During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

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Text/Li Xue first had his hometown, before there was the story of saving the country by aviation. Supporting the war, helping the students, helping th

Wen/Li Xue

First, the homeland is swayed by wind and rain, before there is a Jianghu version of the story of the aviation saving the country. In the last century, Japan invaded China, which instead promoted the unity of all classes in China. Among them, there are no less bloody quack children.

Du Yuesheng, a gangster tycoon on the Shanghai beach, has a wonderful aviation past in the affair of happy and enmity. Supporting the war, helping the students, helping the poor, and the gangsters doing charity. Now it seems that no matter how white the washing is, there is a big color difference, but from the perspective of that era, it is not difficult to understand-whether it is fame or profit, Can't reach the hometown backed by.

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

Du Yuesheng, a controversial figure in the world.

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

After the completion of the Du’s ancestral hall, Du Yuesheng’s photos in the newspaper are quite gentle.

Meeting high-level leaders and moving towards the war of resistance

In the 1920s, the nationalThe Northern Expedition of the Revolutionary Army brought the secret rivers and lakes of Shanghai to refresh. The Qing Gang, the Hong Gang, and the Kuomintang are no strangers. In order to achieve their goals, the leader Sun Yat-sen also worshipped the Hongmen. This time, the commander-in-chief Chiang Kai-shek came to Shanghai after the Northern Expedition, and the chief of the beach boss above Huang Jinrong rushed to the airport to "welcome him", and by the way introduced Jiang Jieshi to his disciple-Du Yuesheng.

Chiang Kai-shek welcomes you in a Fenghua accent: there are some important tasks in the future, and I hope to rely on you! Therefore, Du Yuesheng opened the door to high-level politics in Nanjing. In the future, he became more closely integrated with the political situation and the current situation. He also paved the way for him to support the development of aviation in the Republic of China.

As early as the "January 28th" Songhu Incident in 1932, Du Yuesheng and others often appeared in the daily lives of Shanghai residents. From casinos, dance venues, and racetracks in the service industry, to stocks, national debt, and lottery tickets for economic life, to education assistance, poverty relief, and even publicityGoods, these gang members are everywhere.

In the "January 28th" Incident, the Japanese army attacked Shanghai. Du Yuesheng and other Shanghai Wenren organized the Shanghai Citizens Maintenance Association, which started from the long-distance support of the War of Resistance after the fall of the "September 18th" Northeast, and moved towards reality Field support. It was at this time that he really came into contact with aviation.

At that time, Shanghai was bombed by Japan. The 3 million Shanghai citizens were in panic all day long. The Shanghai Citizens Maintenance Council raised 270,000 yuan in military payments within March and sent them to the 19th Route Army for use in fighting the enemy, responding to the rhetoric of “no loss of land and grass” .

Some scholars believe that Du Yuesheng’s actions were due to his close relationship with Shanghai, and also to Song Ziwen, who was the leader of the war at the time, because the two had known each other for a long time and were close friends. Shao Yong's book "Modern Jiangnan Secret Society" also pointed out: "Song's tough anti-Japanese proposition has a great influence on Du". And Song Ziwen is also fromFrom then on, he began to focus on the development of Chinese aviation, promoted the establishment of Jianqiao Aviation School, a Sino-US joint venture central aviation manufacturing plant, and initiated an aviation movement. How could Du Yuesheng ignore it?

Participating in the Aviation Association throughout the entire journey

After the "Monday 28th" war, it is an unstoppable trend to devote all efforts to building aviation-because China is very poor. This reason seems cold, but in fact, it is most in line with the reality of the Republic of China. In order to develop a tall aviation industry in a short period of time, the National Government has launched a nationwide movement several times. Although the Chinese have no money, some people, not to mention, have been bombed so badly. The people are very gearing up, but the government is just following the tide.

On New Year's Day in 1933, the China Aviation Association was established. The association hired Wang Xiaolai, Wang Zhengting, Shi Liangcai, and Lin Kanghou as executive directors to launch activities. This association is backed by the Nanjing government. After several changes in its committee members, it finally hired Chiang Kai-shek one year before the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War in 1936.Jieshi is an honorary director, and has unveiled the mystery.

Du Yuesheng has always been a director of the China Aviation Association.

As the country was struggling to reunify due to the tension of the Anti-Japanese War, the China Aviation Association was reorganized into the China Aviation Construction Association, the chairman Jiang Jieshi, the director general Zhou Zhirou, the executive committee is all high-level Nanjing, and Du Yuesheng, once again named Make a list of members.

How the name changes, the aviation association’s tasks are to convene members, raise donations, and promote air defense, so that we can understand the role of Du Yuesheng joining the aviation association. He has a large number of disciples, and just joining the association voluntarily can solve the problem of government quota allocation. What's more, Du Yuesheng also paid out of his own pocket to "lead" in pledges, and he was familiar with the "Beijing Circle", which was of course very useful.

Du Yuesheng made a public declaration in the 1930s when Sino-Japanese relations were sensitive, that China’s failure this time (referring to the Battle of Songhu in 1932) had too few pure aircrafts, so IWe have to donate more, buy more planes, and use air power to defeat Japan.

With a character like him rocking his arms, the results of the Aviation Association are not uncommon. The two things it is most proud of are the two aircraft donation ceremonies at its headquarters in Shanghai. The American Dolittle, who flew a plane to bomb Tokyo for the first time after the Pearl Harbor incident, had a spectacular performance in Shanghai. That scene took place in 1933 and was also the first donation ceremony organized by the Aviation Association.

The second donation ceremony was held in 1936 to celebrate Chiang Kai-shek’s 50th birthday. The members of the Aviation Association did their best to make the 1936 donation ceremony in the name of "birthday celebrations, national defense as real" a huge momentum. Chiang Kai-shek specifically recalled, "This incident has spread to overseas Chinese in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. In the capitals of all parts of Tsibian District, men, women, old and children, enthusiastically lose, collect huge sums of money, buy airplanes, contribute to the government, and enrich national defense, all of which are the patriotism of compatriotsInspiration is indeed a feat that has not been seen in recent years".

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

The Chinese Aviation Association has made a significant contribution to the civil aviation industry. This is its "National Salvation" aircraft.

Helping to sell the Republic of China's first lottery ticket

Song Ziwen has been concerned about China's aviation for a long time, and using economic means to promote development, he has the "first ticket of the Republic of China"-aviation road construction The appearance of the lottery ticket. This lottery ticket is distributed by Du Yuesheng’s Universiade Companyof.

According to the accountant of Universiade, Universiade is the national distributor of lottery tickets. It buys lottery tickets from the Ministry of Finance at a 10% discount and distributes them to dealers at all levels. At the same time, lottery tickets were published monthly advertisements in major newspapers and hot-sale magazines such as "Shenzhen" and "Linglong". The sales effect was excellent. Therefore, the wholesale and retail prices continued to fall, which continued to cycle and promoted further sales of lottery tickets.

The distribution company buys the lottery ticket at a price of 9.2~9.5% off, and it can be guaranteed by Zhonghui Bank, without having to pay cash, and it can be returned if sold out.

As a result, the lottery business of Universiade has a profound and broad influence. Both at home and abroad are crazy about it, and film companies have specially produced the film "Aviation to Save the Nation" with the theme of aviation lottery.

The first prize of the lottery is 500,000 yuan, and there are 6 levels of funds below. The prizes are held every two months at Yiyuan Dog Run. BigDu Yuesheng will appear at the lottery ceremony because the lottery not only brings him huge income, but also his reputation. It also promotes the government's popularization of the concept of air defense, which is a suitable business.

The gift of the plane is so great that the old Shanghai is speechless

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

On March 29, 1934, the "Declaration Picture Special Issue" recorded the "four aircraft naming award ceremony" ".

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

The "Tianchu" destroyer and trainer donated by Wu Yunchu, the founder of Tianchu MSG Factory, and the "Yuehui" and "Yuewen" trainer subscribed by Du Yuesheng, a total of 4 aircraft

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

Junker K 47 "Tianchu" aircraft bottle throwing ceremony was carried out by the wife of Shanghai Mayor Wu Tiecheng. In the upper left corner is Wu, the founder of Tianchu MSG Factory who donated the aircraft

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

It is China in the future who piloted the "Tianchu" destroyer for flight demonstrations Air Force God of War Gao Zhihang,On the right is Wu Tiecheng.

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

Du Yuesheng gave the "Yuewen" aircraft certificate to the representative of the Shanghai Flying Club, Lin Wojiang

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

The "Yuehui" aircraft painted with the words "Pengcheng Wanli". Sun Tonggang (right) A group photo with classmate Wang Zuwen in front of the plane. And the promotion of the Republic of China Aviation Highway Construction Lottery

If Du Yuesheng sells lottery tickets and participates in the activities of the Aviation Association is not considered popular, then he bought the plane to give away Sun Tonggang and Sun Tonggang. The China Aviation Agency is really "inspiring".

The two aircraft, one is the "Yuehui" and the other is the "Yuewen", both have the moon character, but they are unique in Shanghai. Copy.

In early November 1933, at Hongqiao Airport, Du Yuesheng bought a pure steel plane and held a donation ceremony here. The guests who came at the time were Zhang Xiaolin, Jin Tingsun, Yang Hu, Yang Zhixiong, Wu Yunzhai, Chen Qun, Wen JianJust waiting for someone. In addition, there are hundreds of reporters, which really gives the full face of Tonggang. After Sun Tonggang's test flight was successful, Du Yuesheng shook hands with him and said, "This aircraft will be given to you immediately, and no ceremony will be held. We hope you will work hard to save the country by air."

Du Yuesheng puts on a stand for Sun Tonggang with such fanfare, because Sun Tonggang is also Du Yuesheng’s "pro-disciple." Sun Tonggang, who returned from flying around Germany, was a popular figure at the time. Whenever Sun comes to a province, the senior officials of the place must go to the airport to greet him. He is really a young hero.

Sun Tonggang was in Shanghai. After he met Zhao Peixin, he introduced him to Dumen. Du Yuesheng had such a good apprentice and was also a pilot, which coincided with Du's own "aviation to save the country" activities at that time. Du Yuesheng bought the plane and gave it to Sun Tonggang.

As for the other plane donated to the China Aviation Agency, Sun Tonggang also has some connections. Because the earliestOne of the initiators is Sun Tonggang.

On October 24, 1936, the "Zhongzheng Team" 10 aircraft was named at Shanghai Longhua Airport and presented to the National Government. Du Yuesheng, as a special guest of the bottle throwing ceremony, will The atmosphere of the venue pushed to a climax. The newspaper said, "Du Yuesheng has done his best for various charities in the society, and he spared no effort in advocating aviation to save the country."

The foreigners invaded and their homes were not guarded. Chinese people from all walks of life alleviated the national crisis. For example, how can you stand by and watch?

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

The Universiade is the general distributor of aviation highway construction lotteries.

During the Anti-Japanese War, the gangster tycoon also took part in the aviation rescue operation

On October 24, 1936, the 10 aircraft of "Zhongzheng Team" was named at Shanghai Longhua Airport. Female aviator Li Xiaqing gave a flight demonstration.