Jia Dao: If you don’t appreciate the friend, you will return to the mountain and autumn

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It’s not enough to come from a remote place. Jia Dao was also born in Qinghan’s family. He was poor and failed in the exam. So he became a monk and be

Jia Dao: If you don’t appreciate the friend, you will return to the mountain and autumn

The poet Jia Dao of the Mid-Tang Dynasty was born in Fanyang. Although Fan Yang also has great family members, it is located in the land of ancient and quiet swallows, far away from the center of power and rich arts and literature. It’s not enough to come from a remote place. Jia Dao was also born in Qinghan’s family. He was poor and failed in the exam. So he became a monk and became a monk because he couldn’t stand the precepts of the monastery. However, everything was still not satisfactory. This former monk with no basis in the Dharma name has experienced countless failures in exams, and is finally receivingWhen he was nearly 45 years old, he got a small official and became the chief book of Suizhou Yangtze River. This master book is equivalent to the official rank of the 9th grade or from the 9th grade, and almost belongs to the most humble official in the Tang Dynasty official system. Later, Jia Dao had to move to Sicang, Puzhou, to join the army, which was considered a step up. In another three years, he moved to Puzhou to join the army and died without taking office.

I don’t plant peaches, plums and roses.

The rose blossoms fall in the autumn wind, and the thorns are all over the garden.

This song "Ti Xinghua Garden Pavilion" was improvised when Jia Dao followed Han Yu to the newly built yard of then Prime Minister Pei Du's house. According to legend, this poem was also inscribed on the wall of someone else's newly built yard. The newly renovated large courtyard of Prime Minister Pei’s house was extremely luxurious, causing Jia Dao to feel uncomfortable, so he became angry, wrote poetry, and cursed him for occupying the land, lusting for extravagance, and full of thorns.

Someone might understand this poem as JiaIsland despises the powerful and hates arrogant and extravagant civilian thoughts, but it is not. Jia Dao does not hate the powerful and powerful as people think. In fact, for the sake of his reputation, he never hesitated to run to the homes of the nobles, including Han Yu's and Linghu's prime minister's home, and it cannot be completely attributed to his satisfaction with their requirements for singing and poetry. To the rich and powerful, he has a clear yearning, envy, and vague jealousy, anger and entanglement in his heart, and his experience of wandering indefinitely for most of his life and repeated trials and failures has deepened his complex feelings of resentment and admiration for the rich and powerful. .

Jia Dao also has a poem that is well-known-"Ten years to grind a sword, but Frost Blade has never tried; today, Shijun, who has any injustice?" This poem is even worse, sharp and sharp. Being exposed makes people chill.

"Why does (Jia Dao) always have that gloomy, bitter, and harsh sentiment in poetry?" This is a question from Mr. Wen Yiduo. Then Mr. Wen asked and answered himself"We should remember that Jia Dao used to be a monk without a foundation. If we admit that a person's futon career in the first half of his life, we cannot because once he returns to the vulgarity, it has nothing to do with him in the second half of his life. Now, Jia Dao is a scholar in appearance. I am afraid that there is still a shizi in my bones. So all the negative, negative, and contrary tastes of life can be traced back to the early educational background in the Zen room.” ("Tang Poems") Mr. Wen's words are part of me. Agreed, Lu Shiyong also said in "The General Theory of Poetry and Mirror" that "Jia Dao-na will never get rid of Qi". However, if Buddhism had such a great influence on Jia Island, Jia Island would not be Jia Island, but the monk would have no foundation.

Jia Dao has a cousin named Wu Ke, who became a monk together in the early years. When Jia Dao returned to secular life, he had no appointment, saying that he would eventually return to Shijia. After a period of time, there is no poem to write to remind Jia Dao not to miss the appointment. Jia Dao's poem "Send Nothing to Be a Master", in which there is a sentence: "The famous mountain thinks about it and will arrive at Songqiu sooner or later. There will eventually be a haze, and the rooftop is a close neighbor. "

"There will be a haze appointment", what a good sentence, unfortunately, this is just an imaginary place set by Jia Dao for himself. In fact, the love and desire for the world There has never been a moment of concealment and concealment in his life.

Two sentences in three years, one chants with tears.

If a friend does not appreciate, he will return to Gushan Autumn.

This poem can be recited by many people. Jia Dao's poetry writing is almost obsessive, like crazy, concocting words and sentences. The more weird and strange, the more weird and the more weird, the more satisfying I can be. Satisfaction. Is it enough for yourself? It’s not enough to satisfy yourself. If you don’t appreciate your soulmates, you can only return to the mountains and autumns. This is the key. The purpose of this painstaking deliberation and life-breaking is to hope to get the rewards of your soulmates. The recognition of a wider range of readers, in order to obtain a shocking achievement.

To put it bluntly, it's nothing more than hoping to get ahead through what I like and what I'm good at. I can't be an official, so I can write poetry instead. Just like a farmer, the corn planting this year has not been converted into money, and he will switch to planting potatoes next year. People cannot praise the motivation of some people for writing poems because it is a noble act of spirit. At the very least, Jia Dao's attitude of escaping from the world and becoming mad at writing poetry is nothing but a tortuous way to achieve the goal. In any case, it can not be included in the category of the six purity of Buddhism. It is also completely different from the realm of the Haze Covenant.

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