Introduction to Chinese Characters: Taikang

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Once hunted in the south of Luoshui, he did not return to the capital for a hundred days, and the poor Houyi took the people's dissatisfaction, "becau

Xia Wang. The grandson of Yu, the son of Qi. The five brothers who succeeded to the throne were all absurd, ignoring political affairs, and amorous. Once hunted in the south of Luoshui, he did not return to the capital for a hundred days, and the poor Houyi was dissatisfied with the people, "because of the Xia people to replace Xia Zheng" ("Zuo Zhuan·Xianggong Four Years"), rejected Taikang in Luoshui. Taikang lost his country and died in exile.

·Quoted from "Chinese History Dictionary" (Shanghai Lexicographic Publishing House 2010 edition), page 395.

Introduction to Chinese Characters: Taikang

Si Taikang, surname Si, name Taikang, the eldest son of Qi. He succeeded to the throne after Qi's death. Taikang was the third monarch of the Xia Dynasty in China. "Taiping Yulan" quoted "Emperor Century" as recorded 29 years of reign, but actually only reigned for two years. "Bamboo Books" called Taikang The capital of the city is looking for (one piece). It is said that Taikang is addicted to hunting all day long and ignores political affairs. As a result, he was driven by the leader of the poor tribe, Hou Yi, and was not allowed to return. A brief record of "Shangshu·Xiashu·Song of the Five Sons" Taikang lost his country. He died of illness and was buried in Yangxia (now west of Taikang County, Henan Province). After Taikang's death, his younger brother Kangli.

When the Xia Dynasty’s rule was basically stable, The noble ruler headed by Kai willfully enslavesAnd exploiting the broad masses of the common people and indulging in a life of "prostitution and recreation". After the death of Qi, Yuzi Taikang continued, also indulged in sensuality, drinking and eating, and not repairing political affairs, which made the internal contradictions increasingly acute and the outsiders betrayed. Hou Yi once seized the ruling power of the Xia royal family "because of the Xia people to replace the Xia government". But Hou Yi was also a brutal ruler. He relied on having a strong force, "doing not repair civil affairs," just hunting and amusement, and handing over political affairs to Han Yun to manage. Later, Han Yun colluded with Houyi's "family members", killed Houyi and his family, and usurped the power of rule. Once, he took his family and cronies to go hunting on the north bank of Luoshui. After going there for more than three months and not returning, it caused Pepsi to slack off, and public grievances boiled over.

Hou Yi, the tribal leader of the Qiong clan of the Dongyi tribe (in the north of Dezhou City, Shandong Province), took the opportunity to take the opportunity to take the Xia’s capital Anyi. Taikang returned happily with his prey. When he walked to the bank of Luoshui, he saw heavy soldiers guarding the other bank, so he hurriedly sent someone to cross the river to investigate.The truth was that Houyi would not let him return to the capital. The leaders of the tribes were not satisfied with the absurdity of Taikang, and were afraid of Houyi's strength, so no one would help. Taikang regretted it, so he had to build an earthen city to live in Yangxia. Historically known as "Taikang lost the country"

Introduction to Chinese Characters: Taikang

The five brothers of Taikang saw that their elder brother could not return to the capital, so they accompanied their mother to the south bank of Luoshui. The five brothers wrote a song to remember the achievements and virtues of their grandfather, Yu, and to confide in the desolation and sorrow. This song is the famous "Song of Five Sons" in "Shangshu". The main idea of ​​the lyrics is: Our ancestor, Dayu, once taught his descendants that the people are the foundation of the country, and the country can be peaceful only if it is fundamentally stable. The monarch should be diligent in political affairs and manage the world with his heart. If he is greedy for wine, good hunting, or works hard to build pavilions and palaces, then if there is one of them, he will lose the hearts of the people and cause the country to subdue. When remembering our ancestor Yu Dashi, as the king of all nations, he ruled the world in order and made the people live and work in peace. What a wise monarch he was! Today, Taikang does not abide by the ancestral precepts and neglects political affairs, causing the people to hate us and the dynasty created by our ancestors.Subvert us in a miserable situation. Taikang, you made a big mistake, how painful we are!

27 years later, Taikang died in Yangxia.