How strong is Gao Huan“s political skills? The tactics are unpredictable, and the last policy quells the rebellion of Hou Jing

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In 547 AD, Gao Huan, an official of the Eastern Wei Dynasty, passed away in Jinyang at the age of 51. Gao Huan said to him: "Although I am dying, you

​In 547 AD, Gao Huan, an official of the Eastern Wei Dynasty, died of illness in Jinyang at the age of 51.

Before Gao Huan died, Gao Cheng accompanied the waiter with a sad expression on his face. Gao Huan said to him: "Although I am dying, you can take over right away. You should be happy."

:"Although I am ill, your face will be worseI have moreWorry, why are you?"-"Zhi Zhi Tong Jian"·Liang Ji 15 p>

Gao Huan’s statement is notThe problem is that the feelings of politicians are often not rich enough. The reason why Gao Cheng looks sad and that Gao Huan is about to die is not a big factor. The main reason is Hou Jing. Gao Cheng couldn't be happy when he thought that the elder and important minister was still alive.

Gao Huan understood Gao Cheng’s thoughts, and he gave Gao Cheng a trick: "If Hou Jing dares to rebel, you will send Murong Shaozong to fight the rebellion. ."

Murong Shaozong is the only one who can rival Hou Jing. I am not expensive, so I will leave it as my legacy. ——"Zhizhitongjian"·Liang Jiwu

How strong is Gao Huan“s political skills? The tactics are unpredictable, and the last policy quells the rebellion of Hou Jing

As ​​expected of Gao Huan, his final plan is so wonderful.

After Gao Huan’s death, Gao Cheng succeeded him. Prime Minister. Hou Jing always looked down on Gao Cheng, so as soon as Gao Huan died, Hou Jing rebelled.

In the beginning, Gao Cheng sent Korean railsLeading the army to quell the rebellion, Hou Jing said with a disdain: Just relying on the kind of Han Guiu, are you worthy of playing against me? Later, Gao Cheng sent Gao Yue to lead the army to counter the rebellion. Hou Jing also said disdainfully: With Gao Yue's ability, what qualifications do he have to lead the army? Finally, Gao Cheng sent Murong Shaozong to lead the army to counter the rebellion. Hou Jing was very scared and said, how dare Gao Cheng let Murong Shaozong lead the army? Is Gao Huan still alive?

At the beginning, when I heard about Han Guilai, he said: "How can you eat pig intestines!" Hearing Gaoyue, he said: ." All generals are all despised. When Wen Shaozong came, he slammed his saddle with fear, saying: "Who taught Xianbei'er to dismiss Shaozong! If so, Gao Wang will not die?"-"Zi Zhi Tong Jian" · Liang Ji Sixteen

From the perspective of Hou Jing’s life, thisPeople have always acted boldly, but at this time they were jealous of Murong Shaozong. Although Gao Cheng received Gao Huan's final point of mention, he never dared to send Murong Shaozong to lead his army to fight the rebellion.

Hou Jing and Gao Cheng are both jealous. Who is Murong Shaozong?

Murong Shaozong is related to Er Zhurong and is a good general. After Er Zhuzhao was killed, he took refuge in Gao Huan. Under Gao Huan's command, Murong Shao's clan was highly powerful and can be said to be one of the representatives of the elders and ministers. Hou Jing and Murong Shaozong were of similar origins, and both were old men of Er Zhu Rong. After the Er Zhu clan was destroyed, they took refuge in Gao Huan.

The reason why Gao Cheng has not dared to use Murong Shaozong is because before Gao Huan was alive, he worked with Gao Cheng to centralize power, which almost offended all the elders and important officials. Now Gao Huan is dead, and he can really Continue to suppress Murong Shaozong? Gao Cheng has no bottom.

And the reason why Hou Jing behaves in fear is not only because of Murong Shaozong’s strong military ability. It is also because of the chain reaction after Murong Shaozong sent troops.

In fact, after Murong Shaozong arrived at the front line, he was quickly defeated by Hou Jing and returned. .

After returning to camp, Murong Shaozong defended himself: “It’s not that our army is incompetent, but Hou Jing is too cunning. "Hu Luguang (Gao Cheng's cronies) collided on the spot: "Don't give Hou Jing gold, you are incompetent!"

Shaozong said: "Wu fight Too much, I haven’t seen such a difficult person to overcome such a scene. GentlemenTrial offenseIt!"-"Zhi Zhi Tong Jian"·Liang Ji Sixteen

But when Hu Luguang faced Hou Jing, he was defeated by Hou Jing and returned. Murong Shaozong saw that Hu Luguang was also defeated, and immediately mocked him: "I am incompetent, how about you?" Hu Luguang has nothing to say.

Just walk into Qiaocheng, Shao Zong said: "Now whatSuch as, and especially me! "——"Zi Zhi Tong Jian" Liang Ji Sixteen

After these two failures, Murong Shaozong and Hu Luguang began to install Tortoise, don’t dare to face Hou Jing anymore.

Through these historical facts, we can draw a conclusion: Murong Shaozong’s military capabilities are not as good as everyone’s I think so strong. At least he has never defeated Hou Jing on the battlefield, but was beaten by Hou Jing too afraid to play.

Hou Jing After the rebellion, Hou Jing has hardly been defeated, but has repeatedly won. From this perspective, Hou Jing was not defeated in the military, but in politics.

How strong is Gao Huan“s political skills? The tactics are unpredictable, and the last policy quells the rebellion of Hou Jing

Some netizens once said that when I comment on related history, I rarely analyze issues from a military perspective. This is of course true, but this is the correct approach.

Military is a continuation of politics. Only problems that cannot be solved by political means will try to solve them by military means. But in fact, the meaning of this sentence is much richer than the above understanding The so-called "use of military means" is also a political tactic under the cloak of military.

War is different from chess, and chess players don’t have to think about it. How to control your own chess pieces, don’t have to worry about the chess pieces routing or betraying yourself at critical times, because chess pieces are dead.

But as a general, you always need to consider this Question. If there is a general who can make officers and soldiers at all levels obey orders like chess pieces, he must be one of the best generals in history.Not even one.

There are many commanders known as "famous generals", but they have been defeated when they are fighting with the ruling ones, and they are unable to display their strategies. The reason is simple, because at the critical moment, their subordinates quickly drew a clear line with them. In this context, even if they have the talents, they can't find a specific person to implement it.

If a commander looks like a rice bucket from side to side, but this rice bucket can always make the army united. This kind of person will not lose even if it is bad. very ugly.

As long as we understand this point, when we look at the relationship between politics and military, we should be able to draw a conclusion: political meansIt is always more important than military capabilities. People who don’t understand politics usually have poor military capabilities.

A person who doesn’t understand politics, why should he unite most people for his use? A person who doesn't understand politics, besides being a thug for a leader, what else can he do?

On this point, in fact, "The Art of War" has already made it clear: the victorious must first win and then seek battle, and the defeated must first fight and then win.

The true victors often have the conditions for victory before the start of the war. The process of war is just a process; and the losers often Is to find a way to get from the war firstWin, and get everything you want from the victorious war.

Even if the former fails countless times, there is always a chance to start all over again; as long as the latter fails once, it is often impossible to recover.

How strong is Gao Huan“s political skills? The tactics are unpredictable, and the last policy quells the rebellion of Hou Jing

The reason why Hou Jing dared to rebel is definitely not because he thinks he is incomparable, but because he thinks his "righteous deeds" can get the response of most people.

While Gao Huan was alive, he had been manipulating Gao Cheng to centralize power, and Gao Cheng once again carried out Cui Xian’s cruel hands, like a wolf and a tiger. Offended the elders and important officials.

After Gao Huan passed away, Gao Cheng obviously couldn't control the situation. Hou Jing, as one of the representatives of the elders and ministers, believed that as long as he raised his arms, the elders would respond to his actions.

If Hou Jing does not have this kind of confidence, he will definitely not dare to rebel. Hou Jing occupies Henan, which is what we call the Central Plains region. Friends who often read my articles should be clear. I have repeatedly emphasized that the Central Plains region is a standard place for the Four World Wars. From ancient times to the present, no hero can rely on the Central Plains to unify the world.

Since Hou Jing is based in the Central Plains, he must quickly open the situation, otherwise there is only a dead end. Although he defeated Murong Shaozong and Hu Luguang and returned, he was still unable to break through the defense line of Murong Shaozong's organization, and the morale of the entire army became lower and lower.

In this environment of "no strong aid outside and hidden dangers inside", Hou Jing only persisted for three months, and his army did not collapse. , Surrendered to Murong Shaozong. HelplessUnder the circumstances, Hou Jing had to run away. When Hou Jing fled to a safer place, and then counted his tribe, there were only more than 800 people left.

Jing Yu Zixin rides from Xia Shi Jihuai, and can ride 800 people on foot. ——"Zhizhitongjian"·Liang Jiseven

How strong is Gao Huan“s political skills? The tactics are unpredictable, and the last policy quells the rebellion of Hou Jing

There is actually one Question: Before Gao Huan was alive and Gao Cheng centralized power, the veteran and important ministers should have been dissatisfied. But when Hou Jing rebelled, almost no one responded to Hou Jing. Why?

Is it because Gao Cheng’s influence is too strong? Obviously not. If Gao Cheng really has such a strong influence, why should he send troops like Han Gui and Gao Yue who are easy to control? ?

The main reason for Hou Jing’s failure is still in Murong ShaoOn Zong, this is also Gao Huan's last life before his death, which perfectly embodies Gao Huan's skillful field control ability and superb trading skills.

If Murong Shaozong is sent to quell the rebellion, will he rebel with Hou Jing? Gao Cheng is most worried about this issue, but Gao Huan is not worried about it.

The reason why elders and ministers are suppressed and excluded is because they have an independent force in their hands. Let's change our thinking: Even if Gao Cheng does not send Murong Shaozong to fight the rebellion, will he dare to mobilize Murong Shaozong's army? Obviously dare not. If Gao Chengzhen did this, it would be openly forcing Murong Shaozong to respond to Hou Jing.

If Hou Jing is wrong, Murong Shaozong is also wrongNow, who can guarantee that there will be no third and fourth?

The reason why Gao Huan left his life and asked Gao Cheng to reuse Murong Shaozong to quell his rebellion is to hope that Gao Cheng would use this behavior to express two Attitude:

1. It is Gao Huan to attack the elders and important ministers. Now Gao Huan is dead, I dare not offend all uncles and uncles. , I will never disrespect you in the future;

Secondly, the empire is everyone’s empire. Only by working together can we maintain the stability and unity of the empire and avoid being rejected by Hou Jingzhi Flow scourge.

Gao Huan is very sure. As long as Gao Cheng reveals these two information, Hou Jing's rebellion is destined to be an isolated rebellion.

The reason for

is very simple. Gao Huan believes in the wisdom of the elders and ministers. They will not be blinded by hatred, but will consider their immediate interests more.

When Gao Huan was in power, he was indeed arbitrarily centralized, and he indeed offended the elders and the ministers. But who would dare to say that he was in a position of Gao Huan and would not do such a thing?

In other words, Hou Jing used the excuse to resist Gao’s tyranny and rebelled. If Hou Jing succeeded in the rebellion, would he not learn from Gao Huan? Give me a break!

In the opinion of the senior minister: Gao Huan and Gao Cheng may not be good things, but Hou Jing is also not a good thing. If Gao Cheng does not repent, of course the senior minister will respond by responding to Hou Jing. Way to clean up the Gao family. But if Gao Cheng is willing to repent, what reason does the patriarch and the minister have to respond to Hou Jing?

For cold-blooded politicians , The slogan is used to shout, the feelings are used to sell, only tangible benefits will not deceive.

At this time, although the Gao family is strong, but high Cheng obviously does not have the influence of Gao Huan. As long as the elders and ministers can obtain sufficient benefits from Hou Jing's rebellion, they will no longer be afraid of Gao Cheng.

Gao Cheng sent Murong Shaozong to put down the rebellion. If Murong Shaozong can reap enough benefits during the war, why should he respond to Hou Jing? For others, as long as Gao Cheng is under pressure from Hou Jing and constantly surrenders his interests, why bother with it?

After wanting to understand everything, I had to admire Gao Huan’s foresight. "Zi Zhi Tong Jian"'s evaluation of Gao Huan is "deep joy, all day long, unpredictable, change is like a god in the time of authority", Sima Guang really can be said to be three points.

How strong is Gao Huan“s political skills? The tactics are unpredictable, and the last policy quells the rebellion of Hou Jing

For Hou Jing at this time, he is no longer a high-powered Eastern Wei gangster, but just a wanted criminal. If Hou Jing were to be on the stage of history Disappear, then the name Hou Jing should only appear in the crevices of history books.

Maybe Hou Jing himself did not expect that he is the most beautiful, Most brilliantThe moment is about to come, and a huge empire is about to be turned upside down by him.

History is not a novel, history is far more bizarre and exciting than novels!

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