Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty: the prelude to the glory of the Tang Empire

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In 626 AD, on June 4th, the sky was not bright, the black bird whimpered from time to time, the palace wall stood quietly, and the tranquility was fil

Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty: the prelude to the glory of the Tang Empire

In 626 AD, on June 4th, the sky was not bright, the crow sparrows whimpered from time to time, the palace walls stood quietly, and there was a weird killing in the tranquility. Inside the Xuanwu Gate, Yuchi Jingde , Changsun Wuji and others swordWith tension, a bloody coup d'etat is about to take place.

Dawn breaks through the clouds, the sky is shining, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan, is approaching the court, the prince Li Jiancheng, and the king of Qi Li Yuanji should also be recruited into the temple. Change, that is, post the horse east to the palace. At this time, Qin Wang Li Shimin called, Yuan Ji turned around, shocked, and shot indiscriminately. Shimin drew his bow and arrow and aimed at the elder brother to build it. With one arrow, his third brother Yuanji fled into the forest. Shimin ran a horse to chase him, but his clothes were hung on a branch and fell to the ground. Yuanji saw this, and won the bow. Yuchi Jingde arrived in time and Yuanji was shot.

In the change of Xuanwumen, Li Shimin took off the hat of King Qin and put on the crown of the prince. The emperor issued an edict: since the military affairs, there are no big or small things. The prince was executed.

On the first day of August, the ancestor passed down the crown prince, and Li Shimin was established in the thirtieth year, that is, the emperor, and he is in the Xiande Hall of the East Palace to amnesty the world. Since then opened the Tang Dynasty, Qingming and prosperous Zhenguan prosperity.

This political affair has become a criticism of later generations. However, how many people were born in the house of the emperor who started and ended well? In the end, the winner is king, and the loser is the invader. Only fortunately that the winner Li Shimin is a monarch with both literary ability, ambition and sage.

Resolutely brave and heroic

"Since ancient times, there has been no right of Li Shimin in the army." In the Tang Dynasty In the war to unify China, the main separatist forces were led by Li Shimin to level down.set. At the age of 22, he pacified Longyou. At the age of 24, he replaced Bei. At the age of 25, he fought Wang Shichong and Dou Jiande. At the age of 26, he defeated Liu Heitai. Magnificent military exploits, heroic and heroic.

When he calmed down Guandong and returned to Guanzhong, he created "Returning to Shaanxi":

stretching the long sword graciously will help the world be inviting.

Stars and flags are lifted up and down, and the feathers of the sun travel in the sky.

Many rides everywhere, and stationed at Wuying in Linyuan.

Mountaineer's martial arts festival, keep the gods on their backs.

Moving in Xirong, the universe is peaceful today.

In the South and North Wars, the class and teachers triumphantly faced the newly unified rivers and mountains. Li Shimin stroked the long sword on his waist and sighed. The bloodshed and sacrifices are all for the sake of saving the world and the people, not just for inviting fame and fame. All "Rongge moves" are for "universal peace". Only when the universe is peaceful, the people can live and work in peace and prosperity and the country can prosper. Tang Taizong Li Shimin was indeed one of the few good emperors who took the happiness of the people as the basis for ruling the country.

Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty: the prelude to the glory of the Tang Empire

Integration of etiquette and law, equality and enlightenment

"Benevolence and kindness are sentimental, propriety and righteousness are the guiding principles, cultivation is the foundation, and punishment is the aid. "This is Li Shimin’s thought of governing the country, ritual is based on punishment, and clarified punishment to aid ritual. Now, after a thousand years, isn’t it still the same idea?Or insist on combining the rule of law with the rule of virtue?

Li Shimin’s wisdom is advanced and advanced. In a feudal monarchy system of government, one person is above ten thousand people, and he is the emperor who respects him. It is really commendable to be able to say that "the law of the law is not the law of one person, but the law of the world"!

In the 17th year of Zhenguan, the son of Princess Changguang and the nephew of Li Shimin were sentenced to death for breaking the law. "The princess took the first blow to the ground" and asked for a light punishment for her son. Sin, Li Shiming "worships and weeping" said: "Reward or avoid revenge and punish relatives. This is the world's most fair way. If you don't dare to violate it, you will lose your sister." .

inRegarding ethnic issues, Li Shimin is also open and enlightened. He said: "Since ancient times, China has been precious, and China has been dear to the barbarians, and I love only one. Therefore, all his plants depend on me as my parents."

It’s the body of the emperor to care for the nine peoples with benevolence without being kind to others. Li Shimin's uniform ethnic policy not only made the Tang Dynasty a high reputation in the international society at that time, but to this day, "Chinatown" is still used as the collective name for Chinese settlements in Western countries.

The only thing is and, from admonition like flow

When Li Shimin was the King of Qin, the world was unified. The country has been immersed and leveled, so Li Shimin yanked Wu Xiuwen and worked in the palace of QinGongxi "opened a literary museum, called 18 Confucian scholars to be bachelors, and discussed world affairs."

Ascended the throne, the next month will be on the left side of the " In Hongwenguan, you can learn more about the bachelor's stay in Hongwen Hall. Listening to the leisure of the dynasty is about discussing the past and the present. The success or failure of the former king of Taoism, or the day and the night, is not too slow."

Because of Li Shimin’s eagerness to seek talents, only being and, combined with his equal thoughts, the perfection of the imperial examination system is a necessity. A large number of landlords and poor people from the poor After the imperial examination, he entered the court, even from official to prime minister.

And Li Shimin’s wide-opening approach is second to none in history from admonition. In this regard, China’s feudal periodNo emperor of the age can compare with him. He encouraged his ministers to "righteously speak up," and dare to "offend the decree," he said: "People who want to reflect on themselves must be mirrored; if the Lord wants to know, he must borrow from his loyal ministers."

However, people are not sages, and the magnanimous Li Shimin is not "the body of the King Kong, which is invulnerable to swords and guns." He sometimes displeases people and listens to them; sometimes he hears them. Admonishment is furious, and walks in with clothes; sometimes it will end up injustice and forgive the difficulties. But after he lost his temper and calmed down, he would sincerely repent and admit he was wrong.

In the second year of Zhenguan, Li Shimin was furious and dismissed the court because Wang Gui’s advice was not what he wanted. However, the next day he repented and said to Fang Xuanling: "Since ancient times, the emperor accepted advice. It’s hard to be honest, I blamed Wang Gui yesterday, so farRegret it. "What a precious and lovely king is an emperor who can confess his faults to his officials!

Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty: the prelude to the glory of the Tang Empire

Emperor Fan Jiaozi, introspect and humble

In the first month of the 22nd year of Zhenguan, Li Shimin feels that there will be no more days to come. He wrote for the teaching prince Li Zhi "Emperor Fan"12 articles. It can be said that he has been able to educate the prince in order to educate the prince. He said: "You should ask the ancient philosophers to be their teachers, just like me, but not the law." "Since I took the throne, there have been many bad things, and the beautiful pearls and jade are endless. It’s not far away, travel all around, pay for the troubles, and I will go deep. Don’t think it’s the right way."

The Buddhist scriptures say: "High position Come from respect, inferiority comes from arrogance, dignity comes from patience. "Li Shimin has always been in a high position, and he can always stay awake, self-examination, and self-examination, it is "can be described as the most complete"!

He warned the prince: "Try to do good, the country will only be safe; if you are arrogant and indulgent, you will be insecure. Those who succeed or fail quickly,The country is also; the easy to lose, the hard to gain, the position is also. What a shame! Not careful! "

Li Shimin regards the country he has laid down by himself as a treasure, and has always maintained it with care. Now he has his life soon, he must entrust the treasure to the prince. He has I am full of exhortations, because I love the people, so I don’t want to give up. Li Shimin, who is diligent and caring for the people, is just like his name, he is an emperor who can stand up to the word "to help the world and the people"!

As ​​a general, a golden iron horse, swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger; as a ruler, he adopts words and admonitions and knows the sufferings of the people deeply; as a father, he is a book and teaches his children, and he is sincere. Li Shimin is a perfect ancient emperor!

However, the national history of the Tang Dynasty has been compiled 8 times.In the early years of Zhenguan, Taizong Li Shimin asked to read the history of the country, and Fang Xuanling, who supervised the history of the country, tried to stop him. He said to Taizong: "The official historian is not beautiful and does not hide evil. Taizong insisted on reading it with "self-viewing the history of the country, knowing the evils of the previous days, for the precepts of the future".

When Sima Guang was compiling the "Tong Jian of Zi Zhi", he gave the description of the former prince Li Jiancheng and the king of Qi Li Yuanji in the "Records of Taizong" This is the comment of "circumfluence and false accusations, not all of them today".

Therefore, whether the merits and demerits of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty are as true as recorded in historical data can only be left to future generations of different opinions.


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