“The city of urns“, “catching turtles in the urn“, on seniority

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The emergence of Weng City led the ancients to create the idiom "catch a turtle in the urn" or "catch a turtle in the urn". This question is as intere

The emergence of the Weng City led the ancients to create the idiom "Catch the turtle in the urn" or "Catch the turtle in the urn". The idiom gave the ancients a whim and burst of inspiration to build the city. This question is as interesting as the sequence of chickens and eggs, but not as complicated as it is. As long as we carefully analyze cultural historical data, the answer is obvious, and I will take you to explore it below.

1. The source of the idiom "catch turtles in the urn"

"Catch turtles in the urn": meaning to catch turtles in a big jar. Later, I described that what I wanted was already in my complete control. It was first recorded in Song Dynasty Shi Puji's "Five Lantern Hui Yuan•Private Xufu Lay" 19: "Where did you go in the urn but the turtle." It means when did the turtle escape from the big jar? Later in the Ming Dynasty Ming Feng Menglong's "Jing Shi Tong Yan", there is a sentence "Sun Fu sees Shi Niang as the turtle in the urn, and orders the family boy to send that gold stationery and place it on the bow." SunFu was firmly in control, and the marriage was a foregone conclusion. Only then did the family children send dressing accessories and pink daisies and settle them on the bow; the seventy-sixth chapter of "Shuo Yue Quan Biography" written by Qing Dynasty Qian Cai Nanban can only catch turtles in an urn, and don't consume a monk's sword, and discipline him one by one when he is tied." The protagonist's martial arts is highlighted, and it is easy to clean up Xiao Nanman. The allusion "Li Kui Negative Jing" speaks of the idiom "catch turtles in the urn", to the effect of: "At the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, there was an apricot flower village under the mountain not far from Dazhai in Liangshan. There was a small hotel on the village, and there was no one else in the old man's house. There is only one eighteen-year-old daughter named Man Tangjiao. Man Tangjiao is beautiful and charming. One day, two gangsters came to the hotel to have a drink. Not only did they not pay for the wine, but they also had a bad idea for the young and beautiful girl, borrowing Song Jiang and Lu Zhishen He forcibly snatched her away. Just as the old man was desperate and indignant, Li Kui passed by the hotel. Hearing that Song Jiang and Lu Zhishen were doing such a damaging thing, heFurious and determined to go up the mountain to find Song Jiang and Lu Zhishen for theory. Li Kui made trouble in Zhongyi Hall. After knowing that Song Jiang was wrong, he ordered someone to tie himself up and apologize to Song Jiang. At this time, the old man came to report that the two rascals and two evil men were drunk and slept in the store. Li Kui happily said: "It's just right, I catch turtles in the urn, and clean up these two rascals!" Li Kui took a sharp axe and hurried down the mountain, finally getting rid of the two gangsters who pretended to be Liangshan heroes and corrupted Liangshan's reputation. ”

“The city of urns“, “catching turtles in the urn“, on seniority

Idiom to catch the turtle in the urn comics

2. The history of the urn city

The urn city is one of the main defense facilities to strengthen the defense of the castle or pass in ancient times. It is on both sides and the city wall. Established together, there are defense facilities such as arrow towers, gates, castellations, etc., which are part of the city wall. As long as the enemy is lured into the city, arrows can be dropped from a high place by closing the city gate, and the sluice can be opened to let the enemy have no way to escape.

“The city of urns“, “catching turtles in the urn“, on seniority

Ancient Wengcheng Ruins

The earliest appearance of Wengcheng has yet to be verified, but Wancheng built by the Huns is the earliest prototype of Wengcheng. From the Western Han Dynasty to the Northern Wei Dynasty, most of the gates and gates of the city were two or three stories Chonglou, set up building views on the left and right; the setting of urn city was popular in the Five Dynasties and Northern Song Dynasty in the Song Dynasty. The "Wu Jing Zong Yao" and "Tokyo Dream Hualu· Juan Yi" have detailed descriptions; the Ming Dynasty emphasized the defense of the city In Nanjing, Beijing, Xi'an, Shangqiu, Pingyao, Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan, wengcheng have been set up. The largest existing Urn City in China is the Zhonghua Gate in Nanjing, and it is also the world's best-preserved and most complex fortress Urn City.

“The city of urns“, “catching turtles in the urn“, on seniority

Zhonghua Gate

Third, the idiom "catch the turtle in the urn" VS "Catch the turtle in the urn" "

First, from historical records, the idiom "catch the turtle in the urn" first appeared in the Song Dynasty, and "the city of urns" has appeared at least in the Western Han Dynasty. Therefore, the idiom "catch the turtle in the urn" originated from "the city of urns"; The basic principle of consciousness, it is precisely because of the substance of the building of the Urn city that the later idiom "catch the turtle in the urn" was realized. Based on the above two points, I personally think that there is the idiom "catch the turtle in the urn" first. What do you think? Welcome to leave a comment.