Killed the first corrupt official of the country in the late Qing dynasty-Prince Qing Yiqiu

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The grandson of Emperor Qianlong's seventeenth son, Qingxu, Yonglin, was regarded as Emperor Guangxu's uncle by generation. In the late Qing dynasty,

Yiqiu (March 24, 1838-January 29, 1917) Manchuria inlaid with the blue banner, the grandson of Emperor Qianlong’s seventeenth son Qingxi Prince Yonglin, and the emperor of Emperor Guangxu by generation uncle. He is one of the four iron hat kings of Enfeng (the other three are Prince Yi Yunxiang, Prince Gong Yixin, Prince Jing Yizhen). In the late Qing dynasty, he served as chief minister of military affairs and minister of cabinet prime minister. He is a key figure in determining the fate of the Qing court.

Killed the first corrupt official of the country in the late Qing dynasty-Prince Qing Yiqiu

When Cixi communicated with his brother Guixiang during the Xianfeng period, he often asked Yiqiu to write for him. Although Yiqiu is not very knowledgeable, but he writes good handwriting, so he is deeply impressed by Cixi. In 1884 (the tenth year of Guangxu), Cixi dismissed Prince Gong Yixin, who had no real power by chance, took over as the Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, and presided over diplomacy and became the king of Qing County.

In 1885, the Qing court established the naval yamen, and Yiqiu was ordered to handle naval affairs with Prince Zaifeng. Although Yiqiu has a high position, he is often ridiculed in secret because of his mediocrity and inaction.

In 1903, Cixi's confidant Rong Lu died of illness. Yuan Shikai, the military training minister of the Beiyang Army in Baoding, learned that Yiqiu was about to take up a post at the Military Aircraft Department, and immediately sent his cronie Yang Shiqi to give Yiqiu a silver slip of one hundred thousand taels.

Yi Kiao pretended not to, Yang Shiqi said:"Yuan Gongbao learned that the prince was going to be in charge of the military plane soon, and those who worked at the military plane inevitably had to enter the palace every day to wait for the Lafayette. Those servants would like to ask the prince for rewards, which could not be spent less than money. This bank note was all used as pocket money after the prince arrived."

Yi Kou gladly accepted the bank note after hearing this. From then on, Yuan Shikai told Yi Kou "monthly, festivals, annuals "Have a confession", even with the eldest son Zaizhen, who is seventeen years younger than himself, to befriend Yiqiu for eight worshipping. Xiang Yiqiu is close.

Yiqiu is as expected by Yuan Shikai. He was appointed as the foreman of the Military Aircraft Department, as well as managing finances and training affairs, integrating both internal and external powers. Yiqiang was greedy, and he was ridiculed by people as "Qingna Company" with his son Zaizhen and Minister Natong.

Yi Kou is good at figuring out Cixi's thoughts, and Cixi trusts him very much. After fighting against the Eight-Power Allied Forces, Cixi became a little disheartened and full of daily government affairs.Hosted by Yiqiong. On the other hand, Yiqiang regarded Yuan Shikai as the most reliable person and often asked Yuan Shikai to advise him. The power of Yikui and Yuan Shikai swelled rapidly, and it became a shortcut for many people to get promoted and get rich by taking refuge in the sect of Yikui and his sons and Yuan Shikai.

Killed the first corrupt official of the country in the late Qing dynasty-Prince Qing Yiqiu

In the last ten years of the Qing Dynasty, Yiqiu and Yuan Shikai held the dynasty and the army. The military and political power of the imperial court was mostly controlled by the Beiyang Faction, even Yuan Shikai19The resignation in 2009 also failed to break the military monopoly of the Beiyang Department. This undoubtedly prepared the gravedigger for the demise of the Qing Dynasty.

After the Wuchang Uprising broke out, the people in the court were panic. The first person Yiqiang, Associate Minister Na Tong and Xu Shichang (both Yuan Dang) thought of being able to confront the Revolutionary Party, was Yuan Shikai. And the only person who can persuade Zaifeng to reactivate Yuan Shikai is Yiqiu. On October 14, 1911, Yuan Shikai was proposed by Yiqiu, and Yuan Shikai soon became the prime minister of the cabinet.

Although Zaifeng was emptied at this time, after all, he was still the regent of the prison country, and also the general of the navy and army. He had the right to administer the dispatch of the imperial guard and still poses a certain threat to Yuan Shikai. In order to completely remove this obstacle, Yuan Shikai and Yiqi told Longyu and Zaifeng: "The Revolutionary Party is too powerful. We have no guns, artillery, or military pay. We must not start a war rashly." Longyu asked if he could ask foreigners for help, and Yiqiu said:"Wait for the minions to talk to the foreigners.” After two days, Yiqiang replied to Longyu: “Foreigners refused to send troops. They said that the Revolutionary Party is a good citizen. They only use soldiers because they want to improve politics. If they want their help, the regent must abdicate".

Under the coaxing of Yiqi Yuan Shikai, Longyu let Zaifeng withdraw from the position of regent of the country. At the end of the year, the North-South peace talks entered a critical stage. , Whether the Qing emperor abdicated or not, it is difficult for the North and South to reach a consensus.

Killed the first corrupt official of the country in the late Qing dynasty-Prince Qing Yiqiu

Yiqiu advocated the abdication of the Qing emperor after the north-south peace talks began. He told Longyu: "The revolutionary army has fifty thousand people, and our soldiers have no intention to fight." He also said to Zai Feng: "Most of the country has gone. Fortunately, it is safe and hard to last. If you can integrate the Manchus and Hans and improve the political system, you might as well negotiate with the heart. If we break up due to stubbornness, the whole family will be burdened by my family." Zaifeng was crying loudly when he heard this.

At the Imperial Conference on January 17, 1912, Yiqiu said: "We must preserve The imperial family can only take the road of republic." On February 12, 1912, the Qing court accepted the preferential treatment conditions. When the Qing emperor announced his abdication, when the Qing Dynasty mansion was about to fall, Yiqiang became the last straw to overwhelm the camel. Someone criticized Yiqi. Kuo is the first sinner who ruined the Manchu Qing Dynasty.

Killed the first corrupt official of the country in the late Qing dynasty-Prince Qing Yiqiu


After the abdication of the Qing emperor, Yiqiu moved to Tianjin. With the ill-gotten wealth accumulated over the years, he spent six years of leisure and comfort. He died of illness in 1918. After Yiqiu's death, his family asked The little imperial court who stayed in the palace asked for posthumous titles. Puyi wanted to give Yixie the evil posthumous titles "Miao, Chou, Secluded, Li", but finally adopted the advice of the study room and gave him the word "secret." "Follow the past". "Secret" among the princes of the Qing Dynasty is the worst word.

No one can match Yikui’s greed in the late Qing Dynasty. HSBC BankDeposits in one place reached two million taels (about 1 billion in today's RMB). Yikui's greed is comparable to He Shen. The evil of corrupt officials is very harmful to the country and the people. In a strong country, there are worms like corrupt officials, and sooner or later they will be wiped out.