Contrast the two most famous people on the beach in the Republic of China

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The Republic of China was a chaotic world of separatism and warlords, with free and open cultural thoughts, but people’s lives were miserable. ——Du Yu

The Republic of China was a chaotic world of separatist regimes and warlords. The culture and thought were free and open, but the people's lives were miserable. The most prone to emerge in troubled times are beautiful women and masters, as well as heroes and heroes.

What I want to introduce today is the leader of Shanghai Bund's civil organizations, and the two great figures of Shanghai Bund, who are famous and no one dares to mess with-Du Yuesheng and Wang Yaqiao.

First introduce Du Yuesheng and Wang Yaqiao separately! In fact, many people are already familiar with them.

——Du Yuesheng

One of the most famous figures in the modern Shanghai youth gang, known as the "Chinese gang boss" and "China's first gang leader" . All his life is the best, fierce, fierce, and fierce fighting. The basic elements of his trespassing on the beach are: resourcefulness, tolerance of thin hair, tenacity and unyielding, arrogant and domineering without making a soundcolor. Not only does it go in black and white, and is well-versed in business, military, and politics, but it also extends its tentacles to finance, industry, news and newspapers, education and other fields. The so-called unprecedented, no one will come.

Du Yuesheng has long sleeves and is good at dancing. To the former Qing elders, warlord politicians, high-ranking party and state, social celebrities, and even financial and industrial tycoons, they all show respect and respect, make friends, and even worship as brothers or disciples, provide financial support, or pay monthly regulations. Raise as a eater. The high-ranking officers of the Chiang family, such as Kong Xiangxi, Song Ziwen, and Dai Li, all became close friends of the Du family.

With such a network capable of manipulating the political, business and financial circles, with the French Concession as the backing, and the gangs at the bottom, Du Yuesheng can be said to have left and right sides in Shanghai.

Contrast the two most famous people on the beach in the Republic of China

——Wang Yaqiao

Anti-journalists, national heroes. Since childhood, he was very intelligent. In his youth, he saw officials squeeze the people and hate them. Every time he talks with young aspirants about "the rise and fall of the country, everyone is responsible", he is generous and tragic, indomitable, and is quite ancient martyrs. .

In 1911, Wang Yaqiao organized a military government in Hefei in response to Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary ideas and declared independence. In 1913, he left Shanghai, studied anarchism, and worked hard on how to defeat all powers in society. In early 1916, he promoted Yuan Yuan. National Defence Movement. In 1918, he went to Shanghai as a representative of the SouthParticipate in the North-South peace talks. In 1920, he went to Anqing to oppose the military's involvement in politics. In 1921, he founded the Axe Gang and defeated Huang Jinrong and Du Yuesheng to support the poor. On November 10, 1923, Xu Guoliang, the chief of the Songhu Police Department, was assassinated. After the incident, he defected to Lu Yongxiang, conscripted in Huzhou, and became the Jinlan brothers with Dai Li and Hu Zongnan. In 1926, he served as deputy propaganda envoy of Anhui to promote the Northern Expedition. In 1927, he attended the Nanjing Capital Building Ceremony and accused Chiang Kai-shek of launching the April 12 counter-revolutionary coup, which caused Chiang Kai-shek's dissatisfaction. Assassinated Zhang Qiubai, director of Anhui Construction Department, on August 18, 1928, and assassinated Zhao Tieqiao, the head of Shanghai Investment Promotion Bureau, on July 24, 1930, known as the assassination king.

On June 14, 1931, he assassinated the Chairman of the Nationalist Government Chiang Kai-shek at Lushan Mountain. On July 23 of the same year, he shot the Kuomintang Finance Minister Song Ziwen at Shanghai North Railway Station. In 1932, the Japanese invaders launched the January 28th Incident to attack Shanghai, Wang Yaqiao organized an iron-blooded hoeing group to assassinate traitors and Japanese invaders. On April 29 of the same year, he assassinated Shirakawa Yoshinori, commander of the Japanese dispatched army. On November 1, 1935, he planned to assassinate Wang Jingwei in Nanjing, and on December 25 of the same year, he assassinated Tang Youren, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kuomintang. On October 20, 1936, when he was about to join the Communist Party, he was assassinated by Dai Li in Wuzhou, Guangxi.

Chairman Mao commented on Wang Yaqiao: Innocent of killing the enemy, and meritorious anti-Japanese war. The subsections are not well-checked, and the big things are not confused.

Contrast the two most famous people on the beach in the Republic of China

By comparison, it can be seen that heThere are some obvious similarities between them:

First, they were the leaders of the most influential civil gang organizations in society at that time.

Du Yuesheng is the leader of the Qing Gang, and Wang Yaqiao is the leader of the Axe Gang.

Second, they have never wavered in the national festival. They all resisted Japan bravely and are staunch national heroes.

Wang Yaqiao organized the iron-blooded gang to assassinate the traitors and Japanese bandits, and assassinated the Japanese dispatched army commander Shirakawa Yoshinori;

Du Yuesheng served as the vice president of the Red Cross Society of China for many years , Donated funds to set up many hospitals and schools. Before and after the War of Resistance, he actively participated in helping the wounded, transporting supplies, and establishing resistance forces. After the war of resistance began, he personally presided over the raising of more than 1.5 million yuan in donations for national salvation, which strongly supported the war of resistance ahead.

Contrast the two most famous people on the beach in the Republic of China

3. They have all approached the party organizations with similar wills, but they have not succeeded.

Wang Yaqiao was killed by his former brother Dai Li on the eve of preparing to join the Communist Party;

Du Yuesheng once participated in assisting Jiang’s "April 12 counter-revolutionary coup", personally The design buried Wang Shouhua, the leader of the Shanghai labor movement, and then instigated gangsters to attack the workers' pickets and massacred communists and workers. Later, when the time was right, I wanted to claim credit, but was "swept away" by Jiang Yi."In addition to the evil forces" kicked it away. Only then did I realize that "It turns out that the most ruthless person in the world is not my surname Du, but his surname Jiang".

Four, they are all It is a mixture of both righteous and evil, great evil and great good.

Wang Yaqiao was "China's number one killer", which made the national government at that time anxious, and many insidious and cunning government officials listened to his name. He was frightened and trembling, and even the Shanghai beach rogue tycoon Du Yuesheng dared not provoke him. He was called "a person who is afraid of even the devil." But in his heart lived an angel who loved his motherland and the poor. ! He has been helping the poor, robbing the rich and helping the poor, and is deeply loved by ordinary people.

Contrast the two most famous people on the beach in the Republic of China

Du Yuesheng is just the opposite. He likes to make friends with dignitaries and to pave the way for working together to earn money. But because The casinos and opium business controlled by their youth gang are harmful to the society as a whole, so only the upper class unanimously appraised him as "benevolence, sincerity, tolerance" and so on. The historical evaluation of him is inseparable from "rascals, thick blacks, and good people." Wait for words. He is also a mixture of bullies and gentlemen.

…… …… …… …… …… …… …… …

From the heart, the more In the era of war and chaos, violence is a symbol of the right to speak, because the rule of law and morality are in vain. Therefore, the two most intelligent, powerful, and powerful people choose to use violence at the same time.To achieve our ideals and goals, we feel understandable.

Moreover, both of them have done a lot of things that are beneficial to the society, which has made them a topic that people talk about until today, and each has a lot of worshipers and fans. That's why Du Yuesheng's two fellow brothers Huang Jinrong and Zhang Xiaolin were rarely mentioned or admired.

Contrast the two most famous people on the beach in the Republic of China

The biggest difference between Du Yuesheng and Wang Yaqiao is that the starting point of thinking is different from the starting point of considering problems and doing things..

Wang Yaqiao considers issues from the interests of the people at the bottom. He hates all acts of bullying and squeezing the people by powerful, evil gentry and warlord officials. Most of the gang members he organized were from low-level laborers. They were jealous, bold and fearless, and committed to assassinating large warlords, bureaucrats, and large capitalists who deduct labor wages.

Because it has won the hearts of the people, the Axe Gang has grown rapidly since its establishment, and its influence has been profound.

Du Yuesheng is a typical representative of the upper-class elites in society. He has a high emotional intelligence, and he is able to make contact with and communicate with respectable people from various factions in the upper class. Often meeting everyone's needs and providing them with help has won the favor of senior officials and dignitaries.

He is very adaptable to a society where the weak and the flesh eat the strong, and he also understands the ambition and nature of the upper class to satiate their own pockets-when the powerful people squeeze the blood and sweat of the working people at the bottom,There is not much guilt, because they think that "natural selection, survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest" is the operating law of nature, and it is normal for the vulnerable groups to be exploited. If they become strong, they will also reveal their greedy nature.

Therefore, Du Yuesheng will never engage with the big warlords, big bureaucrats and big capitalists. On the contrary, he made every effort to make friends with the dignitaries of all walks of life and all walks of life, helping them to coordinate the interests of all parties and settle conflicts. conflict. And use all forces to lay a solid foundation for their own development.

Contrast the two most famous people on the beach in the Republic of China

We seem to be unable to accuse this kind of thinking that there is nothing wrong with it. After all, in such a cruel and cruel environment, kind and weak people should not speak out. It is difficult to survive and gain a foothold.

Standing with the powerful parties will bring countless murders to yourself, and compromise and join hands with them can make you prosperous, prosperous, and prosperous.

But Du Yuesheng’s crimes in life cannot be completely covered up by his later acts of charity-he started to manage the opium and casino business of the Qinggang, which accumulated sufficient original capital for the future development of the industry; he supported Chiang Kai-shek launched the "April 12" counter-revolutionary movement and massacred a large number of communists.

Moreover, in handling and coordinating difficult things, he obviously paid much less attention to the people at the bottom than to officials and dignitaries, and he protected the latter more vigorously, regardless of whether they accounted for it or not. Reason.

This is also the main reason why he will never be able to remove the "rogue tycoon" hat in the minds of later generations.

In the world we live in, there are few people who are born "ultra-Left" thinking like Wang Yaqiao, so they are regarded as "sages" thinking. For example, Che Guevara is called "the contemporary Jesus."

Contrast the two most famous people on the beach in the Republic of China

Egoists like Du Yuesheng are everywhere. For example, the four major families of "Jiang, Song, Kong, and Chen" at that time used their power to initiate the country’s troubles and wealth..

Fortunately, history is fair. When people talk about Wang Yaqiao, they all stand in awe, saying that he is a true hero. And Du Yuesheng will always be a hero of a generation, let everyone comment on the merits and demerits!