Did not deal with the extremely capable younger brother Yi Xin, Emperor Xianfeng Tuogu was doomed to fail

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Text: Zhang Junfeng (author of the column for reading history) Aixinjueluo Yiqin is estimated to be the most unfortunate head of the Qing Dynasty. His

Did not deal with the extremely capable younger brother Yi Xin, Emperor Xianfeng Tuogu was doomed to fail

Text: Zhang Junfeng (author of reading history column)

Aisin Jueluo Yiqin is estimated to be the most unfortunate head of the Qing Dynasty. His eleven years in power can be said to have been the stage where various contradictions have erupted since the Qing Dynasty entered the Central Plains. Depravity, Hong Xiuquan from the South and his rivalry, almost shaken the foundation of the Qing Dynasty. Western powers watched and waited, and internal and external troubles were all on the shoulders of this young emperor who was not very strong, and his political ability was relatively average.

In 1856, the Second Opium War broke out. Two robbers from England and France, as well as a few hungry wolves from the periphery Russia and the United States, who were waiting to sit on the ground and divide the loot, came together and prepared to come. He took advantage of the fire and robbed it for four years. Until September 1860, the thing he didn't want to see happened the most. The British and French forces broke through the country, and the whole country was shaken. The life-stricken man had to leave Beijing for refuge..

Perhaps, when he left Beijing at this time, he probably would not have thought that he would never have the opportunity to take a look at the towering Forbidden City that represents the supreme power of the emperor.

In July of the following year, Yangliu Yiyi, the Palace of Rehe, was still in a prosperous and peaceful age, but at this time, Yi Chi’s body was like the Qing Dynasty under his rule. At stake. His heart is mixed.

He feels guilty, and his ancestors have been handed over to him. Nowadays, the world is full of smoke and the world is boiling. What kind of face does he see his ancestors under the nine springs;

He is angry, the only prince Zai Chun is only six years old, although there is no shortage of Qing DynastyA precedent for the young master to take the throne, but now the situation is extremely dangerous. How should he arrange his own affairs to ensure that the imperial power is not threatened.

He must make a quick decision and leave the game as smooth as possible for his son.

The king of Yama will not give him more time for a while because of his identity as the emperor. On the 17th, he finally went to report to his ancestors, and made what he thought was the safest arrangement at the end of his life:

First, the eldest son, Zai Chun, was the crown prince. Of course, this is absolutely not a matter of controversy, after all, although there are not a few concubines, there will only be such a single seedling over the years.

Two, order the former royal ministers Zaiyuan, Duanhua, and Jingshou, academicians Sushun, and military ministers Mu Yin, Kuang Yuan, Du Han, and Jiao Youying to assist the government. The facts have proved that the auxiliary government team he determined is really not very good. Such.

3. Grant the Queen Niu Hulu the "Imperial Award" seal and the Prince Zaichun the "Tong Dao Tang" seal, since Zai Chun is only a yellow-mouthed child , "Tong Dao Tang" belonged to the concubine Yi Guifei at this time, also known as Lafayette Cixi, and stipulated that the two seals are necessary conditions for the imperial decree to take effect.

Xianfeng estimates that he thinks that the arrangement of the funeral is seamless, especially this hand of power checks and balances, which can be described as a magical stroke. It can prevent the ministers from sitting on the big side and endanger the young master, and avoid the court tragedy of Liu Cheli’s murder of his mother. It is really better than the Han Dynasty back then. WuThe emperor is much smarter.

Unfortunately, his good intentions were in vain when his bones were still cold, and the reason is probably beyond his imagination.

Did not deal with the extremely capable younger brother Yi Xin, Emperor Xianfeng Tuogu was doomed to fail

In fact, as the supreme ruler, he himself did not treat the court at that time and the people around him To achieve overall control, his arrangements are not so much checks and balances as they are to create contradictions, and the strength of both sides in the struggle is not at all orders of magnitude.

The first is the contradiction between the eight ministers of Gu Ming and the queen mothers of the two palaces. According to Xianfeng’s arrangement, the empress dowagers of the two palaces of Ci'an and Cixi and Zaichun are the supreme rulers. They have righteous names but are not well-versed in government affairs; the eight ministers have no righteous names, but they can control the affairs of the country. Cooperation between the two parties can ensure political stability. .

However, there is no cooperation between the queen mothers of the two palaces and the eight ministers, orThe author said of effective checks and balances, but in a blink of an eye it turned into an irreconcilable struggle. Cixi appointed Yushi Dong Yuanchun to ask the queen dowager to act as a representative of the court. The eight ministers resolutely opposed the emperor Xianfeng's edict and ancestors as weapons.

In this confrontation, the queen mothers of the two palaces are not opponents at all. The eight ministers unanimously suppressed orphans and widows, and the fierce debate scared the little emperor to pee ("Yue Man Tang "National Affairs Diary" records: Sushun and others roar freely, shook the hall, the emperor was terrified, as for the tears, and drowned his back clothes).

At this time, the empress dowagers of the two palaces also understood that the heroic spirit of the Daxing emperor was still there, so she dared to bully the Lord, and it would be fine in the future. They must also fight for their lives. However, they are weak at this time and must pretend to be grandchildren and find allies.

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Secondly, the contradiction between Prince Gong Yixin and the emperor and the eight ministers.In fact, Yi Xin reached a political alliance with the Queen Mother of the Two Houses, and fully assisted in overthrowing his brother's deathbed arrangements and launched a shocking coup, which is the inevitable result of the accumulated conflicts between the brothers over the years.

As ​​half-brothers of the same father, Xianfeng and Yixin grew up under the knees of Yixin’s birth mother, Jinggui Concubine. The two brothers are intimate and are no different from brothers. . However, once brotherhood is contaminated with the word power, it will mutate. As the father gets old, the brothers will inevitably become competitors for reserve.

There is no father and son before the throne, let alone brothers. What's terrible is that Yi Xin, as a younger brother, is far more talented than Xianfeng, and his father is most pleased. It stands to reason that his win is far greater than Xianfeng. Unfortunately, he lost.

In the investigation of the crown of the father, Xianfeng finally won. It was somewhat invincible. Thanks to the guidance of his mentor, Du Shoutian, he captured his father’s most important "renxiao" "The word ", through his superb acting skills, cleanly achieved a Jedi comeback.

Xianfeng got his wish to be crowned the big treasure, for the once strong competitor Naturally, he was grudged, and what made him even more uncomfortable was that Yi Xin's title should have been entrusted by him as his elder brother, but the century was established by his father in the edict.

All of the above, Yixin has become the thorn in the heart of the emperor’s brother Xianfeng.

Although YixinAlthough the emperor's brother allowed him to break the ancestral system and participate in the political affairs, but out of the long-cherished grudge against him, he did not provide him with a position sufficient to display his talents. Yi Xin was unhappy in his heart.

In 1860, when foreigners captured the capital, the society was in danger. Emperor Xianfeng abandoned the capital. As an important clan, Yi Xin not only failed to accompany him, but was ordered to deal with it. Waiting for the crisis, the emperor brother's attitude towards him can be seen generally.

Unexpectedly, Yixin was able to support it with the help of tigers and wolves, and eventually signed a peace treaty with Britain and France, saving the Qing Dynasty that was about to die.

Having such an unworldly merit, he should have become the best candidate for the primary and secondary government. Yi XinHis talent is enough to maintain the government, but Yi Xin’s ability once again shocked the emperor's brother, such as arranging him to assist the young master, as a strong contender for the throne, once he has the heart of disobedience, who can suppress him ?

For this, Xianfeng’s will once again excluded Yi Xin from the core of power.

Did not deal with the extremely capable younger brother Yi Xin, Emperor Xianfeng Tuogu was doomed to fail

but Yixin is already full of wings, how could it be easy to put it idle? The last time the battle for reserve failed, the ending at best left him with no chance to show off his talents, but this time he was idle, but it was completely possible to ruin his political life, and even take his own life. He knew well that the eight ministers of Gu Ming had grudges with him. Has been deep, this is a life and death contest.

So, since Xianfeng did not completely cut off his wings, he must fight back.

The common enemy, Rang YiXin reached a political alliance with the Queen Mother of the Two Palaces. Separately, the power of the queen mothers of the two palaces and Yi Xin cannot be opposed to the eight ministers who hold the emperor's edict, but when the two are combined, the balance of victory begins to tilt.

Especially Yi Xin, who has rich political experience, so he used this only opportunity to the extreme and successfully served Yun Wenxiang and Wenhua at the Ministry of Household The scholar Guiliang and the deputy Du Tong Shengbao gathered under his own banner and built his own political organization. Together with his own ability, he has enough strength to launch a coup against the eight ministers.

The subsequent development of the situation proved that Yi Xin is definitely a master of politics. With the close cooperation of the Queen Mother of the Two Houses and him, it only took more than ten days. Here, the political pattern established by Emperor Xianfeng endedEnding.

The queen mothers of the two palaces hung their curtains to listen to politics, and Yi Xin was promoted to minister of politics. Both sides got what they needed, and everyone was happy.

How many people often mention modern history and sigh, gritted their teeth for the decline of the country caused by the courtship of the Lafayette Cixi, but history has its own path The emperor Xianfeng’s plans were so unrealistic that the coup d’état was only an inevitable result.