The death of a famous general who shouldn“t have led the empire in another direction

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Well, let's stop and stroke: The Jurchen tribe, originated between the white mountains and black waters in the northeast: The leaders attached great i

This war is called the Battle of Saerhu (located near the Dong Dahuofang Reservoir in Fushun, Liaoning, a big city today). It was the last initiative taken outside the Guan in the late Ming Dynasty Before this, the Ming Dynasty had an indisputable advantage and control in the northeast of the rice field, but seeing that the Houjin established by Nurhachi led the Jurchens is getting stronger and stronger, the imperial court is also a bit unable to sit still. Up.

Here, some friends may want to ask, how come it's Houjin, Jurchen, and Manchu. What does it matter? Well, let’s stop and stroke:

The Jurchen tribe, originated between the white mountains and black waters in the northeast:

For this war, the leadership values , The court is also meticulously prepared. Much lazy boyThe Emperor Wanli, who had a little muscle atrophy in one leg, made an exception to the dynasty. The Ministry of Defense dispatched the nation’s most outstanding all-star all-star combination, and also recruited elite troops from across the country. Mr. Danu went to Liaodong, a total of 110,000 people, known as 470,000 (from this point of view, Chinese men do have a bragging tradition. The battle of Cao Cao Chibi brought 200,000 people, known as 800,000). (Ming Dynasty generals armor)

Let’s briefly talk about the process and results of the war:

The specific deployment of the Ming Dynasty is: Zuo Shi Lang Yang Gao (equivalent to the current Deputy Minister of Defense, Participated in the Wanli War to Aid Korea) Commanded from Shenyang, 110,000 soldiers were divided into four groups, with Hetuala (the capital of Nurhachi) as the target. Split and attack together, the four groups will attack, the goal is one action Encircle and wipe out the gold.

The commander of the four-way man and horse is a feast of famous generals and a gathering of stars:

Juniper: from Yulin, Shaanxi, brother of Du Tong, general of the Ming Dynasty, general to general, Lizhen Yansui , Jizhou, Liaodong, Shanhaiguan, famous and famous, fighting against the Hu people more than a hundred times, invincible, the people outside the Great Wall called it "Du ​​Taishi".

Ma Lin: a native of Yuzhou, Hebei, the second son of a famous general, Ma Fang, "good literature, good poetry, work writing, and many famous people."

Li Rubai: The son of famous general Li Chengliang and the younger brother of super famous general Li Rusong, in the Wanli war to aid Korea, he took the lead in breaking Pyongyang and conquering the city. When guarding Liaodong, repelled the Mongolian speculation department, and sealed the general and the capital of the Youjun.

Liu Ting: A native of Nanchang, Jiangxi, an outstanding general and military strategist in the Ming Dynasty against the Japanese. The son of the General Governor Liu Xian, WanlinianJian Wu Zhuangyuan, a 120-jin sword, has repeatedly made extraordinary achievements in the battlefields of North Korea and Southwest China. He was known as "the first warrior of the late Ming"

The national strength of China, the fame of the generals, the veterans who have gone through the "three major expeditions of Wanli" (Ningxia, Korea, and Bozhou), it can be said that the whole world feels that the Brazilian team played the Chinese team. Just do whatever you want. Nurhachi is also very nervous, and pretends to say calmly: "If you come here, I will only go all the way".

The movie vividly expresses the result of the Battle of Saarhu:

Nurhachi's victory over the Jin Dynasty, The Ming Dynasty was defeated, the Emperor Wanli wept bitterly, and he drove a year later Collapsed. After this battle, the vitality of the Ming Dynasty was greatly injured,In addition, the superiority of Houjin disappeared, and it was fully transformed into passive defense. 25 years later, the Qing army entered the customs, the country changed hands, and the society was completely non-existent.

Do you think this article is about to end here? Haha, this is indeed the case, and I am also a little sleepy, but if we just talk about historical facts, it is too low-tech, then let us pick up the magnifying glass, from a novel perspective that people don’t pay much attention to, Say a bold guess, please watch.

The Ming Army’s four-passengers and Masanlu were annihilated, and the battle damage rate was as high as 75%. This shows that the Jurchens’ combat power is strong. It also shows the Jurchen’s strong combat power. There is also a Korean movie "Final Weapon: Bow ", the background is Huang Taiji’s second invasion of North Korea (called "Bingzi Random" in South Korean history).Great shadow. But you didn't realize that there was one way could retreat all over, and that was the South Route Army led by Li Rubai.

Maybe you think, coincidence, far away, or missed, in fact, I don’t think so.

Let's clearly analyze several reasons that should not be marked:

1. Time. The battle of Saarhu was very urgent. The court had planned to start the war in the fourth month of the lunar calendar. Spring was blooming and the sun was warm, right? It was so good that the court couldn’t wait. Departing in February, so the South Route Army led by Li Rubai could not miss the time.

2, distance. From above, the South Route Army led by Li Rubai is closer to Hetuala than the East Route Army led by Liu Ting.>, But Nurhachi went to fight the East Route Army, but let go of the South Route Army. You must know that the East Route Army is farther than the South Route Army in terms of distance and difficulty. If you don’t get the East Route quickly The army, and the South Route Army rushed to outflank it in time, then Nurhachi could hang, then the question is, Why does Nurhachi take such a big risk to go near and far?

3. Combat power. Liu Ting of the Eastern Route Army is known as the "Late Ming's No. 1 Strong General." Although Li Rubai is not bad, he is a soft persimmon by comparison. Then why does Nurhachi pick the hard bones to chew?

There is another problem. The Battle of Saerhu took place in the form of the Ming Dynasty attacking Houjin and the Houjin defense counterattack. In this battle, the Houjin army was in command of the battle. Use concentrated forces, eachThis is a goal to defeat, and within 5 days, the three-way Ming army will be broken in succession. However, at that time, there was no satellite positioning, no mobile phone communication, even if the scouts saw it, they would go back. According to the report, it’s too late to make such a precise strike and frequent force mobilization in five days. Then, there is only one possibility left. Did Nurhachi know the location and route of the Ming army beforehand?

We will answer these questions later. Let’s talk about a person first, his name is Li Chengliang, the father of Li Rubai, the commander of the Southern Route Army.

Writing too much historical facts, you may not like to read it. I will simply say that before the Battle of Sa’er Hu, the Ming Dynasty was the king who covered the sky with only one hand on the rice field in the northeast. In the early Wanli period, the Ming Dynasty Pie guarded hereIt was Li Chengliang. At that time, the job of guarding was not only defense, but also frequent business trips to engage in "Plowing Movement". What does "Plowing Movement" mean? That is, if a tribe becomes stronger and threatened, the generals of the Ming Dynasty will attack the tribe, kill all the men over the age of 15 and destroy food and houses. In short, there is no stronger tribe outside the pass. Threat to the central government, Li Chengliang often does this.

Accordingly, once, a leader of the Jurchen tribe opposed the Ming Dynasty, and Li Chengliang went to beat him. At this time, a man named Takshi was a relative of the tribe leader and volunteered to help the Ming Dynasty. Li Chengliang must be happy to persuade this tribe to be surrendered. As a result, he had no eyes on his sword during the war, and Taks was also manslaughtered by the Ming armyLi Chengliang feels very ashamed, look at the trouble, the flood rushed to the Dragon King Temple, so he adopted and sponsored the son of Tu Keshi, hoping to make up for the guilt in his heart, this The son of Tuckers, his name is Nurhachi.

In other words, Li Chengliang’s sons, such as Li Rubai, grew up with Nurhachi.

Are you suddenly realizing, ready to scold: Okay, Li Rubai, you traitor.

Stop first, oh no, stop first, things are not so simple yet.

Let’s list a few things about Li’s family again, and you can connect them to have a look:

1. Li Chengliang led the Liaodong iron cavalry pioneer during the 30 years of guarding LiaodongTen great victories in the aftermath, the martial arts of the frontier commander, unprecedented in 200 years. At that time, Li Chengliang was far more prestigious than Qi Jiguang. He was dismissed in the nine years (1591).

2, Li Chengliang’s eldest son Li Rusong (I personally think he was a super star in the Ming Dynasty, but he is not well-known. It can be said that he alone influenced the later Northeast Asia and China , North Korea, Japan, Mongolia, the fate of the four countries for a century, I will have the opportunity to talk about him specifically) When he was in full swing, he died in an ambush in a strange way. If he does not die, he will surely become the new leader of the Da Ming Bian General Group, and the government will not slip into the abyss because of the imbalance of power distribution.The history of the Ming Dynasty, and even North Korea, Japan, and Mongolia, will be a different story.

The death of a famous general who shouldn“t have led the empire in another direction

(Continue to write the family tree of Li family, the nine sons of Li Chengliang general)

3. During the battle of Bishouguan in the War of Aid Korea, Li Rusong was rescued desperately Yang Yuan, a loyal keeper of the Li family, was executed by the court without error.

4. Li Rubai, a year before Li Rusong’s death, was forced to resign due to illness. He stayed at home for more than 20 years, until he was used again during the Battle of Saerhu.

5, LiLi Ning, a loyal retainer, died when the Ming army had an absolute advantage on the Korean battlefield.

6. Li Rumei, who was brave in the war to aid Korea, was dismissed from office after being dismissed by the court minister for fear of the enemy.

7. Li Pinghu, another retainer of the Li family, failed to rescue Li Rusong when he was in an ambush, resulting in Li Rusong's death in battle. Afterwards, he was transferred from the Li family’s sphere of influence and was promoted later , Has been active until the Tianqi years.

Seeing this, do you vaguely feel that this is a big game of chess? In a word, about a year before and after Li Rusong’s death, the wings of his direct line were withdrawn Withdraw, die to death. So, seeing this, do you still think that Li Rusong’s death was really just an accidental fall-off?

The death of a famous general who shouldn“t have led the empire in another direction

(Ming Shenzong Wanli Emperor Zhu Yijun)

Here, the fog will slowly dissipate. I think this big game is like this:

The death of a famous general who shouldn“t have led the empire in another direction

In the middle and late Ming dynasty, the empire basically established a triangular power stabilization structure of eunuchs (eunuchs), civil servants, and border generals. During different emperor reigns, the strength of these three forces was According to the emperor’s trust, there will be changes. For example, during the Zhengde period, the frontiers were more powerful, during the Wanli period, the civil officials were more powerful, and during the Tianqi years, the eunuchs were more powerful, and so on. It can operate normally.

Then at this time of Li Rusong, we boldly guess that in order to obtain greater power distribution, the eunuch group and the civil servant group in the court united secretly, tacitly , Cooperated with each other, aimed at the entire Bian General Group, began to purge the "Bian General" group headed by Li Chengliang, bought Li Pinghu, Li’s retainer, and let him reveal the time and route of Li Rusong’s expedition, leading to Li Ru, the new leader of the Bian General Group.Song Zhongfu died, while trying to protect Li Pinghu's safety, he was transferred from the Li family's sphere of influence to avoid being retaliated by the Li family. Including the veteran Li Chengliang, the side generals died, and the withdrawal was almost completely cut off. This was a quiet and methodical purge that combined politics and conspiracy.

There are a few pieces of evidence that can confirm this bold speculation on the side, that is:

1. The thirty-fourth year of Wanli (1606), that is, Li Rusong's battle After the death and numerous frontiers have been cleaned, Li Chengliang will build by himself in the early years of Wanli, six important fortresses including Kuandian, which has been "born and multiplied in the sun, reaching more than 64,000 homes" Give up all and let Nurhachi grow outside the pass.

2, in the third year after Li Chengliang died, Nurhachi formally rises up (After all, Li Chengliang had the kindness of nurturing and cultivating Nurhachi, and Nurhachi was too embarrassed to raise troops before he was alive) and resisted the Ming Dynasty.

3. In the battle of Saerhu, only Li Rubai was retired all the way, and it is very likely that he will tell Nurhachi in advance of the location and route time of the Ming army, so that Nurhachi can only be in 5 days. Destroy the three-way army back and forth (Li Rubai was in revenge for the court's purge of the border generals and Li's house).

4. Later, from Mao Wenlong to Yuan Chonghuan, from Zu Dashou to Wu Sangui, and then to Nanming Zuo Liangyu who supported 700,000 soldiers and surrendered to the Qing Dynasty without a fight, we can see that the Li family was killed. At the beginning, the Bian General Group had completely lost allegiance and trust to the court and the Zhu family. This left the civilian officials and literati who led the resistance in the later period of Chongzhen.

When the triangular stable structure isBreak, then the situation of two tigers fighting will not be too far away. When one end of the triangle, the Bianjiang Group, is cleaned up, during the Tianqi and Chongzhen reigns, the Ming dynasty struggles The highest peak of China-the bloody storm between the civil officials group headed by the Donglin Party and the eunuch group (eunuch party) headed by Wei Zhongxian has just begun.

Han died in a foreign relative, Tang died in Fanzhen, Song died in foreign enemies, Ming died in party struggle.

When the wheel of history ran over, even a famous general like Li Rusong was still helpless. Then you ask: "How about being an ordinary person?" There must also be a safe and stable environment, so friends, cherish your current life, he may have something that makes you dissatisfied and sad, but, You are still happy.

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