The secret of Ci Ning Palace: Why does no one dare to live after Xiaozhuang?

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People traveling to Beijing must go to several places, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Today we will tell the story of the Forbidden Ci

People who travel to Beijing must go to several places, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Today we will tell the story of the Forbidden City. From a global perspective, a royal palace can remain so complete, and the Forbidden City is the only one in the world. The Forbidden City has a history of more than 500 years.

For more than 500 years, as the residence and office of the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties, there must be too many stories in it. Today we will take a look at the story of Cining Palace, which was the palace where the empress dowagers lived in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The original meaning of the word "ci" in the three characters of Ci Ning Palace means "kind mother", which represents the place where the emperor's biological mother lived.

The secret of Ci Ning Palace: Why does no one dare to live after Xiaozhuang?

Cining Palace

The grandmother of Emperor Kangxi, Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang, who we are most familiar with in history, lived in Cining Palace. Yes, but as the same famous empress dowager Niu Hulu·Zhen Huan, who was also the empress of Emperor Yongzheng, Emperor Qianlong’s biological mother had always lived in Shoukang Palace and never lived in Cining Palace. Not only that, the empress dowager after the Qing Dynasty I have never lived in Cining Palace, so what is going on?

Later, it was rumored that it was because Xiaozhuang’s aura was too big and Cining Palace was always haunted, so no one later I didn’t dare to live anymore. It is said that there is a well in the courtyard of Ci Ning Palace. During the day, when people look inside, they are dry without water, only a little rotten.Branches, but at night, there is water in them. With moonlight, people's shadows can be reflected in them. The key is not your own shadow. You say this is not scary. This is a later rumor, and now it seems that this is of course nonsense. But what is the reason why no one has lived in Cining Palace since then?

The secret of Ci Ning Palace: Why does no one dare to live after Xiaozhuang?

Shoukang Palace

Today we will take a look at the Cining Palace, which is known as a blessed landWhy does no one dare to live it? Before we understand this, let's talk about what happened to Ci Ning Palace. First, let's understand when the Ci Ning Palace in the Forbidden City first came into existence. We know that the Forbidden City is a majestic palace built by Zhu Di, the ancestor of the Ming Dynasty. After taking the land of his nephew, Emperor Jianwen, and moving the capital from Nanjing to Beijing, it cost a lot of manpower and material resources to build a majestic palace, and later rulers of the Qing Dynasty continued to use this Palace. So he is an ancient palace with a history of five hundred years.

Because when Zhu Di captured the country and began to build the Forbidden City, his biological mother, Queen Ma, had already passed away, so when the Forbidden City was built, there was no queen mother at all, and Zhu Di’s own queen, Queen Xu, was also He died early, so after Zhu Di's successor Ming Renzong became the emperor, there was no such thing as a queen mother, so in this case, there is no need to spend manpower to build a place where the queen mother lives.

The secret of Ci Ning Palace: Why does no one dare to live after Xiaozhuang?

The Xiaozhuang in the Kangxi Dynasty

So at the beginning, there was no Cining Palace in the Forbidden City. The Cining Palace was built after Emperor Jiajing, the eleventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, ascended the throne. The Emperor Jiajing built Cining Palace in order to solve the contradiction between the two queen mothers. It turns out that Jiajing’s throne did not come from his father. It was his cousin Ming Wuzong Zhu Houzhao, who died at a young age because of his weak health.There were no heirs, so it was Emperor Jiajing's turn to inherit the throne.

Therefore, there are Emperor Jiajing’s biological mother, and his cousin’s mother, two empress dowagers at a time, and the two empress dowagers are still not convinced with each other, fighting every day. Finally, in order to avoid conflicts, Emperor Jiajing built a palace to the west of the center of the palace for his biological mother to live in. It became a custom afterwards and gradually evolved into the residence of the emperor’s mother, which was later Cining Palace.

The secret of Ci Ning Palace: Why does no one dare to live after Xiaozhuang?

Xiaozhuang and the young Kangxi

In the following years, Cining Palace lived in many empress dowagers, among which the more famous is Empress Li, the mother of Emperor Wanli. She is a legendary character, a brilliant transition from a maid to a queen dowager. But the most prestigious one is the queen dowager Xiaozhuang. He was the concubine of Huang Taiji, and assisted the three emperors of the Qing Dynasty throughout his life, especially the emperor Kangxi. This grandson, Xiaozhuang was carefully cultivated since childhood. Kangxi, who was enthroned at a young age, was only able to govern successfully with the support of Xiaozhuang. In the childhood of Xuan Ye, who lost his father at the age of eight and his mother at the age of ten, he was always accompanied by his grandmother. , Let him grow up safely.

For many years of life experience, Kangxi and his grandmother established a deep relationship, so after the death of Xiaozhuang, Kangxi could not bear to separate from his grandmother, so Kangxi At that time, despite the opposition of the officials, he kept Xiaozhuang’s coffinPlaced in Cining Palace, Cining Palace gradually became a place to pay homage to Xiaozhuang. It was not until Yongzheng ascended the throne that Xiaozhuang was put into the soil for security. Since then, the empress dowagers of the Qing Dynasty respected Xiaozhuang, and no one dared to stay in Cining Palace to offend this ancestor.

The secret of Ci Ning Palace: Why does no one dare to live after Xiaozhuang?

The Empress Dowager in the film and television drama

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, another very powerful queen mother, That is the Empress Dowager Cixi, she has mastered the Qing Dynasty for forty-eight yearsThe long-time actual leader, why didn't she move into the Cining Palace? Those who know Cixi know that Cixi has lived in the Chuxiu Palace when she first lived in Langui. That's because it was there that he gave birth to the only son of Emperor Xianfeng, who was later Emperor Tongzhi. She thinks it is her blessed place, so she has been reluctant to move away. There is another reason, in order to show the world that she was like Xiaozhuang, assisting the two emperors of Tongzhi and Guangxu, not for greed for power. Show your attitude to the world, set up an arch for yourself, not going to Ci Ning Palace is the best expression.

So in general, it is not that Cining Palace is haunted and uninhabited. It's just that the posterity is out of awe. In order to say that we must not listen to the unofficial history and lead people to superstition. We also want to be a person who distinguishes right from wrong. The rumors stop at the wise...