Ertai: The official sunset of the opposing team is red

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During the Yongzheng period, there were many famous ministers. In addition to his younger brother, Shisan Yinxiang, there were four powerful assistant

Yongzheng’s favorite in his life is the seven-pin Zhi-pin official and the like, because they have no background and no influence. Don’t worry about using them. During the period when Yongzheng was stable, his servants were famous officials. There are quite a lot of them. In addition to his younger brother, Shisan Yinxiang, there are four powerful assistants, Zhang Tingyu, Tian Wenjing, Ertai, and Li Wei. Except for Zhang Tingyu’s family background, which should not be underestimated, the other three have been fighting from the bottom. Yongzheng likes to use them to death, which is just in line with Yinzhen’s temperament. They either hate being idle or use them to death. These four people, with the exception of Zhang Tingyu, who was always by his side, the other three were all on one side and on the other side, and became vassals. The power of life and death was given to them, and they were drastically reformed and handled affairs.

Ertai: The official sunset of the opposing team is red

Except for Li Wei’s debut, his age is just right, Ertai and Tian Wenjing are already A bad old man who is over half a hundred years old, Ertai is still a little better, less than fifty, Tian Wenjing is miserable, and he was already over 60 when he was reused by Emperor Yongzheng.

Forty-two-year-old E Ertai wrote a poem lamenting the unsuccessful official career: "The person who holds the mirror will grow old, and the door will not be born. "I wrote in the poem "Ying Huai": "It seems that this is still the case for forty years, and it will be known in a hundred years. "At that time, he was a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wai Lang. He was quite discouraged because of his lack of promotion for a long time, and he had no hope for his own future. Ertai never expected that when Yongzheng came to the throne, his official career was in a corner. Promoted quickly in the middle, and the future will be dark for a whileHua Ming eventually became the most favored Manchu minister during the Yongzheng period.

I entered the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the age of 21, and it took more than 20 years to barely become a foreigner. Apart from this, there is no job adjustment.

Surely Ertai has a lot of drafting in his heart, and I rushed past, Kangxi, this old pock, has lived so long, and he hasn't left quickly. He has been in power for 61 years, and he hasn't played enough yet. If this goes on, maybe I hang in front of Kang Mazi, and my career in this life is over. What is even more annoying is that Kang Mazi also noticed Zhang Tingyu. It will be easier to mix up later, but I have never heard of Ertai. , What can I do in the future?

Fortunately, when Yinzhen was still a elder brother, the two had already had an episode. Yinzhen's heart began to itch in the later stage. Originally, all his political enemies, such as Yinzhen and Yinzhen, all these powerful princes fell off their horses. Yinzhen was about to move, and began to stretch out his hands to behave.Ertai did things for him. Unexpectedly, Ertai replied with the reason that “the prince should cherish his time to study and cultivate his virtue, and not make friends with foreign ministers”. Really think Ertai is so principled? Forget it, Ertai knew the name of Yinzhen Lengmiansi a long time ago. If he bowed his head and bowed down and agreed to Yinzhen, if he did something for him, Yinzhen would look down on him instead. It would be better to go over it, Yi Er Tai is not fully sure whether Yinzhen will be able to rise to the throne in the future. The second is to deepen the impression of the four cold-faced princes. Even if he stands on the wrong team in the future, it is not Yinzhen who succeeds, but other elders who succeed. Will not find Ertai to settle accounts after autumn. This Ertai abacus is too sophisticated, and the jealousy is like Master Yong Zheng, can't help but sigh, this person is strong in principle! After he succeeded to the throne, he specially summoned him and said: "You dare to reject the prince in the name of the official, he is very law-abiding, and you are appointed as a minister today, and you will not be trusted by others."

Before Ortai, Yongzheng had abolished Nian GengyaoWith Longcordo, he really didn’t want Ertai to have anything to do with the two of them, and he started to investigate wildly. Not bad, Ertai is relatively clean and there is no crony behavior, so he decided to quickly reuse him. . From then on, his political career began to be promoted by skipping ranks. First, he was sent to the Jiangsu chief ambassador to be in charge of water conservancy. He was promoted to governor of Guangxi for three years, but Yongzheng still believed that he was overkill. On the way to take office, Yongzheng ordered to be adjusted as the governor of Yunnan to manage the governor of Yunnan and Guizhou, concurrently serving as the Minister of War. In the sixth year of Yongzheng, due to his outstanding work, Yongzheng allowed Ortai to take charge of Guangxi, and he was named Governor of Yunnan-Guizhou Guangxi. Four years later, Yongzheng transferred him back to Beijing to serve as a bachelor of the Hall of Baohe, occupying the position of first and second, and sealing him a letter. Ertai became the fastest promoted and most respected minister of the Yongzheng dynasty, and he was appointed by Yongzheng to share the Taimiao after his death.

Yong is a person who likes to write in the vernacular. He is crazy about writing memorials. There are many people who write and scold every day, there are tens of thousands.There are more people, but there are not many people who boast, and there seem to be very few people who boast crazy. Ortai is one of them. Yongzheng has given more than 200 instructions to officials at all levels in the provinces to learn from Ortai. Article, this ratio is too high, it is almost every year to praise Ertai once or twice, and its status as a pet is rare in the past.

For example, in the instruction to the governor of Guizhou Shi Liha: “Ertai is also a contemporary figure, you should follow the style of ritual.” In the decree to the vice-general of Yunnan Yongbei, he said: “E Ertai is a superb minister of borders, and if you don’t want the world to use such a person, it is easy to get it!" Other praises such as "Ertai is the first among the ministers of Manchu and Han Dynasty." can be seen everywhere. It is not uncommon for the governors and officials at all levels to learn from him in the province.

Tian Wenjing and Li Wei are also praised, but Li Wei Tian Wenjing is a Han Chinese, only Ertai is a Manchu, his family, even Zhang Tingyu is not praised frequentlyhigh.

Ertai: The official sunset of the opposing team is red

Compared with Tian Wenjing and Li Wei, not only in terms of knowledge and cultivation, Ertai can help Yongzheng take over the overall situation and design political reforms. The height should be the Yongzheng New Deal reform. Designer and implementer. When Yongzheng sometimes read Ertai’s suggestions on current policies, he said excitedly: “You won’t be rewarded or rewarded for reading this music, unless you are not the emperor!” Ortai’s ability to put forward specific and practical political reforms at that time originated The result of long-term persistence in learning. As we all know, most Manchus are good at fighting, but manyManchu officials are as knowledgeable as Ertai but very rare. Many high-ranking officials in Manchuria don't even know big characters.

It is precisely because of knowledge that he has the ability, which makes Ortai particularly dazzling among the Manchu ministers. After being reused, he successively quelled the Miao riots and promoted the "return to the local government". This important national policy has a far-reaching impact.

In addition, Ertai built water conservancy projects in the south of the Yangtze River and paid attention to the construction of people's livelihood, which has an excellent reputation among the people. In the third year of Yongzheng, when Ortai served as the chief envoy, he distributed more than 16,000 taels of his minister's silver to Su Songchang Sanfu, and bought 334 million shi for disaster relief. After the transfer from Ertai, the governor of Jiangsu reported this to Yongzheng, and Yongzheng was very moved to give the second-level order to Ertai.

In a conversation with the new governor, Ertai said: “The emperor’s employment is not magical, but a sincere one.” After Yongzheng learned about it, he was moved to tears and said:Therefore, Qing can be my confidant. "Yong Zheng is considerate of Ertai, showing more details and warmth, sometimes he is worried about Ertai staying up late: "Every night doing things is the most hurtful, so please teach him (Eertai) to be good. Yi Yangfu pays attention to it. "Eertai got a little sickness, but Yongzheng made a fuss and asked someone to give him fortune-telling. The result was a longevity. He said: "My heart disease has been cured." Even at a banquet, because Ertai is far away In Yunnan, Yongzheng specially sent the food he tasted to Yunnan, saying, “This is like a meeting between the monarch and the minister.” I go, what a passionate relationship between the monarch and the minister!

After the death of Yongzheng, Er Although Tai still has a lofty status, in the face of the more hypocritical Hongli, he began to embark on the downhill express lane with powerlessness.

Ertai: The official sunset of the opposing team is red

Hongli is considered a winner in life. He was photographed by Emperor Kangxi from his childhood. When his father was still worrying about the throne, he had followed Kangxi to receive successor training. Hongli took over from his father, it was a prosperous empire. He changed the reign of this empire to Qianlong, It means "the prosperous way of heaven".

Compared with other emperors, Qianlong holds a good hand of cards. Not only is the country in the ascendant period, he also inherited a useful brain from his father Yongzheng, from his mother Niu Hulu inherited the genes for strong physique and longevity. This not only helped him lead the Qing Dynasty to the peak of the "Prosperous Age of Kangxi and Qianlong" recorded in the history books, but also allowed him to play in the complicated bureaucracy.The system is like a fish in water.

According to statistics, during the Qianlong period, there were about 20,000 civilian officials and 70,000 military officers throughout the country. Faced with such a large bureaucracy, this "most complicated emperor in Chinese history" still has a way to hold every courtier firmly in his hands.

Compared with the unsmiling workaholic father, Qianlong, who has just ascended to the throne, is so kind. He treats people with courtesy and courtesy, and often smiles on his face.

In the beginning, Qianlong was not in a hurry to form his own leadership team, but very much respected the veterans left to him by Yongzheng. For him, these courtiers, after being trained by his father, have strong executive power, are honest and obedient, and use them quite smoothly. When encountering problems, Qianlong always asked them for advice. He would definitely call them "Mr." or "Aiqing", and never directly call them by name. Both Zhang Tingyu and Ertai were veterans who helped him rise to the throne and stabilize the ruling and opposition parties.

The Emperor Yongzheng diedToday, Zhang Tingyu was the first to arrive, and ordered the palace staff to find a copy of the secret edict and read it on the spot. Also present was Ertai, who was "running without a horse late at night, riding a coal donkey, and rushing to the top today."

On the first day of ascending the throne, Qianlong ordered Prince Zhuang, Prince Guo, Ertai, and Zhang Tingyu to assist in the administration. Qianlong also named E and Zhang as earls. Prior to this, this kind of high-gold title that exceeded the grade was only awarded to generals with military merit. Also in this year, Qianlong's mourning period for Yongzheng expired, and he resumed the construction of the Military Aircraft Department and appointed Ertai and Zhang Tingyu as Ministers of Military Aircraft.

The care that Ertai enjoys is comparable to that of Zhang Tingyu. He is not only a bachelor, but also the chief minister of military aircraft. It can be said that he is a double-material celebrity in front of Qianlong.

Qianlong not only treated the veterans of the Yongzheng dynasty with courtesy, but also was more tolerant of corrupt officials.

If you think that Qianlong is a bad guy who is lenient in everythingGood people, I was wrong. From the beginning of his superiority to the veteran, he was also guarding against the power of the veteran. Judging from the ending of Ertai, it was quite a bit of "preferring first and then killing".

E-Zhang’s crony issue was gradually put on Qianlong's agenda, and he was looking for a chance to beat the two veterans. It just so happened that Ertai, who was always arrogant, hit the gun first.

For the favor of Bo Qianlong's brother Hongzhou, Ertai advocated giving Hongzhou the palace where Yongzheng lived when he was the prince. This not only violated Yongzheng's wish to transform the palace into a temple, but also interfered with the emperor's housework. Qianlong rejected his suggestion and transformed the palace into the later "Lama Temple."

At this time, Ertai's son E Rong'an and his protégé Zhong Yongtan conspired to deal with Zhang Tingyu. The incident was revealed and Qianlong was angered. Although he took into account the face of Ortai and gave a lenient decision to the E Party, he also gave Ortai a "yellow card warning": If he commits another crime,Never forgive.

After several toss, Ertai's prestige is no longer. In 1744, he was ill in bed and died the following spring. Qianlong still went to the door to pay homage to him, and allowed him to enjoy the Taimiao, enter the Xianliang Temple, and accompany the emperor. However, in 1755, this honor was withdrawn by Qianlong. Hu Zhongzao, a protégé of Ertai, put the word "turbidity" before the word "qing" because of the phrase "a handful of heart to discuss turbidity," and he fell into the literary prison, causing harm to Ortai. Nearly 10 years after his death, Ertai was moved out of Xianliang Temple.

Zhang Tingyu has lived longer than Ertai, and life is not easy. He caught up with the thirteenth year of Qianlong (1748) when the emperor's temperament changed greatly. Historical scholars generally believe that this year was the watershed of Qianlong's rule from lenient to strict.