Unspeakable declaration of Tang Xuanzong: No one knows what he is thinking, do you know?

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Just because he watched a scene in the Ci'en Temple, he was punished by his father to stand in full view. He didn't even look at her. Instead, he curs

Unspeakable declaration of Tang Xuanzong: No one knows what he is thinking, do you know?


Princess Wanshou couldn’t think of it. Because she watched a scene in the Ci'en Temple, she was punished by her father to stand in full view. He didn’t even look at her, but cursed:

Is there any uncle who doesn’t visit when he is ill, but goes to the theater? !

Before this, he also threw a sentence:

I have always wondered why scholar-officials don’t want to marry my family. There is indeed a reason.

Where did Princess Wanshou have seen this battle, she burst into tears, she had only runny nose to plead guilty. Fortunately, she was not punished and sent home.

The person who scolded her is the princess’s father, also known as the little Taizong’s Tang Xuanzong Li Sincerely.

Princess Wanshou’s husband is Zheng Hao, a living man, born in the Zheng clan of Xingyang. He was a famous noble family in northern China from Han to Tang. Clan, Fanyang Lu, Qinghe Cui, and Taiyuan Wang are also called five surnames and seven families. Li Tang relied on the Guanlong Group to establish the country, and often took a stance of drawing in the Shandong nobles who occupied the cultural highland. However, the Shandong gentry did not seem to buy it. They always looked down on the Li family, who came from the military, and were not active enough on the issue of marriage. Therefore, it is also an honor for the royal family to marry with such a high door.

Xuanzong, as an emperor, did not give his children the treatment he deserved. Princess Wanshou got married, but she didn’t use her ostentatious silver car, And used a copper car. Before leaving, she warned the princess: abide by women's way, not to insult her husband's family, and not to do politics.

After being taught a lesson, Princess Wanshou did not do anything good, other The relatives and relatives of the emperor also observe the etiquette and law and dare not go beyond.

The above are just small waves of Tang Xuanzong Li Chen’s rule of the country.


In 820, 43-year-old Tang Xianzong Li Chun died violently, and the fourteen years of Yuan and Zhongxing era came to an end. Yuanhe ZTE is the best era that 10-year-old Li Chen can see. Rejuvenating and surpassing it have become Li Chen's lifelong dream.

However, after Xianzong’s death, the throne did not belong to him. Li Chen is the thirteen son, and before him is the third son Li Heng who has been designated as the prince. This is the Tang Muzong in history. After Mu Zong reigned for 4 years, he died. In the next 20 years, Li Chen's three nephews: Jingzong, Wenzong, and Wuzong successively reigned.

The embarrassing thing is that although Li Chen is an uncle, he is only 1 year younger than Jingzong and Wenzong, and 4 years older than Wuzong. He was named the King of Light at 11 years old, and because of his similar age, he did not get the favor of his nephews. Respect, on the contrary, was often ridiculed and earned the nickname "Uncle Guang." After experiencing his father's violent death, the uncle Guang suddenly learned to act stupidly, and remained taciturn, even when banqueting.

In spite of this, the little emperor is still in crisis, and the smart Wu Zong often borrows This opportunity put him to death, every time he escaped with the help of the eunuch. Finally, he had to ask to become a monk and travel the world.

Like the bridge segment in a novel, as long as the protagonist is the protagonist, even if he is lost, the halo still hangs over him.

Li Chen’s aura has been lit since he was 10 years old. That year, he fell ill, in a trance, consciously shining light on his whole body, and then assumed the posture that the monarch made to the courtiers (of course, he does not say it himself, no one else knows.) He still often Dreaming of Jackie Chan’s ascension to heaven, his mother, Queen Mother Zheng, warned him not to speak out.

While traveling, Li Chen met a Zen master Huang Bo. That day, the two stood under the waterfall and confronted poetry. The verses chanted by Zen Master Huang Bo are:

Thousands of rocks and ten thousand begs will not give up, From a distance, I know the source is high.

Li Chen blurted out:

How can the stream be kept, but the sea will make wavesTao.

Unspeakable declaration of Tang Xuanzong: No one knows what he is thinking, do you know?

History has proven that people who can leave aspiring poems are great things.


Although Li Chen wanted to achieve a major event, he secretly made preparations (for example, many cases indicate that he has an extraordinary relationship with the eunuch.) But at this time, Li Chen may not have thought that he would be in the near future. , Truly in charge of such a vast territory.

It can be seen that if a person wants to succeed, he has to rely on God’s care.

This opportunity came soon. In 846, Tang Wuzong, who had done a lot of work, died after taking a pill. The eunuchs discussed together who should be the emperor to save The current status is unshakable. Qiu Shiliang, who once saved Li Chen, proposed Li Guangwang, and in the end everyone agreed that Li Chen, who was silly in Li Chen, soon issued an edict.

After Xuanzong ascended the throne, on the one hand, he was extremely sad, on the other hand, As if they were familiar, handling government affairs, wise, courageous, and organized, everyone suddenly realized that everything was pretending.

Only Xuanzong knew that he could make it to this day. It was a fluke.

His mother, Zheng, is only the traitor Li Qi in person After Li Qi's death, Zheng did not enter the palace and was favored by Xuanzong. She gave birth to Xuanzong, and her status was improved step by step, but she did not forget her origin, so she often warned her son to be careful. .

After Li Chen ascended the throne of God, the first thing he thought of was to quickly establish his authority. Xu is revenge for being bullied by Wu Zong when he was young. Xuanzong's policy for himself is: Everything Wu Zong affirms, he denies it, and what Wu Zong denies, he affirms. Wu Zong supports the Li Dang, he supports the Niu Dang, and when Wu Zong destroys the Buddha, he cultivates the Buddha. Wu Zong liked Li Deyu the most, so he took Li Deyu first.

Li Deyu was the most trusted minister of Tang Wuzong and a rare doer at the time. , Wuzong periodLi Deyu played several times, never mind, no matter which position he was in, he worked hard and did his work well. As the core of the Li Party, he was highly powerful and had a lot of merit, and he was the best in the Wu Zong Dynasty. For Xinjun Xuanzong, Li Deyu is not a backer, on the contrary, he is a heavy mountain on his chest. On the day of his ascension, when Xuanzong saw Li Deyu, he was so nervous and sweaty.

If you want to make your own voice, you must bring down this mountain. Without warning, Li Deyu was suddenly dismissed and demoted to the Jiedu Ambassador of Jingnan. After that, he was demoted and demoted all the way to Chaozhou and Ren Sima, and finally crossed the Qiongzhou Strait to Yazhou, Hainan Island. RenSecretary household.

Li Deyu’s political career is over, Xuanzong also lost the last An opportunity for great courtiers to work together.

Li Deyu loses power, the Li party collapses across the board, the bull party all rises, Sengru and Li Zongmin were promoted or appointed.

Xuanzong relies heavily on the prime minister, who is Bai Juyi’sBrother Bai Minzhong.


Bai Min's ability to be in the top position is also drenched by Bai Juyi's light, and it also benefits from Li Deyu's recommendation. Tang Wuzong admired Bai Juyi very much and wanted to use him. Li Deyu, the prime minister at the time, said to Wu Zong:

"Bai Juyi is old and may be overwhelmed by the task. His younger brother Bai Min is not inferior to him and can be appointed."


Bai Minzhong immediately became a Hanlin bachelor and Zhizhizhi from the household member Wailang, and soon became a member of Zhongshushe. XuanzongAfter ascending to the throne, he also wanted to make Bai Juyi a face, but learned that he had died of illness for several months and that Bai Minzhong was in the court. As a result, Bai Minzhong was promoted thirteen times in five years as the minister of war.

Li Deyu, who has the grace to promote himself, Bai Minzhong repays his virtue with complaints, and when Li Deyu loses power, People exposed Li Deyu's crimes, causing him to be placed in an idle position. Bai Minzhong has no special talents, and his criteria for selecting officials and appointing people is: to appoint whatever Li Deyu does not value.

Bai Minzhong’s role seems to be nothing more than attacking Li Deyu.

The other prime minister that Xuanzong relied on was Ling Huxuan.

Linghuzhu is the second son of Linghu Chu and a friend of Li Shangyin . The reason why Linghuhuo could be reused was because when Tang Xianzong was in the funeral, he encountered wind and rain, and everyone else went to shelter from the rain. Only Linghuchu stayed still. This scene was seen by the young Li Chen and remembered in his heart. He doesn't know who this person is, only remembers it is a tall bearded man.

When Wei Xiaobao went to Liaodong for business from Tianjin, there was also a bearded military attache who neither complimented nor gave gifts. Wei Xiaobao thought he was talented, and later This bearded Zhao Liangdong really did a good job, this is something later.

Unspeakable declaration of Tang Xuanzong: No one knows what he is thinking, do you know?

Xuanzong asks Bai Minzhong who this bearded man is Bai Minzhong replied, it was Linghu Chu. At that time, Linghu Chu had passed away as early as the Wenzong period. Xuanzong asked if Linghuchu had any heirs. Bai Minzhong recommended Linghuzhu, and Xuanzong immediately ordered him to test his merits. He was a doctor, Zhizhizhi, and later promoted to a Hanlin bachelor.

Bai Minzhong, Linghuzhuo During the ruling period, they did not make any achievements in politics. Firstly, the two did not have talents. Secondly, Tang Xuanzong had his unique and unknown way of employing people. You must be careful.Be careful, you can be safe.

No wonder historian Cen Zhongmian once said that Xuanzong’s relegation of Li Deyu was a vent of personal anger. Self-destruction of the Great Wall, he can only be the master of success, not the material to restore the crisis.


Xuanzong came from a humble background, and his succession to the throne is not justified. In addition, he has no training in governing the country, and he often makes decisions based on his own likes and dislikes. He is suspicious by nature, rightAll ministers do not trust, but only believe in their own judgment.

Xuanzong’s selection of ministers has three obvious tendencies:

First, people who like to use Bull Party are just because Wu Zong uses Li Party.

Secondly, he likes to use the descendants of the old ministers in the Yuanhe period. For example, Linghuhuan can sit as prime minister only by his father's performance at Xianzong's funeral.

The third is to pay attention to twigsIn the last section, I saw trees but no forest. This is particularly evident in the appointment of magistrates.

Once, Xuanzong went out of the city to hunt and saw dozens of people praying at a Buddhist temple on the Weishui River , Just stepped forward to find out why. The common people answered:

"We are the people of Liquan County. Because the county magistrate Li Junshi has excellent political performance and the current term is about to expire, the people want him to stay in office, so we pray."

After Xuanzong returned to the palace, he recorded Li Junshi’s name on the screen. The two new Liquan County proposed by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology to be selected were both rejected by Xuanzong. A year later, the staff of the officials came out of HuaizhouLack, request an appointment, Xuan Zong only flicked his royal pen to let Li Junshi take office. Everyone didn't know the reason, Xuanzong didn't tell him why until Li Junshi saw him.

Jingyang County magistrate Li Xingyan is also such a beneficiary. One day, Xuanzong went hunting in Beiyuan again and met a few woodcutters in Jingyang County. He talked about the county magistrate’s political achievements. Xuanzong remembered him and stood his name on the pillar. Two years later, Li Xingyan took office as the governor of Haizhou. Before leaving, Xuanzong gave him Jinzi and explained why.


For courtiers, whether or not they can become prime ministers still has a lot of luck.

The emperor has no rules in choosing the prime minister. He often selects two or three candidates based on various conditions, and finally decides by lottery.

Even if I become a member, my daily life is not easy. Xuanzong looked majestic when he was in the dynasty, making the officials unable to look up. After a while, Long Yan suddenly calmed down and talked to everyone. I don't know when, Long Yan suddenly recovered his majesty.

When Zhou Qiao worshiped the Xiang, Wei Ao instead of celebrating him, instead said "May the minister have no rights. ” One year later, Zhou Xie was dismissed.

The only long-term aligner was Linghuzhu for 10 years. Linghuhuan has nothing to do with others. He has been mediocre in his life, but only promises. Nevertheless, he told people that he was in power for 10 years, and every time the Yanying Palace played right, even in the cold winter, he would sweat.

The officials can’t touch the lord’s temper at all, they can only be trembling, like walking on thin ice. Such an imperial technique, although unique , But not Xuanzong’s initiative. As early as the Warring States Period, Shen Buhui proposedIn view of the ruling thought of "shu", he advocated that the monarch should remain silent, no matter how rewards and punishments are given, he should not be seen by others, and that he should maintain a mysterious and unpredictable style.

This is a manifestation of distrust of the officials, and also implies one’s own Guilty conscience.


However, Tang Xuanzong’s reputation in history is not bad. On the contrary, he was also hailed as "Little Taizong" by later generations.

He learns the governance practices of Yuanhe ZTE and Zhenguan everywhere, accepts advice from an open mind, and corrects his mistakes in time. Regarding local officials, they made careful investigations, and found that the provincial governors and county magistrates with outstanding political achievements were appointed exceptionally. Unqualified officials are not easily appointed. At the same time, Xuanzong also cared about Baixin's suffering and appropriately reduced their burden. He was also diligent and thrifty enough, and even went to Huaqing Pool to take a bath under the advice of the officials.

There is nothing wrong with Xuanzong’s personal hobbies. He likes to play polo and he is A master. He is as proficient in rhythm as Tang Xuanzong, but he is not addicted to it. The biggest hobby is reading, and often a person studies in the side hall for a long time, so that he gets the nickname of "old scholar". he stillI attach great importance to the imperial examination, and if the candidate I fancy fails, I will regret it for him.

The biggest surprise of the Xuanzong Dynasty came from Hexi.

At that time, Tubo civil strife continued. In February 851, Shazhou Zhang Yichao took the opportunity to recruit heroes, took the city of Shazhou in one fell swoop, sent people to return to the Tang Dynasty, and was appointed as the Shazhou defense envoy, shaking the ruling and opposition parties. Eight months later, Zhang Yichao brought even greater gifts. He sent troops to capture ten states including Guazhou, Yizhou, Xizhou, Ganzhou, Suzhou, and Lanzhou, and sent his elder brother.Zhang Yize took a map of eleven states to Chang'an, which greatly inspired the country. You know, the land of Hehuang has been gradually occupied by Tubo since the Anshi Rebellion, and this occupation has lasted nearly a hundred years.

Unspeakable declaration of Tang Xuanzong: No one knows what he is thinking, do you know?

Later generations often recorded the credit for this time under the name of Xuanzong. In fact, it has nothing to do with Xuanzong. This matter is a long story, and it is worth writing a special article.


Tang Xuanzong was a lonely widow who was in power for 13 years. He died of swallowing pills at the age of 50, following in the footsteps of his nephew Wu Zong. Despite the lack of previous experience, he basically controlled the entire court. Powerless to reverse the crisis of Datang, he did everything he could. When the river is going down, the weak sun is always the most beautiful as long as it shines.