Who is the bald SS doctor in “Destruction of the Empire“?

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In the movie "Destruction of the Empire", there is a bald SS lieutenant colonel who refused to leave Berlin and took the initiative to stay to rescue

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In the movie "Destruction of the Empire", there is a bald SS lieutenant colonel who refused to leave Berlin and took the initiative to stay to rescue the wounded. He later assisted Hitler in suicide. I was deeply impressed, and it can be seen that this person must also be an important person who has left traces in history. He is Dr. Ernst Gunter Schenk, a nutrition expert of the SS. Of course, he is not actually a bald head.

Who is the bald SS doctor in “Destruction of the Empire“?

From the perspective of the characters in the movie alone, Dr. Schenk seems to be a good doctor who insists on professional ethics and is full of care for the wounded, but is the fact really as shown in the movie? The answer may subvert the goodwill that movie roles leave you.

Schenk was born in Marlborough in October 1904. His major is nutrition, and he has certain research results in this area. Like most Germans, he very much agreed with the Nazis’ claims. Before the war, he joined the SS and served as the nutrition inspector of the Dachau concentration camp (it’s not clear what this is). He established a The herbal plantation has grown more than 200,000 medicinal plants for research and production of vitamins.1In 940, he was appointed as the Nutrition Inspector of the SS.

Who is the bald SS doctor in “Destruction of the Empire“?

Dr. Schenk in the movie.

After the outbreak of World War II, Schenck’s main job was to develop new nutritious foods to ensure the health of frontline officers and soldiers. He began to study a high-protein sausage. In the process of researching this food, he went to In Mauthausen Concentration Camp, more than 370 prisoners in the camp were used for comparative tests. Many prisoners died of starvation and edema during the test. According to SchenckIn his own words, he "only cares about improving nutrition and fighting hunger." Of course, he only cares about the Germans. As for the concentration camp prisoners who starve to death, that is not what he cares about. In his eyes, the concentration camp prisoners are no more. Just some "guinea pigs".

Who is the bald SS doctor in “Destruction of the Empire“?

Schenk’s early photos.

Schenk also participated in front-line operations. When he was serving as a military doctor on the eastern front, the commander of a SS artillery company was bombed to death. Schenk, an SS officer, personally went into battle.In order to direct the firing of these artillery pieces, Schenk was awarded the Iron Cross of the Second Class in recognition of the artillery "commander" as a brave military doctor.

In April 1945, seeing Berlin was about to be surrounded, Schenk refused the order to retreat and voluntarily stayed as the first aid station of the Chancellery. Schenk was just a nutrition expert, not a skilled surgeon, but under the conditions of lack of doctors and medicines at the time, he could only "make up for it". He assisted Hitler's personal doctor Werner Haas to perform a large number of operations. Rescue the wounded. Due to Haas suffering from advanced lung cancer, his body was very weak. Sometimes he could only lie on a chair to give Schenck verbal instruction. Schenk independently completed some less fatal wound debridement and sutures. He spent more than ten days in the bunker. During the time, Schenck and Haas performed more than 300 operations.

Who is the bald SS doctor in “Destruction of the Empire“?

In the movie, Haas and Schenk handed potassium cyanide capsules to Hitler and used Hitler’s dog, Burundi, to conduct suicide tests. But in fact, did he personally put the poison in It was handed over to Hitler, and Schenk himself has not made a clear statement.

After Hitler committed suicide, Schenk broke through with the group of SS Major General William Munch on May 1, but was soon A Soviet prisoner. On May 3, he was handed over to the Soviet intelligence department along with other SS officers. He was then escorted to the Soviet Union for interrogation. He has since been serving his sentence in the Soviet Union.

Who is the bald SS doctor in “Destruction of the Empire“?

Schenk was released by the Soviet Union and returned to West Germany in 1953. He was not charged. Many SS prisoners captured by the Soviet Union were not tried by the West, such as William Munch. On the Western Front, he ordered the massacre of Allied soldiers and civilians, but after he was imprisoned by the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States did not put him on trial. Instead, they escaped sanctions. This may be a blind spot. The reason is worth pondering.

Who is the bald SS doctor in “Destruction of the Empire“?

Schenck in his later years.

After Schenck returned to West Germany, the West German government revoked his doctor’s license and prohibited him from practicing clinical medicine. Schenker found a job. Schenck was interviewed by writers after the war. His recounting in the bunker of the Prime Minister’s Palace at the last moment was commented by many writers and historians as memories of historical value. Concentration camps used living people to do medical experiments without mentioning it. It was not until the film "Destruction of the Empire" was staged in 2002 that the character Dr. Schenk in the play became popular in reality, and his old past was revealed. But Schenck hasHe passed away on December 21, 1998, so he can no longer hear how the movie is played and what people say.