Xinghua Daiyao brick carving

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Xiao Ya/Wen Gongwei/Picture Daijiayao, Daijiayao, three bridges in the north and south. Seventy-two kilns, Zhu Hongwu built the city wall in Nanjing,

Xinghua Daiyao brick carving

Xiao Ya/Wen Gongwei/Picture

Dai Jiayao,


Three bridges in the north and south.

Seventy-two kilns,

Zhu Hongwu’s Nanjing City Wall,

A sacred decree to Dai Yao.

This folk song has been circulating in the Daiyao area of ​​Xinghua since the early Ming Dynasty. According to legend, in 1368 AD, Zhu Yuanzhang's famous military commander Liu Bowen discovered when he traveled to Daiyao that there were Qinglong Bridge and Bagua Pond in the south, and Phoenix Mouth in the north.

Think about the time when Wu Wang Zhang Shicheng led the "eighteen poles" on the kiln and competed with Zhu Yuanzhang for the world. How could such a story be staged again? So, Army Master Liu ordered:

In Dai Yao, 72 kilns were built and 72 shafts were drilled, which greatly broke the feng shui of Dai kiln.

In this way, Dai Yao Xia There are 7 kilns in Jiazuizi, 8 large kilns in Baguachi, 4 kilns in Lijiazui, 5 kilns in Zhangjiazui, 15 kilns in difficult terrain, 5 kilns near the market town, plus There are a total of 72 kilns in the west and north kilns of the Shangdai kiln in Hebei. Corresponding to the 72 kilns, 72 boreholes were excavated to break the good feng shui of Dai kilns and prevent the "King Wu" from coming back.

Xinghua Daiyao brick carving

Liu Bowen’s order brought the unprecedented prosperity of the kiln industry in Daiyao Town, and gave birth to the rapid development of brick carvings related to the kiln industry. The technological level is greatly improved.

The folk ballad recorded before the article is true and has real evidence.

According to 1The five Dacheng bricks excavated at the old site of the Daiyao Brick and Tile Factory in February 973 contained "Yangzhou Prefecture Promoting Officer Tongzhi Zhuxiang Secretary Tao Xu, Gaoyou Prefecture Promoting Officer Tongzhi Changsong Secretary Jiheng, Xinghua Promoting Officer The words "Fan Hongdao Secretary Zhao Zong" in the main book stand out, and "Year Month Day Potter Hu Shi One" is engraved on the back.

The large city brick is 44 cm long, 21 cm wide, 12 cm thick, and weighs 18 kg. It has been verified that the 21st city bricks on the third floor south of the north gate of Zhonghua Gate in Nanjing, and the two city bricks on the opposite side of the Tibetan Army Cave are exactly the same as the Dacheng bricks unearthed at the old site of the Daiyao Brick and Tile Factory. This discovery undoubtedly proved the glory of Daiyao bricks and tiles.

Xinghua Daiyao brick carving

Xinghua Daiyao brick carving

Dai kiln brick carvings are mainly embodied in "lintel bricks", "Rodi bricks", "tiles" and other carriers. Its carving forms can be divided into three categories: pattern, inscription, and pattern.

Patterns include clouds, water, flowers, vegetation, etc., and inscriptions include "Blessing from Heaven", "Golden Ten Thousand Two", "Fu Lu Shou Cai" Like, the pattern category has various figures and various animal shapes.

In addition, there are some brick carvings, such as animal heads, dragon heads, phoenix heads, lion heads and so on. Apart from watching and playing, you can’t help but admire the fine craftsmanship of folk brick and tile carving artists, precise lines, exquisite ideas, exquisite patterns, and wonderful creations.The type shows infinite creativity and exudes infinite charm.

Xinghua Daiyao brick carving

Dai kiln brick carving, since it is carried out on a carrier such as brick and tile, its brick The quality of tile blank production directly affects the level of carving craftsmanship. Therefore, every link of “borrowing”, “making mud”, and “making blanks” must be in place.The layered soil has strong solidification and is not easy to burst;

The main method of making mud is to "kick" with your feet. Only by "kicking" the mud can you get home. , Stickiness, it will not break up during processing; the key point of billet making is to grasp the "stripping off" check. The inspection standard is no pockmark, smooth six sides, straight octagonal, no cracks, and finally stand firm.

Xinghua Daiyao brick carving

When wearing kiln brick carving, the key is of course "carving". The tools used are not complicated, a small iron knife, and several stick knives of different shapes. The stick knives have flat blades and oblique Mouth knife and triangle knife.

The small iron knife and the stick knife have their own division of labor. If the area to be removed is slightly larger, you have to "dig" and use a small iron knife ; For detailed description, use a stick knife. The stick knife should be used accurately, with consistent depth, symmetrical lines, and flat bottom of the shovel, so as to ensure the vivid and complete carvings.

Xinghua Daiyao brick carving

Of course, "fired The process is also very important. This is the last link in the "production". There are two aspects worth noting, one is to install the kiln, layer by layer, layer by layer; the second is to "use fire" to burn the whole The production process relies on the word "fire". The mastery of the temperature is very important and directly related to the success or failure of the work. How to "see", "arrange", "divide", and "close" is the test of the master's hard work Kung Fu.