minister Bo Yan smashed the coup of the Yan Timur family and eliminated the other parties. However, after that, the Yuan Dynasty did not get peace of the inner court and the joy of people's livelihood, and the new figure who covered the sky with one hand became the boy Yan who was named the king of Qin.

After Boyan came to power, he rejected dissidents, oppressed the Han people, and even cancelled the imperial examinations. All kinds of perverse actions made the Yuan Dynasty turbulent, all of which were seen by Emperor Yuanshun. .

When Boyan and Empress Dowager Bu Dazhili conspired to usurp the throne, Emperor Yuanshun united with Boyan’s nephewTuotuo launched a coup first, and ousted Boyan.

Finally, Emperor Yuan Shun was able to take office. After exileting Boyan and the death of Budashili, Emperor Yuan Shun sacrificed his biological father Yuan Mingzong, Ren Tuotuo became the prime minister of the right, and changed Yuan to Zheng the following year.

Emperor Yuan Shun was finally able to ascend the throne of God, but was inevitably driven out of the fate of the Central Plains


Different from his uncle, Boyan, he is out of office During the prime minister's period, he implemented a series of reforms known as "removal and transformation", and assisted the diligent Emperor Yuan Shun, so that the entire Yuan Dynasty finally ushered in a period of temporary melting of ice and snow.

In that period of time, Emperor Yuan Shun's eradication of bad governance was politically clearInjustice, the compilation of codes, cultural restoration of imperial examinations, compilation of three histories, brokerage of tax relief, change of banknotes to govern the river.

The Yuanshun Emperor, who had gone through exile, puppets in power, and restrained officials, always adhered to a silent principle in such a difficult environment at the time. Under the racial rejection of Boyan's attempt to destroy the Han people, he decisively rejected it; at the moment of showing his ambitions, he reused Tutuo with his insight and knowledge.

Of course, the world is not benevolent, and everything is a dog. The Yuan Dynasty was still suffering from various natural disasters in the scene of temporary melting of ice and snow. At that time, the Yellow River burst, the plague broke out, and the famine was severe, all of which dealt a heavy blow to the Emperor Shun who intended to restore the decline of the Yuan Dynasty.


Although the Yuan Dynasty was still martial, it was appropriate The Yuan Ting Han style of Huan Tie Mu Er is elegant.

Emperor Yuan Shun has been exposed to Sinicization education since he was a child. He is very good at calligraphy and left a lot of calligraphy. He loves art and is fascinated by ink painting. He even wrote several Chinese poems. Spread around the world.

"In the birds crying in the mangroves, the people are in the green,", the Yuanshun emperor, who made such original ecology with his pen and composition, is not arty.

According to "Yuan Shi"According to records, Emperor Yuan Shun had amazing talent and enthusiasm in craftsmanship, literature, and music.

Compared to riding horses and spurs to fight the Quartet, he is obviously more devoted to art and creation. He can not only design and make architectural models himself, but also design palace leaks. Controlling the speed of water flow to measure time, and also created the stunning "Sixteen Demon Dance" to show Buddhist thought.

When building the palace, he personally drew the drawings. When building the dragon boat, he painted samples himself. According to "Geng Shen Wai Shi", the people of Yuan Dadu at that time called Yuan Shun Emperor Luban emperor.

In the magnificent history of ancient emperors and generals, Emperor Yuan Shun may not be called majestic, powerful, and strategic. butIn the entire history of the Yuan Dynasty's cultural and technological development, Emperor Yuan Shun described a strong stroke.

Emperor Yuan Shun was finally able to ascend the throne of God, but was inevitably driven out of the fate of the Central Plains


However, Mozi Weeping silk.

In the thirteenth year of Zhengzheng, the minister of authority Hama was established through negotiation to love you to know Li DalaTo squeeze out the prince’s affairs and provoke Yuanshun in front of Emperor Yuanshun, the prelude to the chaos in the palace was immediately opened.

In the 14th year of Zhengzheng, in Hama Under the slanderous language, Emperor Yuan Shun demoted the right prime minister to Tutuo, cut his military power and sentenced him to exile. The following winter, Tutuo was exiled in Yunnan.On the way, he was killed by Hama.

The white sand is in Nirvana, and it is black with it.

Emperor Yuan Shun, who is a relative of Hama, was bewitched and sensual, and the queen and the prince were both different minds and eunuchsPu Buhua

strong>and The Superintendent of Wisdom disrupted the government, and half of the Yuan Dynasty is already in danger.

For nearly ten years since then, the Yuan court has continued to worry and the society is uneasy. Expand Timur and Paluo Timur Er The two warlords competed, the civilian farmers rebelled, natural disasters and famines were unbearable, and the Central Plains sorrowed everywhere.

Until the twenty-eighth year of Zhengzheng, Emperor Yuanshun made peace with Kuangkuo Timur, but for the Yuan Dynasty, the time has long been no longer for me, the south is Zhu Yuanzhang Proclaimed the emperor, established Yuan Hongwu, and the Ming army marched northward, smashing the dry and rotten, and the wind and the lotus, like a bamboo.

In August of the same year, Emperor Yuanshun fled to Shangdu with his prince and concubines and ministers.

From then on, the era of the Northern Yuan Dynasty began, and the rule of the Yuan Dynasty in the Central Plains finally came to an end.


The Yuan Dynasty has a total of 98 years, and the Yuan Shun Emperor reigned for 35 years, even longer than the Yuan Shizu Kubi Lie’s 34 years.

Huang Renyu, a historian, evaluated Emperor Yuanshun as a powerful politician in "Herson Riverside Talks about Chinese History", suitable for survival and wealth. Because of his flexibility, he is willing to compromise. It is precisely because he will meet the reality that he can survive the riddled reality at that time and become the longest reigning monarch in the entire Yuan Dynasty’s history.

Although it is known as the "King of Subjugation" in history, who can deny that Emperor Yuan Shun far surpassed his predecessors in certain deeds.

And when the Ming army came, he did not marty like other emperors and generals in history, did not go to war, and did not surrender. Instead, he created what the previous regime in Chinese history retreated. Miracle.

Emperor Yuan Shun was finally able to ascend the throne of God, but was inevitably driven out of the fate of the Central Plains


Emperor Yuan Shun was clever and wise, he had great art, he had the heart to make good governance, and he had been diligent and proactive. Unfortunately, he did his best , From evil to collapse. The Yuan Shun Emperor indulged in pleasure and neglected political affairs in the later period, and was criticized by many.

In any case, the stories known to later generations can only be history books The fuzzy image projected by He Sanji.

withTo determine the right or wrong of the predecessors, rather than singing and crusade against the predecessors, it is better to draw a trace of kindness and warmth from everything that has been settled in the distant time and space.

When Emperor Yuan Shun finally concealed his account and planned an escape route, how do we imagine whether he was heartbroken and whether he regretted the original.

Qianchen Mobei should face each other.

He had survived hardships and was able to keep things alive, but it was a pity that he made a mistake in the second half of his life and went into the gloom.

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