Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

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1 In the winter of 202 BC, Yu Ji died under the sword. Xiang Yu was very sad, but he was not desperate; when he was embarrassed on all sides, he began


In the winter of 202 BC, Yu Ji died under the sword. Xiang Yu was very sad, but he was not desperate. When he was embarrassed on all sides, he began to panic and still did not despair.

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

ambush on all sides

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be desperate to break out with eight hundred horses, namelyIt was still running when only twenty-eight riders remained.

Gaixia, according to Mr. Guo Moruo's research, is located in Gaixia Village, Weiji Town, Lingbi County, Anhui Province. There is much controversy about this statement. But Mr. Guo even has unique research on Oracle, so just trust him.

Gaixia is the land of Chu. It may be the soil tone of "Xiaxia". There is a huge plain under the hills, which conforms to the terrain characteristics of "Xiaxia" and can accommodate hundreds of thousands of Chu and Han people. The army lined up to fight.

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

Gaixia Site

Unexpectedly, there has been no despair Xiang Yu, after running out of Gaixia, his despair was because of an old farmer. In the panic of the wolf rushing, he asked the old farmer where he could survive. The old farmer gently pointed, and Xiang Yu, a great hero of the generation, fell into a swamp, which was dead.

It can be guessed that the old farmer did it deliberately. Xiang Yu, an enemy of ten thousand people, almost died under the "Yi Yang Zhi" of the old farmer.

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

The old farmer pointed Xiang Yu to the swamp

Xiang Yu still escaped from death temporarily. But his psychological defense has completely collapsed.

He fled from Gaixia to Wujiang, which is now Wujiang Pavilion in Hexian County, Anhui, where the Yangtze River suddenly changed It has become a north-south direction for Xiang Yu to cross Jiangdong here.

This road is Xiang Yu’s hometown of Chu State, where he rebelled against the flag, and his father and villagers live here. But it is him. An old farmer in his hometown has no power to restrain the chicken, but hopes that he will die quickly.

The two places are more than 500 miles apart, even if they continue to ride bicycles nowFor 21 hours, Xiang Yu rushed day and night, showing how strong his original desire to survive.

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

The approximate distance from Gaixia to Wujiang

But when the old farmer pointed out, Xiang Yu finally understood that he had been fighting for many years and fighting from the west to the west. He has become rebellious and lost. No matter how much he can fight, he has no power to recover. He can onlyIt's a dead end.

Standing on the Wujiang River, the Wujiang Pavilion Chief found a boat and asked him and his Wuhuama to cross the river to escape. As a result, he immediately got on the ship, but he refused to board.

What he said clearly was that I took the eight thousand Jiangdong children out to enter the world. Now that the children are gone, I am the only one who came back. It is really "no face to see Jiangdong's father".

What he thought was, would this pavilion deceive me, just like the farmer, drown me when the boat arrives in Jiangxin? Even if I don't drown, after arriving in Jiangdong, how many such farmers are waiting to kill me in the dark.

Ships cannot be crossed, life cannot be lived. Du Mu later said, "The comeback is unknown." In fact, Xiang Yu already knew that he had no chance of making a comeback.

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

Wujiang self-claws

After he dashed and killed several Han soldiers and finally showed his invincibility, he gave favor to My old subordinate, Lu Matong, said you take my head and go to Liu San to receive the reward.

The last thing he left behind was that the failure of our Xiang-mou, "It is the death of heaven, not the sin of war."

If Xiang Yu really wakes up, this sentence hurts my heart, but it's too late. His "sky" is not nothingnessThe ethereal gods are the common people of Chu, Qin, and the six kingdoms. They "suffered Qin for a long time" and hoped that he would save his life, only to find that he was possessed by the first emperor, which was another form of tyranny.

The "Yiyang Finger" of the old farmer broke Xiang Yu's last straw for life and comeback.


Leadership comes from power and charisma. Xiang Yu was able to fight and became the overlord of the Western Chu, powerful, powerful, and seated. This gave him unparalleled power.

He also has charm. He was majestic and majestic, and after being a nobleman in the Chu Kingdom, he was a handsome man with noble blood, and he gained the legitimacy and legitimacy of leadership.

In short, the five charisma elements given to leaders in management are "looks, similarity, goodwill return, knowledge, ability", he was born to account for more than half. He took a good set of chess and opened a good game, but he broke the game himself, and gave up his leadership. Otherwise, what happened to Liu Bang!

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

Han Xin’s siege of Xiang Yu under Gaixia

Xiang Yu’s biggest failure is to damage himself, his subordinates, and the whole country.The similarity of the tyrannical princes, nobles, and ordinary people, thus losing the goodwill of these people in return for him. These people looked forward to Xiang Yu's extermination of Qin, and hoped that after the extermination of Qin, they would have a stable life different from that of the Qin Dynasty, but Xiang Yu used the facts to make them extremely disappointed.

Opening the "Historical Records of Xiang Yu", I found that one of the things Xiang Yu did the most was to slaughter the city. After he smashed a city, he killed the troops, officials and civilians inside. After he arrived in Xianyang, he went too far, setting fires and looting everywhere.

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed


He instinctively believed that the city The people here are all from the Qin Empire, and Qin’s people are naturally bad guys. If he kills all these bad guys, the world becomes a bright universe.

He fights everywhere, fights this, fights that , Artificially created many enemies, continued the war for many years, and caused many disasters. These disasters have been given to the people of the world, but also to the soldiers and Chu people who followed him.

People of the whole world Except for the rulers of the Qin Empire, most of them have expectations of him, imagining that he is different from Bao Qin, but like himself, dreaming of peace and peace, and also creating peace and peace.

The fact is that a tyrant fell, and a new tyrant rose up. He and the world’sThere is no similarity between human beings, but has a strong similarity with Baoqin.

For such a leader, why should people support him, follow him, do things for him, and work for him? Why do people have a good impression of him in return?

Xiang Yu's tyranny not only caused him to lose the support of the people of the Qin Empire and other vassals, but also the support of his home base, Chu people. The public opinion foundation of his leader has collapsed, and his leadership has been self-contained.

He never understood. He thought that he had a powerful force. The princes were afraid of him, and the people were afraid of him. When the old farmer tapped his finger and tapped him into the swamp, he realized that he Is the most scary person.


Different from Xiang Yu, his opponent Liu Bang comes from a humble background and does not have natural leadership power, and he lacksHe lacks the charisma of a leader, and some people even call him a hooligan.

But after he attacked Xianyang, the capital of the Qin Dynasty, he did something that the people of the Qin Empire also made the people of the world and even the people of Chu rejoice: three chapters of the covenant.

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

Three chapters of the covenant

for others Tell me what the people sayPeople, I have the same interests as everyone. We are grasshoppers tied to a rope. It is precisely because of this similarity between him and the common people that the common people are willing to give him leadership, and he has the power and charm, and he can naturally get the favor of the common people in return.

From the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period to the fall of the Qin Dynasty, the world has been in chaos for thousands of years. People who are struggling in the sea of ​​suffering long for a new world governed by new leaders. Just like this, Xiang Yu must disappear from the stage of history, and Liu Bang's Han Dynasty will surely make its debut.

Not ambush on all sides, Xiang Yu died when the old farmer gently pointed

Thousands of years have passed, but the Wujiang River is still flowing quietly

The same is true of managing a company and a team.

The leadership of a leader comes not only from the power brought by the position, not only the deterrence caused by strength and pressure, nor only knowledge The authority created by his ability and ability is more due to the charisma of the leader.

He and his subordinates share the same cognition and pursuit, and he gets good impressions from his subordinates: how you treat your subordinates, they treat you ; How do you want them to treat you, you have to treat them first.

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