Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

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People in the world often blame Ruan Lingyu's suicide on long-term blackmail and prosecution of her ex-husband Zhang Damin, but ignored another person

People in the world often attribute Ruan Lingyu's suicide to long-term blackmail and prosecution of her ex-husband Zhang Damin, but ignore the other person in this love triangle, a businessman known as the tea king, Tang Jishan.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Ruan Lingyu

Tang Jishan was a master of playing actresses. Before Ruan Lingyu, He also had a relationship with film queen Zhang Zhiyun, and was later abandoned by him mercilessly.

After Ruan Lingyu, he lived with the movie star Liang Saizhen, and later married the famous Queen of the Republic of China Youjia as his wife.

Except for Liang Saizhen, who saw through his face and left resolutely, the other three women had a bleak fate: Zhang Zhiyun lived on the streets of Hong Kong and became a woman in the dust, Ruan Lingyu committed suicide, and Wang You was poor. He died of illness, and there was no funeral expenses after his death.

The ending of this actress assassin is not much better. In the 1960s, Tang Jishan went bankrupt in Taiwan and became a street vendor. She peddled tea bags along the street every day to make ends meet. .

1. The rich second generation returned to China to revitalize the family business, looking for beauty in Shanghai, and meeting China’s first actress Zhang Zhiyun

In the early years of the Republic of China, most of the tea export trade was It was delivered in Shanghai. Among them, Tang Qiaoqing, a businessman from Guangdong, was a leader in the tea house industry. Its products were awarded in 1915.The first-class medal of Panama Universal Exposition is well-known at home and abroad.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

The news report that Huacha Company won the first prize of the 1915 Panama World Exposition

Because of the excessive exploitation of the British Jardine Matheson as a middleman, the Chinese businessmen made meager or even unprofitable tea exports. The famous Chinese businessmen comprador and Cantonese Tang Tingshu advocated that Chinese businessmen join forces to establish customs protection abroad. fromLine export.

Tang Qiaoqing’s son, Tang Jishan, is a British student who has a deep understanding of modern marketing. In order to break the monopoly of Jardine Matheson, he independently inspected the British and American tea markets in 1914 and found huge profits.

After Tang Jishan returned to China, his father came forward to convene the major tea merchants in Shanghai. In 1916, he raised 100,000 yuan to jointly set up the "Hua Tea Company" with the small package of "Tiantan", "Beauty Brand" tea entered the American market and sold it in department stores opened by overseas Chinese.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Hua Tea Company’s Ssangyong tea pot

but because the American black tea brand at that time was The monopoly and the control of the green tea market by the Japanese led to the loss of the equity of Huacha Company. The partners withdrew their shares. From the second year onwards, Huacha was basically operated solely by the Tang family, but the subsequent additional 80,000 yuan was also very high. Losing money soon.

Tang Jishan, the general manager, tried his best to contact major American importers and directly purchase tea from tea producing areas such as Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, etc., to reduce the circulation links, but he was helpless. The foreign merchants who control the import and export of tea are strong, and it is difficult for the Chinese merchants to get a share.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Hua Tea Company Packaging of small cans

Until the “May 30th Massacre” occurred in Shanghai in 1925, anti-British agitation was launched in various parts of China. Because dockers resisted not shipping tea for foreign companies, Huacha Company took the opportunity to rise Relying on the advantages of high quality and low price, it obtained exclusive orders from Carter Company of the United States. It exported 60,000 boxes (1,900 tons) each year, accounting for 10-18% of Shanghai’s total tea exports at that time. Has become the leading tea export company.

Hua Tea has grown to become the largest tea export company in the Mainland.This is called the "Tea King".

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Tang Jishan

Tang Jishan and China’s first movie queen Zhang Zhiyun met in this process.

Zhang Zhiyun is also a Cantonese. She dropped out of school to work before graduating from junior high school. She had a good-looking appearance and was very angry. In 1924, she applied for the Great China Film Company in Shanghai and starred in "Poor Girl" and ""Kong Gu Lan" and other movies.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Zhang Zhiyun

Due to the unique temperament of Zhang Zhiyun in the lens, Chu Chu is pitiful. After his popularity, he was evaluated as the "Queen of Tragedy". In 1926, at the "Queen of Chinese Movies" held in Shanghai New World Recreation Center, he was highly voted as the first-generation movie queen of China.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Zhang Zhiyun was selected as the magazine cover of the movie queen

Zhang Zhiyun originally fell in love with the famous director Bu Wancang, and starred in Ouyang in 1926 "Yu Jie Bing Qing" written by Yu Qian and directed by Bu Wancang, since she was on the throne of the movie queen, she has frequently visited the social scene, experienced the flashy and luxurious foreign life, met Tang Jishan, and broke up with Bu Wancang.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Tang Jishan and Zhang Zhiyun

At this time, as a married man, Tang Jishan also wanted to use her reputation as a queen, so she lived with her and took her to Europe , Went to Hollywood in the United States and launched a publicity offensive. With the call of "Chinese tea emperor" and "Chinese tea queen", advertisements were advertised everywhere, so that Zhang Zhiyun was the endorsement of Chinese business companies, which caused a sensation.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Zhang Zhiyun

Zhang Zhiyun naively thought that she could become a business woman and wash her hands and make soup from now on, but she is not recognized in the United States because she is not highly educated. After leaving the film industry, her reputation in the mainland was not as good as one day. Tang Jishan began to dislike her, and soon she looked for another beauty and fell in love with Ruan Lingyu.

When Zhang Zhiyun agreed to live with Tang Jishan, the two had signed There is a two-part contract stating that if Tang Jishan abandons Zhang Zhiyun, he must pay 200,000 yuan, but Tang Jishan quietly destroyed her hand by cohabiting.The contract in China left Zhang Zhiyun empty of man and wealth.

After being abandoned by Tang Jishan, Zhang Zhiyun returned to the film industry. It is already in the sound film era. The Cantonese-speaking Zhang Zhiyun does not return to the scene of the film era. The response to the performance was mediocre and he had to die again.

In 1935, after Ruan Lingyu committed suicide, Zhang Zhiyun also publicly expressed his testimony, saying: "More than Ruan’s death, I didn’t want any criticism, but believed that Chinese women lacked true knowledge. It caused her grief. Probably because of the lack of real knowledge, women’s will is relatively weak. Whenever they suffer pain, they are easily dominated by illusions..."

She did learn from her experience with Ruan Lingyu Zhong realized some truths, but this awakening did not change her sad destiny. "Lack of true knowledge" not only easily leads to "weak will", but also leads to lack of skills and inability to earn a living on their own.

With Tang JishanIn the early days, Zhang Zhiyun was accustomed to extravagance and she sighed: "Due to shallow experience and insufficient knowledge, she unknowingly handed her a book to material enjoyment."

After leaving Tang, she quickly became empty and began to be a mistress for the rich. Later, she became a "goddess" (senior prostitute) at the Paris Hotel in Tianjin. She moved to Hong Kong in her later years and finally begged for a living. In the 1970s, she He died on the street while begging.

2, Shanghai Xinzha Road built a nest to attract the phoenix, and soon there was a new love, so Ruan Lingyu committed suicide

In 1932, the "December 28th" Shanghai Campaign broke out and the Japanese invaded Zhabei China , The plant and warehouse of Huacha Company were blown up. At this time, Huacha's business in the United States was gradually shrinking. Tang Jishan switched to exporting tea to Africa and often stayed in Hong Kong to discuss business.

At this time, the popular actress Ruan Lingyu was also inAfter staying in Hong Kong for a period of time, after Tang and Ruan met at a dance party, Tang Jishan never forgot about Ruan Lingyu, used her whole body solution to pursue Ruan Lingyu, and often invited her to dance in the hotel.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Ruan Lingyu

Ruan Lingyu was born in poverty, and his mother was in the paint wood business Zhang The surname is a rich business helper for her to study at Shanghai Chongde Girls' Middle School.

The fourth young master of the Zhang family is called ZhangDamin is handsome, and he has been idle after graduating from university. He has a great affection for the beautiful Ruan Lingyu. He often shows courtesy to please the 15-year-old Ruan Lingyu. The two soon moved in together.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Ruan Lingyu and Zhang Damin

After Zhang’s family knew, they swept Ruan Lingyu’s mother and daughter out , Cut off Zhang Damin’s living expenses, and Zhang Damin was used to being a dude, never worked, and often involvedIt’s a big casino.

In desperation, Zhang Damin’s eldest brother and director Zhang Huichong introduced that in 1926, Ruan Lingyu, who was only 16 years old, began to take over some small roles in film companies to support her family. With her extraordinary appearance and temperament, she quickly Became popular.

In 1928, Father Zhang died, leaving an inheritance of 250,000 yuan to the first three sons, and only a few thousand yuan to the rebellious fourth son.

From then on, Zhang Damin relied on Ruan Lingyu to support him, and did not change his young master’s temper. Ruan Lingyu was already a well-known star in the movie circle. He was able to share the same color with Hu Die in the film industry. The account, but also to serve him in life, has become Zhang Damin's ATM, and the two gradually have a rift.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Ruan Lingyu

After meeting the 40-year-old Tang Jishan in Hong Kong, Ruan Lingyu couldn’t stand a husband like Zhang Damin even more than the successful, polite, and courteous Tang Jishan.

In Tang Jishan and Ruan Lingyu When he fell in love, Zhang Zhiyun once wrote a letter to Ruan Lingyu, saying: "Today I am tomorrow's you", but Ruan Lingyu didn't care, thinking it was just a woman's jealousy.

Under the temptation of Tang Jishan, she went through the divorce procedures with Zhang Damin, took her mother and adopted daughter, and lived in Shanghai where Tang Jishan bought it.The three-story building in Qinyuan Village, Xinzha Road, is where she committed suicide in the future.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Ruan Lingyu

When the divorce was negotiated, Ruan Lingyu promised to give Zhang Damin every month. The cost of living is one hundred yuan.

But it was difficult to meet Zhang Damin’s expenses. He kept asking for money. Ruan Lingyu knew that he was at a loss, and paid several hundred yuan to Zhang Damin many times, but the money Zhang Damin asked for increased.Zhuan Gao, once again asked her for five thousand yuan, Tang Jishan was deeply dissatisfied, this time, Ruan Lingyu refused to pay.

When Zhang Damin was struggling, he remembered that he had lost 250,000 yuan of inheritance because of Ruan Lingyu, but now he was abandoned by Ruan Lingyu, and became more annoyed. Adultery with others," Ruan Lingyu asked for compensation for the inheritance he never got.

Ruan Lingyu tried to reconcile with him privately, but Tang Jishan resolutely disagreed, and went to the court to counter suing Zhang Damin for reputational framing.

What annoys her even more is that Tang Jishan, who has had countless affairs, still falls in love with a star, Liang Saizhen from the "Four Sisters of Liang Family", and often stays away at night.

When Ruan Lingyu was arguing with him about this matter, Tang Jishan actually beat her. After the conflict, Ruan Lingyu returned from filming late at night. Tang Jishan forbade Ruan's mother to open the door, leaving Ruan Lingyu frozen all night outside.

Ruan Lingyu, who was already very well-known, was pushed to the forefront and panicked due to the dispute between Tang and Zhang. Tang Jishan’s love and betrayal made her discover that she was inhumane, so she became extremely Great pessimism.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Ruan Lingyu

On March 6, 1935, the Shanghai District Court gave Ruan Lingyu A subpoena was issued, requiring her to testify in court on March 9.Explain the whole story.

On the evening of March 7, Ruan Lingyu held a banquet and smiled and said to the guests that she was "innocent and fearless". On the way home, she and Tang Jishan had another fierce quarrel. At around one o'clock in the morning on March 8, she asked her mother to cook a bowl of noodles for her, mixed with 30 sleeping pills, and committed suicide.

After writing the two suicide notes, she was physically weak, and she reluctantly walked to Tang Jishan’s bed and said with tears: "Can you give me some last comfort?"

Tang Jishan Asking, when she fainted, she found an empty bottle of sleeping pills on the table.

In order to minimize the impact of this incident, he also stayed close, and sent Ruan Lingyu to Fumin Hospital opened by the Japanese, and then to a German hospital. There was no night emergency. At around 5 in the morning, he called a private doctor and the gastric lavage did not work, and he was sent to the Chinese and Western nursing home on Pushi Road. After several toss, he missed the best rescue time at 6:38 pm on March 8., Ruan Lingyu, 25, passed away with hatred.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

After their deaths, tens of thousands of Shanghai residents spontaneously To send her funeral, 12 film and television elders including Jin Yan and Cai Chusheng helped her coffin. A large number of military police took to the streets to maintain order. Five fans committed suicide because of her. "The Greatest Funeral" reported that Lu Xun also wrote "On Ren YanAwesome" as a sign of condolences.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

In order to clean herself, Tang Jishan also The sisters Liang Saizhen and Liang Saishan asked Liang Saishan to imitate Ruan's handwriting, and wrote two fake suicide notes, saying "I am dead now, I can always do what he wants; Zhang Damin, let me see how you can escape this public opinion; you Now I can’t frame Tang Jishan again, IIt's a shame to die, but I'm still afraid that what people say is terrible. " in exchange for Ruan Lingyu’s suicide note.

It was not until 1993 that the elderly Liang Saizhen and Liang Saishan exposed Ruan Lingyu’s true suicide note in the "Siming Business Journal" in Hong Kong.

The true suicide note to Tang Jishan is as follows:

"Ji Shan: Without you, you are obsessed with Liang Saizhen. If you hit me that night without you, hit me again tonight. I probably wouldn't do that! After I die, in the future, someone will definitely say that you are a devil who plays with women, and even more so that I am a woman without a soul, but at that time, I am no longer alive, so take it yourself! Zhiyun in the past, me today, who is tomorrow? I think you know it by yourself.

I'm dead, I don't dare to hate you, I hope you treat mom and Xiaonan well. Lianhua owes meThe labor cost of two thousand and fifty yuan, please be the cost of raising them, and please take care of them, because they are the only one you can rely on! Without me, you can do what you like. I am very happy. Lingyu's excellent pen"

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

The true suicide note of Ruan Lingyu was published

In a short lifetime, Ruan Lingyu has left many classic screen images. In 2005, she wasThe Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival was selected as one of the 100 most outstanding stars in China's century-old film history.

Because of Tang Jishan's chaos and abandonment, her supposedly rich and colorful artistic life seems particularly hasty.

3. Liang Saizhen sees the world's feelings deeply and prefers to be a dancing girl rather than a wealthy businessman

As a giant businessman, Tang Jishan's other identity is the major shareholder of Lianhua Pictures. Therefore, this is also Provided an opportunity for him to hunt for beauty everywhere.

Tang Jishan's essence is a businessman. In his eyes, beauties and celebrities are rare commodities for the higher prices. As a wealthy owner of many companies, warehouses, and houses, he is like collecting collections. , Constantly collecting beauties.

Liang Saizhen is a Cantonese and a dancer. She started in film in 1926 and starred in the film since 1929. She joined the star film company in 1931 and starred in "Burning Red Lotus Temple" and "Mrs. Mai".

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Liang Saizhen

1934, Tang Jishan Invited her to star in the sound film "Return My Mountains and Rivers". In the second year, she invited Liang Saizhen and her sisters Liang Saizhu, Liang Saishan, and Liang Saihu to perform the silent film "Four Sisters", known as the "Four Sisters of Liang Family", which was a smash hit. .

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Liang Saizhen’s sister

Different from Zhang Zhiyun and Ruan Lingyu’s melancholic temperament, Liang Saizhen is famous The singer and dance star, Ming Yan and moving, Tang Jishan is tired of Ruan Lingyu, and has a crush on Liang Saizhen.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

But after seeing Zhang Zhiyun and Ruan Lingyu go off the field, Liang Saizhen determined not to follow their footsteps and achieve economic independence without having to make a living by wealthy businessmen.

She moved away from Tang Jishan with the three sisters. They settled in Qinyuan Village, no longer acting in movies, returning to their old professions, and making a living as dancers. After the War of Resistance, Liang Saizhen and his sisters moved to Singapore together and served as the general manager of Nantian Hotel Colorful Dragon and Phoenix Dance Palace.

4. Wang Youjia’s moths extinguished the fire, and the end was also bleak

In 1937, during the Songhu War of Resistance, the newly-built plant and machinery of Huacha Company once againAfter being completely burned by the Japanese army and the coastal trade ports fell, the business of Huacha Company was nearing a standstill.

During this period, Tang Jishan did not break out the scandal.

In 1945, the business of Huacha Company gradually resumed. Tang Jishan reappeared in the social place in Shanghai. In 1948, she married Wang Youjia, a great beauty known as the "Community Flower of the Republic of China".

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Wang Youjia

Wang Youjia is not a celebrity, but her beauty has always been praised. Cao Yu called her the image prototype of Chen Bailu in "Sunrise": "Miss Wang... looks pretty, you can say Charming, she immediately ignited my image of Chen Bailu."

Her classmate and friend Lu Xiaoxin once published a memoir article in Taiwan saying: "I I think the most beautiful thing about her is not her face and body shape, but her movements and temperament. The beauty of her movements, I think even the beauty of the world can’t be compared with her. Her every gesture and gesture is amazing. An aesthetic feeling like a musical melody."

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Chen Bailu in "Sunrise"

Wang Youjia graduated from the University of Wisconsin in the United States. In the third year of college, he met the famous scholar Luo Longji on the return ship. Luo Longji was overwhelmed by her appearance and persuaded her to live with him. The two were married, but because Luo Longji was a "marriage pluralist" and had a long-term derailment during his marriage, the two broke up before the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

Tang Jishan, who was turned into a hawker from a tea king

Wang Youjia and Luo Longji

The rising political star Luo Longji, who is rumored to be promoted to minister, begged Wang You’s family not to divorce, but Wang You’s family was determined to find a new husband who could beat her ex-husband. She chose "Tea King" Tang Jishan who is recovering his family business.

After the two got married, Wang Youjia became Tang Jishan’s fifth wife, and was laughed at by the mean tabloids as "the king married again" and gave birth to a son after marriage. .

In 1949, Tang Jishan, who was in her 50s, took Wang You’s family to Taiwan. Due to the booming business, their Taipei home was full of friends and celebrities such as Zhang Daofan.Wang Youjia, who is good at writing, also edited and directed the historical drama "Dragon Girl Temple", which was released in Taiwan and received rave reviews.

But not long after, Wang Youjia discovered that Tang Jishan had begun to hunt for beauty again, and interacting with bar girls. In 1959, the two divorced.

In 1967, Wang You's family died in a civilian hospital in Taiwan. After death, they had no money to bury them. Out of sympathy, the owner of the funeral home dealt with the funeral for free.

5. At the end of the hunter, he turned from a tea king to a street vendor

Due to investment failure, Tang Jishan's family declined due to investment failure, so that she lived on the street as a tea vendor and sold every day You can make a living by dropping a bag of tea, and the end is sad.

The former "Tea King" Tang Jishan used his wealth to impress many movie stars and beauties, making them surrender under the material enjoyment and his meticulous consideration, mistakenly thinking that Tang Jishan is a beloved person who can be trusted for life .

In Tang Jishan's eyes, whether it is a movie star, a socialite or a dancing girl, it is just a commodity with a price tag. When the lover's youthful beauty is no longer and the novelty declines, he will give up and find a new love. , There has never been a real family concept, let alone loyalty.

What he loves is the skin, and it is the skin of the country's beauty, this is not love, it is just hunting.

It is a sigh that the moths of the beauties are fighting the fire. After Zhang Zhiyun, Ruan Lingyu and Liang Saizhen, after Ruan Lingyu, there is Wang Youjia. Even if they have learned from the past, they still have to repeat the same story. rut.

It is said that famous literati often have the hobby of "saving the wind and dust", about, the famous beauty will also have the interest of "saving the prodigal son."

Their outstanding appearance gives them self-confidence, thinking that they can become the prodigalA man who hates the old becomes a loyal husband who lives at home.

This is destined to be an illusion.

Stars and giants, since ancient times, under the sun, nothing new.