Written by Wang Datong, the Last of Bohai Kingdom: Haidong Shengguo encounters prairie wolf, end of feud

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Speaking of the strongest period of China's feudal dynasty, it is estimated that many people would think of the Tang Dynasty. Because the Tang Dynasty

Speaking of the strongest period of Chinese feudal dynasty, it is estimated that many people will think of the Tang Dynasty. Because the Tang Dynasty's strength is not only military strength, but the combination of political, economic, military and cultural aspects is unparalleled in comprehensive strength. Many peoples live on such a powerful empire, including the regimes they established. There was also a regime in the Northeast, under the protection of the Tang Empire. But soon after the fall of the Tang Dynasty, it also died in another nomadic group, the Khitan, which was the Bohai Kingdom in the northeast. His last term, Wang Datong, was also taken prisoner to the empire and died as a guest.

Written by Wang Datong, the Last of Bohai Kingdom: Haidong Shengguo encounters prairie wolf, end of feud

Mo Mo

The "big" surname king

Bohai Kingdom was a minority regime established by Su Mo Mo, who lived in the northeast region at that time, and its leader Da Zuo Rong led them to the stage of history. Da Zuo Rong rose during the Tang Wu Zetian period. Because of the chaos in the north, he caught Time came to the fore and became an important military group in the Northeast region.

In 1969, after gaining a firm foothold in the Northeast, Da Zuo Rong began to establish a regime and became the king of the Mohe tribe, and the country was shaken. After the establishment of the regime, Da Zuo Rong began to lead the tribe to expand its influence in the international arena. (Here, mention Da Zuo Rong’s surname "大". The big character in the culture of his tribe means spring water and is used to honor the elders. This has also become A Origin of the Later Generations). However, no matter how powerful the Earthquake was, in the seventh century East Asia, the real Big Mac was the Tang Empire, so Da Zuo Rong always admired it in his heart. This kind of worship was first manifested in the Tang Zhongzong Li Xian faction envoy Zhaoshun, Da Zuorong as a northeast master is not ambiguous.

In 713 AD, when Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was in power, a seal from the central government of the Tang Dynasty reached the Bohai Sea. Da Zuorong was named King of Bohai Prefecture, and he was also named the governor of Huhan Prefecture. The Tang Dynasty established the Dudu Mansion of Huhan Prefecture. This is tantamount to bringing Da Zuorong and his tribe into Tang's rule. Acknowledge its rationality. From then on, the Bohai Kingdom under the Tang Dynasty appeared in the northeast to replace the previously helpless Zhenguo.

Backed by a big tree to enjoy the cool, Da Zuorong is catching up with the last flourishing age of the Tang Dynasty. Bohai State fully absorbed Tang's political, economic and cultural achievements to strengthen and develop its own country and enjoy the high civilization of the Central Plains dynasty.

While Bohai State is developing rapidly, itsThe founder, Da Zuo Rong, can no longer continue to accompany him. Da Zuorong, who was the leader of Sumo Momo for more than 20 years, passed away after six years as the queen of Bohai County. This regime in Northeast Asia will turn a new page.

Written by Wang Datong, the Last of Bohai Kingdom: Haidong Shengguo encounters prairie wolf, end of feud

Hukhan Prefecture Dudu Mansion

Complicated relationship with Tang

AD In 719, after the death of Da Zuorong, his eldest son Da Wuyi succeeded him (worthy of the name).The central government allowed him to inherit all titles from his father. Although the Tang Dynasty canonized him the title, but this buddy is not authentic in current words. It even launched a rebellious war against the Tang Dynasty.

After Dawuyi came to power in Bohai, he began a foreign annexation war, and many small tribes came under its control. At that time, not only one Dudu Mansion was established in the Northeast Tang Dynasty, but also the Heishui Dudu Mansion of Heishui Mohe, which is the same source of Sumo Mohe. The relationship between Heishui Mohe and the Tang Dynasty became close for a while, Da Wuyi couldn't bear it. He always thought that the two sides would attack him (hypothesis), so he launched a war against Heishui Mohe.

The practice of Dawuyi obviously didn't give the Tang Dynasty face, and the Bohai Kingdom did not recognize the form. Dawuyi's younger brother, Damenyi, knew what the consequences would be if Bohai State offended the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, he did not want to be this early bird, and went to the Tang Dynasty to file a complaint. This action angered Da Wuyi, and he ran to Tang Xuanzong to make a theory.

In 732 AD, Da Wuyi, who was dissatisfied with the results of Tang Xuanzong's treatment, led an army to attack the Tang Dynasty. But in the face of great strength, Bohai State saw his own weakness and foresees the result of the deterioration of things, Dawuyi could only retreat and admit his mistake. As the upper kingdom of the heavenly dynasty, under the comprehensive consideration of various factors, but also ignoring its past, the relationship between Bohai State and the Tang Dynasty began to normalize.

Written by Wang Datong, the Last of Bohai Kingdom: Haidong Shengguo encounters prairie wolf, end of feud

Bohai Kingdom

Prosperity and decline

After the death of Da Wuyi, under the influence of the Tang Dynasty, Bohai State burst into vitality again, and the GDP growth rate continued to increase. At this time, Bohai State was not only limited to the diplomacy of the Tang Dynasty, but also strengthened exchanges with Japan.

From the end of the eighth century to the beginning of the ninth century, the development of the Bohai Kingdom made a slight difference. Mainly related to the domestic situation, the continuous domestic coups, the king changed one after another like a revelation, which caused a slight crisis in the rule of Bohai State, which in turn affected the speed and quality of development.

In 818 AD, the chaos was brought to an end. There are basically no outstanding talents in Da Zuo Rong's department, but a talent in his brother, Dayebo's department, has brought Bohai country back on track. This is Darenxiu, the tenth king of Bohai Kingdom. His name is correct. He is really good.

Da Renxiu mainly did several things: First, adopt Tang Dynasty politics and thought to consolidateThe stability of Bohai State; second, launching a war of conquest to stabilize the surrounding situation; third, doing a good job of the Tang Dynasty’s superficial skills and setting the status of the country.

Darenxiu's operation has led Bohai Country to prosper again. And this kind of prosperity is recognized by neighboring countries. In particular, Da Renxiu's beautiful political achievements were also recognized and rewarded by the Tang Dynasty.

After Da Renxiu, Bohai country can still maintain a strong state. However, from the end of the ninth century to the beginning of the tenth century, the Bohai Kingdom ushered in a period of decline.

Written by Wang Datong, the Last of Bohai Kingdom: Haidong Shengguo encounters prairie wolf, end of feud

Haitong Shengguo

Meeting a powerful enemy Bohai country

In the 7th and 8th centuries AD, because of the strong Tang Dynasty in East Asia, the entire East Asia was able to maintain a relatively stable pattern. The various ethnic minority regimes were basically dependent on the Tang Empire, and the so-called "Haitong Power" Bohai State was no exception. But in the year 907, all this changed.

In the year 907, the Tang Empire disintegrated and China entered the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. At this time, the ruler of the Bohai Kingdom was the fifteenth He was the king of Daxian, and he was also the last king of Bohai.

When Daxian came to power, Bohai was already full of contradictions and the country was weak. Political darkness and uneven economic development caused the country to subdue. Zhao. When the Bohai country's "Haitong Shengguo" no longer prevailed, it rose to the westA powerful regime was established, and that was the Khitan state established by Yelu Abaoji. Yelu Abaoji is leading the Khitan army to sweep across the grassland, and the Bohai Kingdom has become one of the military targets that Yelu Abaoji must eliminate.

In the year of 1992, Yelü Abaojizhao said, "There are two things, one has been done, but the Bohai Sea has not yet snowed, so how can we settle down". This sentence shows that Yelu Abaoji regards the destruction of Bohai State as a stepping stone to achieve hegemony.

In 926 AD, the war to destroy the Bohai Kingdom was personally directed by Yelu Abaoji. Within a month, the Khitan army occupied Fuyu City, an important city in the Bohai Sea, tore open the western defense line of the Bohai Kingdom, and drove straight to the capital of the Bohai Kingdom, Huhan City.

Although the Bohai King Da Kunzhuan organized a defense, it ended in failure. Facing the siege of the Khitan army, Da Kunzhuan did not insist on too much, and directly declared his surrender.

So far, the former "Haedong Shengguo" disappeared on the map of East Asia, and Yelu Abaoji established the Dongdan Kingdom in its place, which was managed by Crown Prince Yelvbe. But Da Kunzhuan's family was captured until Khitan and died.

Written by Wang Datong, the Last of Bohai Kingdom: Haidong Shengguo encounters prairie wolf, end of feud

Destroying Bohai

The reason for the demise of Bohai country is not only its own internal contradictions, which leads to the national power In addition to the decline, there are also very important external reasons. The first was the disintegration of the Tang Empire, which maintained a stable pattern of East Asia. With the disappearance of the Tang Empire, the East Asian Order centered on it also disappeared. The most important thing is that after the Tang Dynasty, China entered the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. This is an era of warlords fighting for hegemony, and no one can have the Tang Dynasty's power to control surrounding regimes. In other words, at the center of the stable pattern of East Asia formed before, no Central Plains dynasty could have the strength to replace the Tang Dynasty, and the Bohai State also lost its support.

Secondly, because of the decline of the Tang Dynasty, the Khitan in the north had room for development. The Khitan gradually became stronger and it was bound to begin to unify the north. In this way, from the northern grasslands to the northeastern plain, the rising Khitan and the declining Bohai State became a sharp contrast, and the weak Bohai State was bound to become the victim of the expansion of the Khitan. The whole process of Khitan’s destruction of the Bohai Sea is relatively easy.Not as fast as time, it can also prove to what extent the national strength of Bohai has declined.

In this way, Bohai State will inevitably go to extinction in a state of internal and external difficulties. The Bohai Kingdom that arose in the Tang Dynasty did not last long after the fall of the Tang Dynasty. The Bohai Kingdom, which lasted more than two hundred years, withdrew from the stage of history. What's interesting is that although the Liao Dynasty destroyed the Bohai State, a minority group that once belonged to the Bohai State became the gravedigger of the Liao State.

Written by Wang Datong, the Last of Bohai Kingdom: Haidong Shengguo encounters prairie wolf, end of feud